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Found 12 results

  1. RINNY'S NOOB ART Hi guys Rinny here I really love to draw but I'm not confident enough to show it And now that work is eating all my time to play, I cant farm anymore and rarely online in game now. Then one of my ebil friend encourage force me to make my own art corner, so here i am >> Here are some of my doodles >> sample of my traditional drawings Finish Chibi commission Sketch Artsu SAMPLE PIC FOR MY ANIME BODYSHOT Anime Full Body Anime Couple PRICE LIST >> Chibi Bodyshot - 7M >> Chibi Couple - 12M >> Sketch Commission - 5M >> Anime Bodyshot - 10M >> Anime Couple - 18M >>Anime full body - 17M If you want a slot you can post here or pm me on discord Rinny#1449 For now i only accept 3 slot cause quite busy with work and in real life. P.S IM SLOWWWW IN UPDATING STUFFS BUT I WILL TRY TO UPDATE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE you can follow me on my social media IG: https://www.instagram.com/rinny_kagane/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/Rinnys-Art-Dump-630848430769017/?modal=admin_todo_tour RANDOM SKETCHES AND ARTSU ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Open || Close
  2. Hello and welcome! ♥ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !! Disclaimer and Terms of Request !! Art produced by me is considered NSFW and such content with sensitive material will be outlinked to appropriate websites to be accessed only by competent and legal aged persons. No person under 18 may commission sensitive or suggestive material unless legally permissible by persons legal country. By filling out the request form and posting it you are agreeing to these terms. A Brief Overview > I am an ecchi artist, so that's what I'll be drawing primarily, but I do enjoy the occasional non ecchi piece > You choose just how ecchi the piece will be by putting between one to three X's in the form X > Soft ecchi Cute, fluffy, sweet, stuff that makes grandma smile and nod on a Sunday morning XX > Medium ecchi Blushy, flirty, seductive, poses to make the slight of pervy smile XXX > Hard ecchi Bleeding noses, red faces, tight pants, bodily fluids, this is hentai Prices ☻ Prices are guidelines and not fixed, depending on complication OR simplicity of an order, I will raise or lower the price Tiers Defined - are the depictions of the same piece; Clothed, undergarments, or nude. **Anime - 3 Tier Illustration 100 MIL OR 85 TC 3 Tier Skecchi 50M OR 35 TC Includes Nude, Undergarment, and Clothed **Anime - 2 Tier Illustration 2 Tier Skecchi Illustration Nude / Lingerei 55M OR 40 TC Skeechi - 20M OR 15 TC Illustration Clothed / Nude 65M OR 50 TC Skeechi - 25M OR 18 TC Illustration Lingerei / Clothed 75M OR 60 TC Skeechi - 30M OR 20 TC **Anime - 1 Tier Illustration 1 Tier Skecchi Illustration Nude Only 40M OR 30 TC Skeechi - 10M OR 8 TC Illustration Lingerei Only 50M OR 40 TC Skeechi - 15M OR 12 TC Illustration Clothed Only 60M OR 50 TC Skeechi - 20M OR 16 TC *Chibi - 3 Tier Illustration 40M OR 30 TC 3 Tier Skecchi 30M OR 20 TC --------------------------------- Illustration Nude Only 20M OR 15 TC Skeechi - 8M OR 5TC Illustration Undergarment Only 25M OR 17TC Skeechi - 10M OR 8 TC Illustration Clothed Only 30M OR 20TC Skeechi - 15M OR 10 TC ---------------------------------- Payments sent to IGN "A y u" Request Form Slots Illustration Slots < Marly > WIP Anime / 3 Tier < Miyu > Anime / Couple / 1 Tier < Orchestra > Anime / 3 Tier < Iela > Chibi / ?? Skecchi Slots < Aryll > Anime / Couple / 1 Tier < Stell~ > Anime / 3 Tier < Jessu > Anime / Couple / 1 Tier < Mefi > Anime / Couple / 1 Tier Completed Works My OC - Kineko Miyu and Aryll NSFW content in spoiler Side Projects A comic depicting the GMs.. When a group of all powerful Game Masters take for granted their title and position in life as lords of the lands, are suddenly stripped of their powers and turned into beautiful young girls, they have a lot to learn just to survive. NSFW content in spoiler Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5
  3. So, I'm currently selling shiny costumes (and some random storage stuff)! Thanks for stopping by! Costumes NEW: Drooping Dorasuke Costume Silk Black Cat Hat Costume Nekoring Hat Costume Sun Visor Costume Blazing Sun Costume
  4. Hey guys! I'm an 8 year RO vet and well, I make emblems If you'd like an emblem here's how to get one from me~ 1. Contact me either on the forums or by mailing/pming my main "Yajera" 2. Give me the criteria in which you would like me to go along for the emblem! 3. I'll make 3 variations of said criteria and present them to you 4. If needed, I can edit any of the three emblems. 5. I do charge 4.5m after or before the emblems are sent~ I hope you consider my services~
  5. Hello, and welcome to my Art Shop. "How may I help you today?" Unfortunately, my art shop is still under construction and still a large queue before I open this up. However, rest assure I have decided to use this thread as a future shop as I plan to play RO officially. Do keep an eye out on when I open up. Sometimes I do open a tad earlier when my queue has not yet cleared. ABOUT THE ARTIST "Hello, hello. My name is Yuda, or Yu, Yuyu, or Yuyuda. Generally nicknames people give me base off that. Feel free to address me however you like as long as I understand you're talking to me." I am a male, so I do prefer being address with the he/him pronouns. I do get mistaken for a female quite often, although I do not respond or mind, I still have a preference. (Otherwise I would just mess with you until your confused). I dislike being referred to as "senpai" or anything in the similar. I'm bringing this up now because I do get this quite often and it does annoy me to a high extent. Although it's an honorific, I take it more as an insult due to personal reason. So do keep that in mind when addressing me. Do feel free to talk or contact me at anytime. I'm actually very laid back and do enjoy talking to people, so don't be shy. I just... tend to type this way or how my friend's call it, tsundere-ly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IGN: Luuxiel (It's best to mail out the fee since I get on at the strangest time). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENTLY OFFERING: N/A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FORM N/A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SLOTS 1. ATypicalNala - 70% 2. Aryll - 40% 3. Aryll - 40% -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Gallagher

    Nerds Selling!!

    Vanberk mid (+1 str) - 9m +7 Bathory Meteor Plate (+3 str) - 18m White Nose Mouse Costume - offer me Ultimate Pickaxe - 18m Hell Poodle HOB - 18m +7DBSSn OA - 65m RSX fire Armor (+8hit) - 26m SOLD!! 5 raw red - 100k 4 raw yellow - 700k [0]Infiltrator - 850k 7 raw green - 100k 5 raw blue - 650k HP cursed hand - 11m vanberk holy marching hat - 11m
  7. Alright, I have bitten the bullet! I'm going to attempt to open an art shop here. For now, this is going to be just in a test-drive mode to gauge interest. And since I'm still a fledgling in TalonRO, I feel that a little extra zeny might help me get my feet on the ground here. I will be selling sketchwork only for now. If you've seen my gallery thread, you know I have a situation with being unable to color things/use tablet. I MAY, in the future, offer color chibis, but bear in mind that they will have to be done completely with a mouse in a free art program, which is not easy to accomplish. I will update this thread if/when I offer those. To start, I am going to open two slots. (First come, first serve.) I will be offering headshot (+shoulders) (basically a bust shot) fully-shaded sketches for 7 mil/7 TC a piece and must be paid in advance! (If you chose to use the Mail Box option, please send the payment to Celeste Acacia! Thanks!) Excessive/complicated headgear will possibly cost a bit more, so bear that in mind. I am also not familiar with many of the Talon headgears, so please provide as much reference as possible! The sketches will look something like this: Things I need from you: Character Reference: Hair/eye color: Headgear Reference: Brief Personality: Other details you want to note (posing/expression/character quirks): Sketch Color (if desired): Slots: 1. Mei Magnolia [ Finished! ] 2. hazelae [ Finished! ] 3. Novalolly [ Paid! In progress~ ] Waiting List: Cassidy Completed!: 1. amii. 2. Mei Magnolia 3. Alteisen 4. Ciwo 5. Mei Magnolia 6. hazelae Thanks and I hope to be sketching some of your characters soon!
  8. Hi, hi! I'm Doodelation with my boyfriend, Leo Cancer and we decided to open an art shop together! Here are some of the things we made for fun: If you like our art, then you can reply on this thread or message us Were open to drawing characters, pets, monsters, and its fully customizable! Its gonna probably cost 12 M per drawing and you can pay us in zenny or TC, So yeah please buy our artsu!! Love love, Edit: We're opening up 3 slots for this month. 1) Bob 2) OPEN 3) OPEN
  9. For the merchant branch, is there a way to see logs of items that are being sold and to whom and for how much you sold those items? Whether real time or after shop has been closed? Real time: Like how you could filter these information out on the message/status window (or whatever it's called) , and "turn off" all other chat/status information, and just see when an item is sold, and who has bought the item(s). The same way that you can toggle on and off the type of information you would like to receive such as regular log, public chat display, whisper display, and so on. After closing shop: See a record of all the transactions that has been done for that particular shop that you created [and closed], whether it had to be toggled on or off in order for a text log to be automatically saved in a folder, the same way that screenshots are saved. This would be helpful particularly to those who have autotraded. I don't know if this topic has been raised before. If it has, would anyone be kind enough to give the link please? Thank you.
  10. Send me an offer, or leave your Discord information so I can contact you easily. Thanks.
  11. Ugur

    Sifaci Shop

    Odin's Blessing [Bathory] [DEX+1] = Offer +7 Tidal Shoes [Eddga] = 19m Pouring Egg = 5m Spiritual Ring = 8m Pantie = 150k Undershirt = 75k Formal Suit [1] = 700k Principles Of Magic [2] (have many) = 50k each Lich's Bone Wand [2] (have many) = 40k each Talon of Griffon (3ea) = 30k each Zombie Prisoner Card = 75k Banshee Card = 350k Mithril Magic Manteau [1] (have many) = 10k each SOLD Coat [Byorgue] [+3 STR] SOLD Buckler [Tatacho] SOLD Hood [Magmaring Card] SOLD
  12. Hey here, welcome to my art thread :3 I'm still struggling with the forum functions, so please excuse me if my thread is weird xD' PRICES 20TC/25M per character (chibi) +4TC/5M simple background +4TC/5M simple pet (see some other (old) art stuff by me here) SLOTS jessu Natalis HOW TO ORDER Form: in-game name: references: details (scars, freckles, etc.): other (poses, expressions, etc.): extras (pet, bg) Fill out the order form and post it in this thread or PM it to me.I'll confirm whether I'll take on your commission and give you a slot on the pending list. Once you've made your payment (half or full upfront) I will start with your commission. The illustration should be done within one or two weeks depending on how busy I am.You'll be notified by PM when your illustration is ready. You may ask for small changes to be made (e.g. color changes) OTHER STUFF You may not redistribute, claim the art as your own work or make profits out of it. I have the right to reject commissions. If I feel I cannot finish your commission for whatever reason, I will contact you and you will receive full refund.
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