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  1. Welcome to Amatsu Desserts! We are a Social/PvM guild whose sole focus is having fun! We achieve this by teasing each other regularly, socialising, and going on dungeon runs! We’re seriously only here to have fun! And we always use the Discord Voice Chat during our runs cause that’s more fun! How to apply: 1. Join us on Discord, Click the Discord Logo https://discord.gg/PVQbe2P 2. Ping any Cake or Pudding. 3. Tell them your favourite dessert. And voila! You are now a dessert! Savepoint Amatsu Guild Established: Aug 25 2018 Most active hours: 1100-1800 Server Time Events: Endless Tower Guild Master Challenge Timed Wave Challenge Leveling Parties Leeching Hour Features: We schedule our events one week ahead of time so our members know which one they could join, it is posted in our discord server in the channel #weekly-schedule, similar to this post below
  2. Looking for a guild that focuses on PvE content? Looking to make friends? Looking to team up with others? if you are asking yourself these questions then this is the guild for you! What is Sempiternal? Sempiternal is a guild that was formed 1 year ago in April 2018 . We are a guild that focus heavily on PvE . we focus on both the casual parts such as eden runs, gramps, dead branch parties and dungeon runs to the more end game runs such as Endless Towers and Wave Challenges. As such anyone who is interested in joining be you a level 1 novice or a level 99 trans job is welcome to join. The Rules We at Sempiternal have a couple of rules which are as follow 1) Be respectful to your fellow guild members 2) Please stick to english in the discord and guild chat 3) All members require a discord account 4) If you are inactive for 14 days you will be kicked from the guild 5) Only 1 main character in the main Sempiternal guild at a time. if you want to have characters representing Sempiternal give me a messege and il give you an invite to one of my Alt Sempiternal Guilds Where you can find us? We are based in Dewata. Dewata has many good facilities nearby (Tool Dealer and Weapon Dealer below the spawn) . The Eden Teleporter Officer is right next to the warper too for easy convenience. Like the sound of the guild? want to join? There are a few ways you can apply . You can apply through the discord channel . Our discord link is https://discord.gg/scczGu7 Look for any member (best place is dewata) as all members have invite powers You can try PMing me SlayerTheArcher or you can try PMing any of our Marshals (GdBuffs , ~ChiyoSakura~ , Nonoko , Babe Nyanko , lumpy potato , Solyyri , PoisonPorcupine -Sebas- , FullHearts or PiercingArrow) Or you can apply via the guild directory . Our guild directory link is https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/681/ Thank you for showing interest in our guild
  3. EVlL

    Ancient Tower MVPs

    You can post informations to the bosses and i will add them. You are not allowed to post this somewhere else. enjoy.
  4. Its payday fellas. We are the payday gang and we come to rob all the monsters for all their loot and exp. I am the leader The Queen of the Bandits and we are currently looking for more heisters. We accept only people who are - Active (within reason, we don't get mad if your not on everyday but make an effort to spend time with us.) - Do Not Beg (Just bully monsters for the goodies. It fun!) -Any class is accepted but we really currently need active support roles (We are all on our last downs, who has med bags?) -Speak English. I intend to host guild events at least twice a week if i can get the guild large enough. We are a PvM guild, But one of my guild events will be a tournament between guild members. If your looking for people to have fun with and lvl with Come to Izlude or Message Crystal Forge, Lunar Mage, defsoul, or Supla.. Posting here also works, just post your IGN, Lvl and your class.
  5. Hello ! When i read about SQI bonuses for gypsy and clown, i realized they have so much potential as semi-DPS and semi - support class. This thread is dedicated to review the possibilities that can be reached by gypsy and clown at GMC / ET / TWC / PvM / etc. GYPSY Why gypsy ? - Decent DPS even when compared to snipers - Can support party with dance skills / dispel / spider web - Can equip shields - Adds some variation to party setup STATUS My preference : - Dex multiples of 5 - Agi just to reach 188 aspd with concentration potion (can reach 190 aspd with priest buff) - rest to vit My ideal status (calculator link) ...i still lacks 2 bris [sting] and sleipnir [GEC] when i wrote this https://calc.talonro.com/?caFbLbiabbta7bLababkpabwoaabababaae8ae6aaaaaahkaawjfZwFtlhPtofcfjgZfLfafLfaaaaaaekkkkadvfaaacVaaaaHaRaabaDaEaIaK Note : - Some might want to get 97 or 100 vit by sacrificing some agi - Some might want more str to hold more equipments / supplies SKILLS I will only gave explanation to the skills that I took (my peferences). feel free to experiment if you like. ~~Archer Skills~~ - Double strafe (max) Since this build also bring 2 bows, you can double strafe mobs if for some reason you cant get into TA / AV range. - Arrow Shower (Level 9) I didnt use this at all, maybe some of you want to use this with status inducing bow ? Up to you. - Owl’s Eye (max) Dex + 10 - Vulture’s Eye (max) Max range to avoid earthquake when you’re using bow. - Attention Concentrate (max) The only self buff we’re having for Dex and Agi. - Charge Arrow (Platinum skill) A knockback skill that is very useful to keep strong mobs (non-boss) away from squishy members. - Arrow Crafting (Platinum skill) Crafting arrow instead of bringing quivers is good for your weight management. ~~Gypsy Skills~~ A good thing to keep in mind.. if a soul linker gave spirit buff to Gypsy / Clown, their dance or song skill will affect the caster as well. Also, you can use the dance / song counterpart. - Adaptation to Circumtances (Level 1) Get this just for prequisites. Keep in mind tho, you can switch to bow / knife instead of using this skill to stop dancing. - Encore (max) This skill can save your sp if you’re spamming dance. - Dancing Lesson (max) Max this to get full effect of TA / AV / dances. - Throw Arrow (max) With full SQI bonus, this will be your main DPS skill since it spammable. - Arrow Vulcan (max) Our secondary DPS skill, only need 1 arrow to deal a lot of damage. Plese note the large ACD tho.. on the positive note, it kinda hitlock enemy. - Ugly Dance (Level 3) Just for prequisites. - Please don’t Forget Me (max) A mob control skill. This dance will reach its max potential with high agi and dex. Works like a quagmire, but only affect enemies at dance range. - Marionette’s Control (max) I take this because I use Gypsy for brewing as well, and too lazy to resett everytime I want to brew. - Fortune’s Kiss (max) Works well with snipers, they will appreciate more crit rate when SS-ing or AA-ing. - Wink of Charm (Platinum Skill) I never use this - Service for You (max) This dance will help reducing grape juices consumption. - A Drum on the Battlefield (Level 3) Just for prequisites. Or you can max this if somehow your pt member doesn’t have / use SQI. - The Ring of Nibelungen (max) Ensemble skill for masive atk boost. Since everyone seems to have SQI nowadays, i prefer this ensemble skill compared to the others. Please note : This skill doesnt work on Land Protector. You can use single dances when your party needs constant Land Protector on their feet. SQI Bonus I get these 4 for my bonuses : - Dex + 10 - Agi + 10 - 20% more ranged dmg - 35% more dmg with throw arrow Supplies & Equipments if you’re following this set, you will have 8X % weight with 1 str. # Quantity Item Explanation Supplies 1 500 Grape Juice using GEC won’t keep up 2 50 CWP Some emergency Pots (get ranked ones =p ) 3 15 Green Potion For cancelling silence and confusion status 4 15 Concentration Potion 190 ASPD 5 5 Yggdrasil Leaf Emergency resu 6 25 Fly Wing Emergency bailout 7 3 Crystal Blue Crafting 500 crystal arrows 8 3 Wind of Verdure Crafting 500 arrow of winds 9 3 Green Live Crafting 500 stone arrows 10 3 Fire Arrow Quiver Red blood gave too many arrows.. OWG alert 11 3 Silver Arrow Quiver No ideal craft source (too many, too little, expensive) 12 3 Immaterial Arrow Quiver Yellow bijou took too long to craft 13 10 Rune of Darkness Crafting 300 arrow of shadows and 150 flash arrows 14 250 Arrows I always prepare 250 beforehand Equipments 1 1 Wind Milestone My favourite tele gear, stylish as well 2 1 Valkyrie Helm [Gryphon] If you switch to bow, your ASPD will drop below 190. You might want to switch to this headgear to increase aspd and critical rate 3 1 Lord Kaho’s Horn Dex + 20, int + 20, yes please 4 1 Agi + 1 mid [Bloody Knight] For maximizing damage output 5 1 Agi + 1 mid [Gryphon] Pumping critical rate 6 1 Chewing Bubblegum For maximizing damage output 7 1 Dragon Vest [Gloom] Dragon vest for agi combo bonus, Gloom is self-explanatory 8 1 Formal Suit [Marc] Formal because its lightweight. Unfrozen is crucial at some bosses 9 1 Fire Armor [RSX] To survive when fighting strong fire mobs. I didn’t bring my FA [Ktull] because 2 FA is very heavy.. I dont like to be knockbacked 10 1 Belmont Whip [ TG / TG / TG] I prefer TG over AK because its more versatille 11 1 Creeper Bow [ Doppel / xx] This is very useful for making enemies force tele / halting strong enemy movement. I slap doppel for more aspd because usually when i’m using this bow it’s oh Shit moment and I need spider web to proc ASAP. haven’t decided for the 2nd slot yet tho. I did considering putting valk card on it, but sometimes spider webs backfires since it force tele some enemies. Which brings us to second bow discussion… 12 1 Cursed Lyre [Valk] This bow is the reason you need AGI & Crit gears. In case you party doesn’t have professor and there are mobs that needs to be dispelled, this bow will shine !! Keep in mind that in order to valk card to proc dispel, you need to hit the enemy (hence CRIT pumping gears). Another alternative would be asking champ for spirit sphere (always hit) or using greatest general card (proc to call spirit). I prefer crit gears to gave my party members less work. Why cursed lyre ? Because I like to curse mobs. 13 1 Buckler [Zherlthsh] Zherlthsh will boost TA damage, I’m using this a lot. Don’t mind the shield type tho, I brought 4 different shield type for easy quickslot switching (all of them are lightweight priority) 14 1 Guard [GTB] Combine this with AV and you call kill those annoying Hws with ease. Or any magic using mobs that needs GTB and have to be killed quickly 15 1 Silver Guard [Maya] Auto guard is great for surviving deadly attacks on some cases 16 1 Naga Scale Shield [Medusa] Prevents stone curse, useful 17 1 Dragon Manteau [Stemworm] Dragon manteau to complete the dragon equip set, stemworm to maximize damage output 18 1 Shoes [GEC] For SP purposes.. I want sleipnir T_T 19 1 Celebration Ring I want Bris sting T_T 20 1 Celebration Ring I want Bris sting T_T There you have it, my guide for using Gypsy. Next I shall be writing a few things about clown as well. Since they are similar, I will only listing and explaining some different points Clown STATUS The Status build would be slightly different because clown doesn’t have agi + 10 SQI bonus. In my case, I will be sacrificing more vit to get 190 ASPD (with concentration potion and priest buff). Skills - A Poem of Braggi (Fortune’s kiss counterpart) (max) This used to be the main reason people making clown. Pretty sure all of you aware of the nerf… so use this mainly for the support class (also on the DPS if they want it). - Assassin Cross of Sunset (Please don’t Forget Me counterpart) (max) an ASPD buffing song. Useful on some cases. - The Apple of Idun (Service for You counterpart) (max) Increasing max HP, which is very usefull for pally etc. also they can area heal quite a bit (use weapon switch + encore trick to increasing heal frequency) SQI Bonus I get these 4 for my bonuses : - Dex + 10 - Vit + 10 - 20% more ranged dmg - 35% more dmg with musical strike ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you can see, gypsy and clown are quite interesting to play and if you allow them to ensemble, its great for boosting party. Hopefully this guide will encourage players to try them out even though its been dissed lately because of bragi nerf. Special Thanks to : - Alberta Team Teaching me how to GMC at my early days, and how to slacks at downtime. - Beacon Team Allowing me to do some experiments on our GMC / ET / etc run. Those data helps ! Regards, IGN Mad xxx
  6. Introducing... Today your commentator is Lenessia, the guild master and I am here to introduce our guild! I am very excited to start this guild together with Azoloth in the hopes of creating a fun Social and PvM guild! ~ Key word being F.U.N Introducing our main philosophy *Drum Roll* "Be yourself and enjoy your everyday life in TalonRo!!" ~ Short and sweet. Whether your a newbie or a veteran player, your welcome to join! Our home base is located in Izlude in the North East corner of the square (150, 196). So please do come and visit if your interested in joining our guild, just talk to either myself or co-guildmaster Azoloth. ( The use of online applications is currently in progress =P ) Guild Master: Lenessia (Forum name: NomiChomi) Co-Guild Master: Azoloth (Forum name: Ulderan200) Sever time: because of differences in the timezone, we will only schedule events by server time. We are most active between 1:35 - 7:35 Sever time ~ This will most likely vary We also have Discord! ~ We will link up members as they join. Time for the almighty RULES!! 1. Follow TalonRo sever rules ~ Obviously =) 2. Be Respectful! any harassment or racial comments will not be tolerated. 3. No Begging, we do not hand out freebies. 4. We don't endorse leeching. ~ However leeching privately outside of the guild is a-okay =P 5. English only in guild chat and on discord. 6. We currently do not accept Alts as we are a brand new guild, this may change in the future. 7. Be Active and Socialize! Today I will leave it at that! For any enquiries post in the Forum below or PM either myself or Azoloth. Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!
  7. Hello and welcome to Shadow of Light's official guild thread. Leader - E-Liquid / Zoyi / RemoveYourClothes / Apis / Ayesh Body Builder - Sarth Senior Citizen (above 40 years old) - Uncle aka HighWizzz Forum nanny - Lee Hsien Loong We are a group of friends that hang out in Payon. We have been doing Non Trans Woe for quite some time now. But our guild members has always comprised of mostly friends. Besides NT Woe, we also do 1) ET 2) Seals 3) Pvm and events 4) Social and illegal gatherings. As of now, there are 2 guilds competing in non trans. They are Crimson and us respectively. Right now NT woe is picking up and we have decided to open up a new thread to invite more fellow talonians to battle with us!!! Requirements - 1) English speaking. Most of us are Asia. Therefore we would like to use a universal language for all to understand. 2) Basic woe gears - Thara frog, beret, combat knife, evil druid/marc armor, radryic/vali's manteau, vidar boots. If you are missing or are unsure of gears, just come to payon and look for us. 3) Willing to stick with us through thick and thin even if we are not winning. 4) Mutual respect to everyone. Many of us in this guild have been around in Talon RO for quite some time. We are willing to share with you how to build up your character for woe. And of course we are willing to learn as well. We have formed a close and loyal knit community but we hope to expand our horizon and welcome new friends to join us in this journey! Last but not least, don't be too worried or intimidated if you have not WOE before. Every master was once a disaster. Please do come to payon to look for us if you are interested in joining our small and humble family. Thank you for your attention, and we hope to see you there! =] WOE VIDEOS ALL CREDITS TO BOBITO FOR THE VIDEO. =] ALL CREDITS TO BOBITO FOR THE VIDEO. =]
  8. A 3-year old Social/PVM guild looking for active social pinoys. Requirements: - Active and Social - As much as possible, main character - un lng...... Kung interesado, mgpunta lng sa payon dungeon kafra area, just ask anyone for an invite.
  9. Hey, I am searching for a Europe based PvM / Social Guild with active Members to go on lvling Partys, Slay MVPs, visit endless Tower, bio3 and so on. Guild Language should be English or german. I know there are many international Guilds who take all nationalities, but I am specificly Looking for one where Most or all members are in the same timezone +\- a few hours. It is simply disappointing to never being able to join any raids, because you are in a very different timezone. So if you know of a guild or are a guild that fits these requirements, I would be most happy about any information greetings
  10. Hello everyone, This will work as an introduction/lf guild topic and I'll try to be as pragmatic as possible :D. "We" are a group of 8 players, most of us veteran in Ragnarok (10 years), after a long break we decided to join a Ragnarok server and we ended up here. We are all from Portugal and on 25-29 age range, all with full time jobs so you can consider us as casual players =). We started few weeks ago and we got the "must have" gear mostly covered. We are looking for PvM/Vanilla WoE/BGs/Non-Trans WoE Guilds. Contact in-game: Wyvex Our classes: High Priest High Priest Paladin High WIzard Sniper Lord Knight Gypsy Clown ----- Regarding the Non-Trans WoE subject, we are focusing on main char gears for now, soon I'll update here the classes we are making for those scenarios, so basicaly this is a dual recruit post, since we will also want a guild to play non trans WoE. Note: Due to our location, the WoE schedules on this server are really hard to attend for us (at Wednesday is impossible), so we can only attend to Saturday WoEs.
  11. Hey you! Yeah, YOU! C'mere a second.... We're recruiting YOU to join our cause! ~ Member slots as of 10/20/2017 : 43 out of 76 ~ Guild Directory Page https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/525/ Feel free to join through this feature! Note: We DO have discord despite what it says on that page, explanation a bit below What IS our cause? We mostly just hang out and chat while also assisting each other as best we can. More specifically, at this time we're just leveling up, grabbing gear, and socializing the absolute heck outta each other! Oh, and we're utterly weird and total dorks. I mean that in a good way. Pssst....We're already running Abbey, Odin, Thor, and ET (admittedly very casually at this time) Home Town: Payon Language: English Time Zone: Server Time *We have people from all around the world, but schedule events by server time RULES 1. Follow TalonRO rules, as expected 2. Don't be a jerk, be it harassing, ksing, spamming, begging, hate speech, or what have you! You represent us and we ain't letting you give us a bad name! *If one of our guildies gives you trouble feel free to message me about it! 3. Do not enter this guild with the idea of freebies! We will assist you, we will give our advice, but we are not a charity dang it! *As we get more crowded/active we plan to put in place a warning system of sorts. 4. We are temporarily allowing alts in the guild, one alt per member. Tell us which is your main and which is the alt for organization purposes as alts will be kicked for room if need be. WE HAVE DISCORD! However, at this time, we're not making it public and will instead give the address to members as they join. Who do you contact for recruitment or other inquiries about the guild? 1. Leave a message in this thread! 2. Pm me here on the forums! 3. Contact one of the following ingame! Guild Leaders: Dazzling Dork Tolrine D Core Members: TheViLL Staraleee ~~~~~ Pictures!!! ^^^^ Aftermath of ET run 10/15/2017 and taken by Tolrine D ^^^^ Aftermath of a dice event 10/21/2017 and taken/edited by Tolrine D
  12. Wanderer As inspired by the wandering person, who often travel from town to town, country to country, making new acquaintance and gaining new knowledge on their journey. Thus, we creating this guild for those who love to learn new thing, making new friend and also do something more dynamic and challenging in order to enhance their creativity in-game or IRL in overcome problem and hard time by taking a way out from the mainstream. We are a small guild which have a big mission. We are not for those weak ass who always negativity like "i'm newbie, i should stay with newbie", "I might loss, i might have hard time getting beat over and over. Thus, i should stay with big and strong guild". As long as you have enthusiasm to learn, to developed and to improve from time to time you are welcome to join us. We will show our hand and will bring you up as we still developing, learn and try to grow strong together. As a wanderer, giving up is not an option. To be a wanderer you have to stay strong, stay tough even you are alone. Doesn't matter either it is on in-game or in real life. Our Focus We are most focusing on: -Trans Vanilla -NT-WoE -Instance -Vanilla PvM -Semi/High-end PvM -Social Requirement to join us To avoid some whinny ass weak and annoying spoiled brat. thus we put some requirement on what we going to take as the member of our guild. -Dare to accept and try new challenge (either its Unres PvM/Vanilla PvM/PvP/GvG) -Non-Love to brag about sqi and gear they have 24 hours (i have met this kind of person few time) - Have a good team spirit and good coordination (if u dont have the 2nd one, we can work on it) -Have the right gear for right situation (it not necessarily sqi, just the right gear for right situation.EX: u wont run prontera seal with a HP who wear spiritual set and apple of archer right? but its okay as long you willing to improvise) What server time that you will usually Online: Basically the GM online 24 hours but most of the time we will play on 0900 server time - 2000 server time Where we can meet you guys/Where your savepoint: Most of us scattered around midgard, but our guild save point will be in town which will be change on monthly basis. (u might be lucky to encountered us) August: Aldebaran Screen Shot Guild Activities NT-WoE
  13. Naght

    S> stuffs

    headgears blank eyes [nightmare] (str +1) weapons mysteltain doom slayer fire blend guillotine red ether bag [1] +7 alca bringer armors +7 silk robe [marc] vit+3 bone plate shields garments accessories cursed hand [snowier] x2 cursed hand [1] x3 footgears cards joker card queen scaraba card costumes piamette hood costume or T> black and white temptation costume pumpkin rucksack costume miscellaneous items old card albums x30 PM your offer
  14. Looking for an english/spanish speaking guild, North America players so i can actually play with people on my timezone. Busco Guild si es de habla hispana mejor, jugadores de Norteamerica, latinoamerica que pueda compartir las horas de juego
  15. Forbidden City Helo everyone, we are the small Chinese community on TalonRO. We aim to gather any Mandarin speaking players here who wish to chill along together. Whether it be in the game, or in discord.(Yes, we have a discord group!) But we have one term; You must understand Mandarin.(Speak, Write, Read; 2 out of 3 abilities accepted) 大家好,我们在"TalonRO"是个小小的中文社区。 我们的目标是把任何会中文即想聚在一起的玩家。 不管是在游戏里,或在"discord"里。(对,我们有个"discord"群组!) 然而我们有一个条件;你必须懂得中文。(说,写,阅;接受其两种能力) Guildspot (集中点): Gonryun Discord group (聊天群组): https://discord.gg/m8NaFD4 Guild application (公会加入申请): https://panel.talonro.com/guild/apply/165/ Sky said one more selfie~!
  16. Negan


  17. With the recent advent of Nightmare's Rift - an Events hallmark boasting 18 new MvPs brandished as the 'GMs' sinister alter egos, we are pleased to announce a brand new instance titled, "NR: Arena of Champions". Embarking on a challenging brawl-out versus 18 nightmares, players are required to organise a party beforehand with only a limited time to defeat as many MVPs as possible. The party with the most amount of MVP takedowns will be rewarded with lucrative prizes! See below for our competition guidelines. A minimum party setup of 5 (12 maximum) will be required to participate. There are no limits on number of teams sign-ups An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread, along with the party name ahead of the competition (EOD 16th March) to be considered for entry Players during the instance will have 40 minutes to kill as many Nightmare MVPs before the timer runs out A maximum of three resurrections will be granted in case of a party wipe, the party leader will need to request this by PMing their assigned GM Dual clienting is strictly forbidden The competition will start (17th March 4pm server time) and end on the specified date, winners to be announced same day * GM Prize Boxes (according to the MVPs defeated) 5 Talon Coins 350 Eden Merit Badges TalonRO Cake * Prizes to be distributed to each individual winning party member Confirmed Teams: 1. Rayssss' Team: SpankySpanky 2. Lamia's Team: Crimson - Rift 3. Mikae's Team: Dewata Failbox 4. Yuren's Team: Calibre 5. Kiwee's Team: We dead but laughing 6. Sleepy's Team: CPR Happens 7. Daze's Team: LeftoversTriesHard Best of luck to all contestants, and see you at the rift!
  18. Luna Nocturnus, is a Social/PVM Guild, for newbs, pro and casual players alike, all are welcome. Come Grow with us. Visit us at Brasilis! PM any of us in game: Lunafreya~ / Zaedee / Eurylix / Pookberry / Black Metal / Rummy~ or apply through our main guild directory : "https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/98/" or our extension guild "https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/650/" Usually plays around 0:00-10:00 server time daily! https://forum.talonro.com/topic/22827-luna-nocturnus-social-pvm-guild/ or you can go visit our discord channel https://discord.gg/aduRezV and ask for an invite there. or apply through our main guild directory : "https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/98/" or our extension guild "https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/650/"
  19. L O S T L E G I O N NOBODY CAN GIVE YOU FREEDOM NOBODY CAN GIVE YOU EQUALITY OR JUSTICE IF YOU'RE A MAN, YOU TAKE IT! -MALCOLM X GUILD LEADER EK Seeking for lost people who want to find their place in this dreamy world Persons who are: Dedicated Self-motivated Sociable Open-minded Very Active Competitive Team Player SAVE POINT MISSION: To make SE Vanilla War of Emperium active and kicking.. FOR OTHER PLAYER VS PLAYER: Battle Grounds FOR PLAYER VS MONSTER: Game Master Challenge Endless Tower Sealed Shrine REQUIREMENT DISCORD (VOICE APPLICATION, CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) RECRUITMENT: OPEN VISIT OUR WEBSITE, APPLY HERE! "ONE EDGE TO DEFEND, ONE TO DEFEAT, TO THE LAST BREATH.."
  20. Introduction I don't think Priests really need an introduction but I personally think that priests serves a better role in supporting than anything else in parties. I don't have much experience in fighting advanced monsters but it bugs me that people keep saying ME priest is better (yeah right I can't even count the number of times I had to clean up after them) - And many thought FS priest is just for keeping the party alive and ME priest would be more useful as a damager, this is not the case when you are able to focus less in dying / avoiding danger and focus more on doing more damage The guide would be mainly about the kind of skills you need to prioritize on and not about how you should gear up and shape your character Because they are far too many priests who focused on casting useless spells rather than doing something more meaningful such as casting safety wall on tank, pneuma on sniper, etc etc. Main Role of FS Priest The main role of FS Priest is to keep the party alive and in shape to level or hunt efficiently, usually you are supposed to be following your party members and not walk in front of them and mob unless the situation really calls for it. The last thing you want is to be the first to die in the party and no one happens to have a leaf. The main stats you may need are dex, int, vit, while keeping base vit more than 50 so you can take more than a few hits while having enough sp to support the party ^ This would be the ideal build in harder dungeons, especially for external bleeding (now that he mentions it) which cannot be cured Some terms here After Cast Delay - time you have to wait after you have used the skill, not affected by dex and after cast reduction gears are usually rare (i.e. Diabolus Robe) Animation Delay - When a skill have animation on the target/party member, they would need to "dance" for a while before they can move, use skills (hence the delay) but it doesn't interrupt autoattacks Healing Heal - Affected by int and base levels, having meditatio also helps if you have enough skill points to spare Sanctuary - Useful as a way to heal your party pre-emptively in situations againts a big mob or MVP. And probably one of the fews way to heal homunculus. Other than that please do not spam the skill in towns or while walking through a map as it causes lag which is more of a nuisance than help. Buffs Skills that matters a lot in most scenarios, basically these are buffs you put as soon as you ressurected someone and also a must even when there is only 1 of you buffing 5 other players In order of importance: Blessing -> Increase AGI -> Assumptio/Kyrie -> Magnificat Blessing - ranged, melee and magic characters get an extra bonus damage for every 10 str, int, dex. Leaving your party members without blessing is just unforgivable, does not cause animation delay, spam as you please Increase agility - For classes and skills related to aspd as well as movement speed. Does not cause animation delay, spam as you please. Magnificat - Doubles SP generation, I don't see why you shouldn't use this skill at all. But it is optional if the party uses SP recovery items or GEC. Causes animation delay, do not spam Kyrie Eleison - Use this when there is no assumptio, it blocks more damage than healing would heal for less sp. You may cast it again if the barrier is weakened. Please be informed that it doesn't block magic damage and most magic spells do not cancel it. Causes animation delay, do not spam Assumptio - the very reason why you need a high priest, stop playing high priest if you don't use it often. Does not cause animation delay, spam as you please Skills that are important but less frequently used / or received less attention, these are useful when required or used properly Resurrection - Don't put this higher than lv 1 because it adds an aftercast delay of (skill level -1 second), so you can choose to bless right away as soon as you ressurected the target or choose to teleport if things look bad. It's also a good idea to cast spells such as sanctuary, safety wall or pneuma beforehand Gloria - Gives you 30 Luk which gives you 10 CRIT and 3 perfect dodge, also helps to recover from some status effect. Useless to most classes but definitely important for critical damage and auto blitz especially against monsters with high DEF. Causes animation delay, do not spam Aspersio - Always carry holy water with you in case if there is anyone that uses a strong neutral weapon instead of your typically holy elemental weapon Safety wall - Really useful skill for tanking or helping others to tank, use this instead of heal spamming for melee fighters or when there is a lot of mob, it's not necessary to max it however you should keep it lv 5 and above. Pneuma - Useful against spear boomerangs and monsters like ragged zombies, just bear in mind that it doesn't work against magic attacks and be careful if not to block the sniper's target. You are adviced to look up the monster's skills and do research and find out when or whether you should use it. Less important supportive skills, these skills are hardly needed/used in bigger parties Angelus - Useless to classes that does not have much vit, the duration is 5 minutes so it wouldn't hurt to have it on. Causes animation delay, do not spam. it has 3.5s cool down so don't use it in dire situations Impositio Manus - ATK 25 which is good, but it comes after the skills mentioned above other than that it has a 3 seconds cooldown, so don't use it in dire situations Suffragium - Believe me you won't ever need it unless you've met a guy who levelled all the way from mage using soul strike in ghp with 99 int and then starts to mob and storm gust until he's lv 79 (me). But you may need to it, if the caster in the party has less than 130 dex Status recovery skills Blessing - cures curse, curse decrease ATK and MATK greatly so you should get rid of it ASAP, you may carry Panacea or Holy water to remove it yourselves to save time Slow Poison - Not a very useful skill to have if you can swap for poporing clip and use detoxify otherwise just put lv1 since it helps with sp regen Cure - mainly to cure blind and silence, you can use obeaune card as an option if you are up more hotkeys Recovery - mainly cure freeze, stone curse and stun, it has 2 seconds after cast delay Debuffing skills, which is the offensive aspects of FS priest Blessing - not only it decreases the HIT and MATK of Demon and Undead, it also reduces MDEF (edit: it only works if the MDEF is high enough). In exp shared party, 2 or more players engaging the same mob will gain an extra 20% exp, so why not Recovery - Unfreezing a frozen monster so that it gets hit more by storm gust, it can also cause monster to change or lose targets, may even cause undead to get blind, remember 2 seconds delay Signum Crusis - Reduces the DEF of demon and undead monster on the entire screen until the monster dies, casting it while moving around won't hurt, just be careful of the 2 seconds aftercast delay. (you may want to skip this skills since it costs 13 skill points to max it, so you can spare some for Meditatio if that's a better choice for you) Decrease agility - you need to move closer to the mob and cast it, sometimes it would take a lot of tries. Useful for slowing down mobs but I don't find it appealing in maximizing offense, but survival to a certain extent. However it is the only debuff skill with low cooldown (1 second) you can use without turning NoShift ON because you don't want to buff or heal the monsters Lex Divina - you need to move closer to the mob and cast it and sometimes it doesn't work, but it can be useful against some monsters with annoying skills such as waterball and sonic blow, note that it comes with a 3 seconds cooldown Lex Aeterna - Doubles the next inflicted damage on the target. The 3 seconds cooldown is really long in some situations and you need to move closer which makes you more vulnerable, but it is helpful if your party member uses burst damage that with or without a long cooldown such as sonic blow, asura strike, beast starfing and etc. Offensive skill Holy Light - Just Holy Light every monsters once to get that 20% bonus exp, it has no cooldown and you can make this faster by increasing your aspd using concentration potion Resurrection - Has the same chance as Turn Undead except that you won't get the problem of accidentally casting it on a non-undead monster and also has 9 cells range. but it also comes with 3 seconds cooldown
  21. I would like to ask what certain gears are recommended and build for snipers intended to do vanilla dungeon maps (event maps). Thank you
  22. 13/07/2016 update: The guild is now closed. Thank you to everyone for the journey, and see you in the next chapter! Check the website for more information. Emblem: Hometown: Amatsu Website: aeon-tro.shivtr.com Guild Leader: Erma [Erminator/Ermablitz] Co-Leaders: Sinshine | Kiwee Spoiler Erma: Okay guys, recruitment thread. Tell me who we are.Mickz ~: Mickz is hereKiwee: We are a fun-loving PvM pervy guild looking for fresh meat.Kiwee: You can tweak that.Albrekka Starbright: We enjoy watching young, fresh players being violently murdered by Ifrit, Valk and Beelz.Albrekka Starbright: Preferred champ for SS so we can watch them get beaten upKiwee: We MAY laugh at your pixel death.Albrekka Starbright: Chance of laughter is tied to card drop rateKiwee: Mention smartassery is a plus. Omniphobia: They will fall for usOmniphobia: And be trapped Albrekka Starbright: Also we haze. Aeon was founded on April 3rd 2015 by myself, Sinshine and Panda-. Before then, we were officers in another Amatsu guild, but unfortunately, with the GLs inactive and what we could do for the guild was limited. Eventually we left and began Aeon, taking a few friends along with us. We have been growing as a social and PvE guild ever since. Panda- has left our ranks since, but it's good to remember where we came from. ~ P.S. We were foolish enough to promote Kiwee and two others. She has since disposed of their bodies in a shallow grave. Send hel- Aeon has grown from a humble group to community that has been a home to well over 100 people in the year-and-a-bit we've been around. As a PvM guild we have enjoyed plenty of regular activities together: between our ETs we'd fill our time with Seals, Sealed Shrine, Jupe Core, Thor 3, Bio 3, HBQ, GMC parties, MVP hunts and so on. Although we are shifting our focus to social rather than PvM due to leaders' availability, we hope to carry on many of these activities given our members' interest and initiative. We have a thriving website, Discord and WhatsApp group that helps our members stay involved even when there is less time for RO, we love Cards Against Humanity, and are all over the latest Jackbox Games craze. Although gear and experience are great assets, what we care about first and foremost is how you'd fit within our family. Spoiler Recruitment: OPEN! Our current timezone split: Please note that we do try our best to accommodate everyone o/ Poll from October 2015. To join us, please apply on our website. After that contact Erma, Sinshine or Jenn on TalonRO's or Aeon's Discord for a chat!
  23. i'm thinking of creating an LK once my hunter trans. browsing the forums, i've notice that most people play LK BB-style. i want to do something different. since i love spears, i'm thinking of making a spear-based LK. may i ask how efficient this type of build is?
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