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Found 4 results

  1. Gears: +7 Proxy Skin Fragment [Deviling/Clean] +7 Customized Lord Kaho's Horn (RWC Commemorative Pin Sprite) +7 Invoker of Death [Fighting Spirit 5 x2] [Sword Guardian x2] +7 Violet Fear [Fighting Spirit 6 x2] [Sword Guardian x2] +4 Executioner [Fighting Spirit 5 x2] [Doppelganger] +7 Orleans Server [Hodremlin] +7 Ebone Armor +3 Int +7 Bloody Eater [Fighting Spirit 4 & 5] [clean x2] +7 Falcon Muffler +7 Skin of Ventoss [1] +7 Stone Buckler [1] 6pcs Artemis Bow [QsQsAk] Artemis Bow [AkAkAk] Sprint Shoes [1] Dragon Manteau [1] 2pcs Bradium Ring [1] Dragon Vest +6Flee Bradium Brooch [1] 2pcs Silk Robe [1] Def4 2pcs +4 Orleans Server [Tirfing] Dark Bashilrium [1] Wool Scarf [Stem Worm] Scaraba Card 3pcs Vadon Card Meteor Plate (Def4) [1] Teddy Bear Card Sword guardian Card Dragon Vest [1] 5pcs Veteran Hammer 3pcs Tidung [1] Green Whistle [1] 3pcs Cold Heart Holy Robe [Bathory] Silk Robe (Dex+3) [Fallen Bishop Hibram] Pharaoh Card Veteran Sword Pets: Lion Egg [unnamed loyal] Hell Poodle [named loyal] Gold Acidus [named loyal] Orc Warrior [named loyal] White Goat Egg [named loyal] Nightmare Terror [named loyal] Incubus [named loyal] Picky [named loyal] Tikbalang Egg [unnamed] Sedora Unnamed Loyal" Child Dumpling [named loyal] Costumes: There is Something Gigant Helm Whistle Rhythm Headphones Mechanical Plant Hat Zherlthsh Mask Piamette Red Bow Tie Happy Parrot White and Black Temptation Mad Hatter Costume Note: All listed items are available, sold items shall be deleted or crossed out right after it was sold. Therefore you can skip asking if your desired item is still available. Legend: Items on Purple - I will only entertain serious buyer/offers. (I do not have time to entertain low ballers.) Items on Blue - Newly Acquired / / * I'm Buying +9 Tegron [2] clean or carded, pm your price serious buyer here. * / / IGN: Niklaus-Mikaelson
  2. As stated on title, trade-able to Artemis TG3x. Rush madness sale for today only. Pm me IGN: Ygritte Snow
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