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Found 4 results

  1. It's been a long time since I played RO and I wanted to try out the Rogue class. Any suggestions on which build is good for pve (I'm not in too pvp that much) so yeah any good pve oriented build. Thanks
  2. Basically, I blindly converted my Copper Coins to Talon Cash, and now i have 844. Now my OCD is killing me till i can round those last 4, but i can't seem to find a way to do so
  3. HI, I am when a new player starts playing a new game, a newbie so we are called, I am currently residing in the Philippines, I really loved playing this game, the game play, the details of items, how they look, how each character looks, this game has its certain chemistry, in other words, it is really fun, I haven't played a long time, may be less than a week or so, this server was in the top of ranks in almost every private server rank sites, I was excited to when my friend told me to try this server, he played the very 1st Ragnarok as he told me, and he also tried playing in this server. I have an Assassin as a character, I asked him, what should I have as an equipment, he told me this vanberk card, skeleton soldier card, etc. So naturally, I have to see if how much was it in the marker or how often can I come across this items if I was to personally hunt it, an as a working person, I don't have the time to play 10h a day to hunt those items, I asked him, what is the best way to have zeny? and he told me to try finding someone who is selling zeny for "php". so went to !marker saying buying some zeny php, immediately someone told me "it is illegal to buy zeny for real money" mind that is all happened last night, then he told me I might get banned, and ask him if maybe there was a warning, told him, they know I am a beginner I haven't played this game for more than 2 weeks, maybe they'll(the GM's) give me some warning or so, but the night passed and I haven't received anything from the GM, earlier this day, I was so nervous, I checked the rules, and yes, it is clear that we can't trade any virtual from the server, on the outside world, and so does saying discount 50% on the shop, even if its not. And so, I played, around 12noon, I got disconnected, when I tried logging back again, I was banned. so as any reasonable man would do, I went to the support tab, made a ticket, asking what happened, they told me that any attempt is sanctioned an account ban, not suspension, no warning, no "hey you stupid player, you will be ban", I understand it is a rule, but there was no specification on how they are going to penalize the players who done wrong to the server, if I pressed twice the hiding skill, its spamming right? you mean we can get ban just like that? and keep in mind, at 12noon, not long after I send my ticket to them they reply shortly, and closed the ticket, I have many more to ask, and say to the staff, so i created a new one, and ask every question I had on my that time, but up until now, they haven't got back to me, I can't help to think that, an offense that would hurt their income would be an instant ban with out any warning, I see player who spam some skills in town, some merchant who would say 50% discount even if its just 1z lower, I still saw them, I make something that doesn't pay them, they insta ban. I am a good player, never in my history I was banned in any game, I played WoW for more than 7years, I violated rules in WoW, but I did not get banned like this, I am a newbie, with a good intention to a game I really liked playing. I experienced getting ban, for the first time in many years of playing online games. I just hope, this will change how they implement the rules, and if they do, good for the newer players who would benefit, If I cannot get my account back, I might stop playing this game altogether, its sad how I fell in-love in the game for just a short time, and yet it closes the door and shuts me out. and this is me, 10years of gaming, the first day in my life I got so disappointed to those who ran the game. if GM's change their mind see you guys in game, if not well, you know, every gamer will cross thier path one way or another. This what makes games so fun. thank you for reading. and I hope you guys wont encounter any problems. K.
  4. Hi, thanks for reading. FTP. I'm a HW. Stat and Eq here: https://calc.talonro.com/?cazbLbiabaHacbKbJabajaapgeaaaaaaaalleaaaaaaaahkaawkg0eueKcllyfclIeitufatufaeeeeadakaaaabaaacuaaaaHaaaaa Currently stuck at: I don't know how or where to farm for quicker zeny. Still rotating between anolian (for brooch, near to zero chance yet), mobster (too slow), and loitering. Wished to go ET but don't know how. Can you help me with my build, or farming location, or items to acquire? Thanks very much.
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