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Found 17 results

  1. I've a question regarding area skills and MVPs. A few times I've tried to kill mvps that are affected by ME (Magnus Exorcismus) and I found groups competing with me. One of the groups consisted of 2 champions, 1 HW and 1 HP and their main damage were the champions, but the HP would just keep spamming ME to overlap mine. Is skill overlapping allowed while hunting mvps? The other group kept overlapping my ME in a way that it felt unfair and I got frustrated.
  2. today we r going to enter the server and we want a server with competition in the mvps, especially satan. see you in the game <3
  3. If possible zeny or trade to same ratio with Assassin Cross Sets
  4. Hello all! I've recently taken fancy into my level 85 Sage (again) and wish to make something out of the fine fellow. I'm going the auto bolter route because it's simply too much fun! My ASPD with current equips is laughable (a paltry 175) but I plan to work on this. Bringing myself to add a hard earned doppel in a book is really difficult. I won't ask about gears or tips on builds; the various threads on this forum have been most helpful already. Thank you everyone for contributing. That said, I need your thoughts on what an auto-bolter Sage/Prof might do in my situation and in the future. I welcome farming tips for other sage builds as well. I did High Orcs, and am working through magma_dun01 right now. I guess I can take this to Bio lab? What are some farming spots for this class? What does high end gaming look like? Odin? Thor? (I have a feeling this won't work one bit) Abbey? Dragons? Bio lab? lower tier MVPs? Higher end maps: now I understand my role in an ET party would be support. And for good reason. But are there other things I can do or other high end maps I can realistically take on with little (or no) help? For reference, my current gear is as follows: LKH, STR+1 mid head [Stormy Knight], no lower head, Odin's blessing [Bathory + Swordfish], Principles of magic (yes, I need a much better weapon), Guard (yes, it's pitiful. Once I transcend, I can use my reflect shield thing I don't recall the name, Sandals [GEC], Skin of Ventoss [Devi], Celeb [x1], Siroma clips/Sting gloves. Not sage specific gear. I basically use most of this for my SinX to farm Geffenia. Where can I go next? How best can I utilize this character? Thanks in advance!
  5. I got this from an MVP kill at Mjolnir_08, but don't know what its worth. I tried to ask main, but they don't know what an ELUMINIUM is. Maybe a GM or someone here could give me an Insight? Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi, I'm building a priest and I want it to focus on hunting MVPs and Bosses with a party. I was wondering if I should go higher vit or higher dex. Also, I need help with equips. I already have a bathory armor and have the zeny to buy a deviling wool scarf and an edgga tidal shoes. I'm also planning to buy Mistress headgear and LKH in the future. Am I going the right route? Thanks! EDIT: Not planning to go Abbey btw since I'm not interested in doing leeching services.
  7. GrayFox

    Illusion Guild

    Wir sind die Gilde Illusion WIr spielten schon auf euRo zusammen und das jahre lang. Nun hatte ich die Idee auf Talon nochmal anzufangen und möchte hier gern unsere alte Gilde nochmals aufbauen. Es sind ein paar alte mitgekommen und ein paar neue von diesem Server sind auch schon dabei. Wir stehen für Spaß, Kameradschaft, Kommunikation, Zerstümmeln und Action. Ob du neu bist Level1 mit 10 Zeny oder ein Endgame Spieler, keiner wird hier zu kurz kommen. Jeder hilft jedem und dabei vergessen wir nie den Humor. Kann schonmal Lachflashs geben wa ;P Sobald wir die nötigen Spieler, wie auch Equip, haben wollen wir uns natürlich auch am richtigen Spielgeschehen beteiligen. WoE MvP Raids ET und rumblödeln wo es nur geht. Es wird sicherlich keiner bereuen es mal zu probieren. Jeder wird hier fündig werden. Info am Rande wir nutzen Teampseak 3 habe mitbekommen das Discord wohl die Zukunft ist aber vorerst wird es bei TS 3 bleiben Solltest du nun Lust bekommen haben einer deutschen Gemeinde zu joinen die was erreichen will und Spaß dabei hat melde dich einfach. INGAME bei "Bapholord" "Duked" "Dukes" meist anzutreffen zwischen 16 bis 23Uhr Gilden Spot wie auf dem Banner zu sehen :3 im Forum Illusion oder einfach hier per PN/MAIL Video um auf den Geschmack zu kommen Illusion Promo
  8. Red Alert guild welcomes you on TalonRO server! We are WoE and Social oriented guild founded 2014 year. Some piece of our schedule: WoE FE: 05:00 PM ST Wednesday WoE SE: 04:00 AM ST Sunday ET: 08:00 PM ST Friday Wave Challenge: 08:00 PM ST everyday GMC: standard schedule later from 05:00 PM ST If you want to join us, please feel free to contact to IGN BlackSite. Or you may find us at savepoint Jawaii.
  9. recklessdrama


    Weekend ET - need HP/Sniper/SB Champ/Pally/HW GMC - HP/Sniper/SB Champ/Pally/HW/Proffessor MVP - depends on mvp , any class will do SEAL - We help who need seal, depends on availability of player online INTANCE - Still planning SAVE POINT : MORROC Look for : RB , Tepat
  10. I've been hardcore MVPing with friends and it's much more fun than farming alone at abyss. Obviously my job as the sniper is the easiest one in the party, just stay out of the EQ range, green pot for status effects, leaf when HPs are down, and pewpew. But I've been having trouble with meteor storms. I still get hit by those at max range and there is nothing I can do from dying. How do you guys deal with boss skills that hit you over the max range? (GTB swapping is not an option for me I have over .8 sec delay)
  11. B> Bloody Knight Card for 12M,, Message me if deal
  12. Hello, I have an assassin, but I didn´t find one build for MVP....My priority in ragnarok is do the MVP, and I really like assassin. I know there are many class better for this. But I like assassins. Thanks for help.
  13. Всем привет! Сразу поясню, на сервере совсем недавно и еще не успел как следует изучить всю флору и фауну... И тут вчера столкнулся с неизвестным, что не дает мне покоя уже сутки. До сих пор еще до конца не понял было ли это на самом деле. Теперь по-порядку. Месяц назад отметил рождение талонианского сина, хожу, значт, по локациям старого РО, вспоминаю молодость, наслаждаюсь неповторимым гемплеем... вот это все. Как итог - 98 лвл и почти половина уровня вкачено до заветного перерождения. Спокойно, попивая чай, привычными движениями браконьерю хайорков, посматриваю на ползущий экспбар, и тут рядом начинает прыгать нечто белого цвета по виду среднее между ангел'ингом и девел'ингом. Имя высветилось что-то типа "Oreling"(извиняюсь, не запомнил точно). Сначала подумал, что это чей-то зверек(Pet), навел курсор, курсор показал возможность это атаковать(я сразу вспомнил свое знакомство с там-там чемпион-мобом и последующим полетом на кафру) и подумал что огребу, если нападу. Потом еще раз подумал и решил - зверь невиданный, глупо будет отпускать... Пристраиваюсь сзади и делаю свое темное дело, летят хиты по 1-му и тут БАМС! Я МВП-киллер, включается яркий свет лампы 99 лвла, в логах экспы на 120+ миллионов, мои карманы полны всякими наковальнями, молотами и прочей рудой. Зайчики в глазах, руки дрожат, не понимаю что случилось - настраивался на убийство тысяч хайорков, а тут уже вроде как и незачем, день свободен, облом. =) Осмотрелся вокруг по локации - ни у кого МВП не украл и никто мой подвиг не видел, лечу на кафру, пытаюсь нагуглить моба "oreling" - безрезультатно, инфы нет. Что это было - Божественное вмешательство или след более могущественных цивилизаций?!!? Что мне будет за убийство редкого вида? Насколько реально встретить подобное еще раз? Это было исключительно для моего перса или случайно оказался в правильное время в правильном месте? Кто-нибудь сталкивался с подобным? Слишком много вопросов...
  14. EVlL

    Ancient Tower MVPs

    You can post informations to the bosses and i will add them. You are not allowed to post this somewhere else. enjoy.
  15. So, while out trying to hunt down Drake, it made me wonder how many other people likes the same MVPs that I like. I personally like Squidy the most but he seems to be pretty strong specially trying to hunt him down solo.
  16. Hello there! Just wanna share our first attempt in digital arts. ^ ^ we will try to make more of this mvp series. Thank you! Colors by Doodelation ~~~she's so great and lovely P.S. I know its not yet a series since its only one piece. xD
  17. I recently started playing on this server and I've been out of the Ragnarok loop for over 4 years. I remember using Ratemyserver for a lot of quests, mobs, descriptions, etc. Now, I have noticed that a lot of cards, primarily MVP cards have different descriptions. Thanatos for instance and Stormy Knight. I understand giving the server a better chance at equal play but, why not keep the original card details? Going into a pvp arena and having someone attack me and get frozen because I had a garm (Haiti) card on and having them be surprised, only for them to come back and have a Marc card equipped (if I remember correctly) lol caused a lot of comp in the pvp field. I Just want to gain a little more knowledge on this server and be successful in it as I was on years ago (on others) Love Ragnarok and TalonRO is a fun one. Thanks for reading and I hope to have some helpful replies on this subject. <3
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