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Found 1 result

  1. Arvanix

    Arvano's Niff SQI Incredients Store

    Hello guys, here you can find my selling list. I usually have those items in bulk so feel free to ask me for your desired amount and we can negotiate a price. If you need some special items like cards or mufflers i normally have them as well, so just leave a message on the forum or pm me ingame if you need anything related to niff IGNs: Arvanix 900z ea Armor Piece of Dullahan 1k ea Helm of Dullahan 900z eaRed Muffler 4.5k ea Needle Packet 800z eaEctoplasm 5.5k ea Spool 2k ea Wooden Gnarl 5.5k ea Pumpkin Lantern 1k ea Hung Doll 900z ea Broken Needle