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  1. We are always looking for fun and talkative people to join us on our escapades! It doesn't matter if you are new to the server or a pro at Ragnarok Online in general, we just want good attitudes and a willingness to learn. Hello and thanks for checking out Nenkaras! Let’s start off with some of the basic information. If you're interested in joining our guild apply through the guild directory or on our website. You may also contact one of the following members: Guild leaders Fenarel Saniteli Aresh Lacrimosella Officers Kirigiri Kyouko Dorrin Blackstaff CavalierAmelia (Camel) Oslon (aka Yev) Luna Beam Stylistics (Svartalfheim) Ruitea Forum Guru Ninja Cou Need help finding us? TalonRO history of Nenkaras Nenkaras was founded on this server by Venura in August of 2011. The name “Nenkaras” is a reference to the Nenkaras Inn that we sit next to and our guild emblem is based off of the fleur de lis found in Izlude Arena. Leadership of the guild was transferred from Venura to Fenarel and Saniteli in January of 2013. Link to the original thread by Venura. What we do We afk... a lot... Well, okay, that’s not all we do. You can count on us for interesting conversations and a wealth of information! There are leveling parties that usually go to Thor3, Bio3, Juperos Core, and Dimensional Gorge. We have events for holidays and we also have random movie nights. We’ve had dance parties, novice games, and “OMFG that’s a lot of dead branches” parties. Sometimes there are hocus parties and sealed shrine parties, but those need some prompting. In the past we've had 2 weekly ET runs but now we do wave challenge, irregular ET, seals as needed, bakonawa/malaya instances. If you do choose to join us, you are encouraged to try to organize anything you want or ask if we can do it. Lots of things happen in the moment! Guild Rules 1. Obey server rules. 2. Be respectful of people in or out of guild. 3. Keep your main/most active character in guild. 4. If possible, please give notice before taking an extended break. 5. Please be social. Events of 2012 Events of 2013 Events for 2014 Events for 2015
  2. Welcome to Amatsu Desserts! We are a Social/PvM guild whose sole focus is having fun! We achieve this by teasing each other regularly, socialising, and going on dungeon runs! We’re seriously only here to have fun! And we always use the Discord Voice Chat during our runs cause that’s more fun! How to apply: 1. Join us on Discord, Click the Discord Logo https://discord.gg/PVQbe2P 2. Ping any Cake or Pudding. 3. Tell them your favourite dessert. And voila! You are now a dessert! Savepoint Amatsu Guild Established: Aug 25 2018 Most active hours: 1100-1800 Server Time Events: Endless Tower Guild Master Challenge Timed Wave Challenge Leveling Parties Leeching Hour Features: We schedule our events one week ahead of time so our members know which one they could join, it is posted in our discord server in the channel #weekly-schedule, similar to this post below
  3. Sleepy o/

    CH O/

    CH is closed to the public again. I'll keep the guild invite text here for luls. We're back to referral-based entry. I'll keep posting interesting stuff to the guild directory :3 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Guild Journal: Chronological Order Organized
  4. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Looking for a guild that focuses on PvE content? Looking to make friends? Looking to team up with others? if you are asking yourself these questions then this is the guild for you! What is Sempiternal? Sempiternal is a PvE/Social Guild that focuses on 3 main points. these points are Teamwork, Group Content and Fun! . If you are a new player to RO , A veterine or even a hardcore player we will welcome all of you! regardless of your gear, experiences or class choice. We are primary a PvE/Social Guild so we will not be focusing on WoE or PvP content unless there is an demand from our members for it and in that case an alt guild will be made for those who wish for it. you do not need to be on every day as i understand people have commitments and work and such so long as your on every so often or let us know if your going to be away or off for a while. What content do you play? We currently Host DB events, Dungeon Runs, Eden Board Missions , Quests and MVP Hunting. Babe Nyanko also hosts end game content like ET and Seals all of which is announced on our Discord. The Rules We at Sempiternal have a couple of rules which are as follow 1) Be respectful to your fellow guild members 2) Please stick to english in the discord and guild chat 3) All members require a discord account 4) If you are inactive for 14 days you will be kicked from the guild 5) Only 1 main character in the main Sempiternal guild at a time. Where you can find us? We are based in Dewata. Dewata has many good facilities nearby (Tool Dealer and Weapon Dealer below the spawn) . The Eden Teleporter Officer is right next to the warper too for easy convenience. Like the sound of the guild? want to join? There are a few ways you can apply . You can apply through the discord channel . Our discord link is https://discord.gg/scczGu7 You can find a General or Marhsal in Dewata who could invite you to the guild. You can try PMing me SlayerTheArcher or you can try PMing or you can try PMing Kawasumi Itsuki , GdBuffs , ExMage , ~ChiyoSakura~ , Olivia-chan , Babe Nyanko , Solyyri , turquoise owl , PesoPorcupine or Uther Or you can apply via the guild directory . Our guild directory link is https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/681/ Thank you for showing interest in our guild
  5. Peds.

    Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    A Social/PVM guild that has been founded on June 6, 2016 Most of us came from the guild "Royal Blood" with alot of stories to tell We are a small guild with a mix of all types of players. Each one of us likes to do slightly different things, but we're getting along pretty well. We like to farm together and help each other out. We accept any player regardless of nationality as long as they are looking to join with a common goal of self improvement while building a team around themselves. Rachel, Capital of Arunafelz, the Study Nation Guild Leader: Champ Peds Co-Leader: Lore Mistress Officers: Motto Stella, magiolis, Goyu Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ZSr3pfJ What we do: Guild Events and so much more to come! The Guild is most active during 13:00 - 23:00 servertime but we are trying to recruit people from other timezones as well Rules: 1. Be active and socialize. 2. Respect everyone. 3. Be open-minded. We don't want people who can easily be offended or can't accept a little criticism. 4. Join guild raids. Geared or not, we don't mind, it's the experience we're after. 5. No begging, please. 6. Always follow the Tro rules, Remember, you are carrying our guild banner. 7. Speak English (esp in guild chat). We are international guild. 8. HAVE FUN and avoid dramas (but we can't, can we?) 9. [most important rule, but you have to join us to know what it is] We're accepting newbies and veteran players alike. If ever you are a veteran player and can't find your old friends, or if you are a newbie looking for someone to show you around, then this guild is for you If you'd like to join please just pm me, or sign up here, or join our discord here https://discord.gg/ZSr3pfJ, or any names up there and I'm sure they'd be happy to send an invite.
  6. Guild Founded: November 2012 Guild Website: http://willofthed.shivtr.com HQ: El Dicastes Follow server rules. English in guild chat Refrain from game/guild drama. Have fun and enjoy the game! Full rules on our forum! Must play on a regular basis. Loyalty and commitment to the guild. TEAMWORK! ET runs Sealed Shrine Lady's puzzle night Social minigames and more... UPDATE: We are not active anymore. GL & HF everyone.
  7. Wanderer As inspired by the wandering person, who often travel from town to town, country to country, making new acquaintance and gaining new knowledge on their journey. Thus, we creating this guild for those who love to learn new thing, making new friend and also do something more dynamic and challenging in order to enhance their creativity in-game or IRL in overcome problem and hard time by taking a way out from the mainstream. We are a small guild which have a big mission. We are not for those weak ass who always negativity like "i'm newbie, i should stay with newbie", "I might loss, i might have hard time getting beat over and over. Thus, i should stay with big and strong guild". As long as you have enthusiasm to learn, to developed and to improve from time to time you are welcome to join us. We will show our hand and will bring you up as we still developing, learn and try to grow strong together. As a wanderer, giving up is not an option. To be a wanderer you have to stay strong, stay tough even you are alone. Doesn't matter either it is on in-game or in real life. Our Focus We are most focusing on: -Trans Vanilla -NT-WoE -Instance -Vanilla PvM -Semi/High-end PvM -Social Requirement to join us To avoid some whinny ass weak and annoying spoiled brat. thus we put some requirement on what we going to take as the member of our guild. -Dare to accept and try new challenge (either its Unres PvM/Vanilla PvM/PvP/GvG) -Non-Love to brag about sqi and gear they have 24 hours (i have met this kind of person few time) - Have a good team spirit and good coordination (if u dont have the 2nd one, we can work on it) -Have the right gear for right situation (it not necessarily sqi, just the right gear for right situation.EX: u wont run prontera seal with a HP who wear spiritual set and apple of archer right? but its okay as long you willing to improvise) What server time that you will usually Online: Basically the GM online 24 hours but most of the time we will play on 0900 server time - 2000 server time Where we can meet you guys/Where your savepoint: Most of us scattered around midgard, but our guild save point will be in town which will be change on monthly basis. (u might be lucky to encountered us) August: Aldebaran Screen Shot Guild Activities NT-WoE
  8. Jenna~

    Desert Dojo ~ [Social & PvM]

    "Respect All, Fear None" Greetings fellow travelers and welcome to Desert Dojo! Originally founded in 2016, Desert Dojo is having a grand relaunch to kick-off the late summer of 2018! We are a guild that mainly focuses on the fun social, and PvM aspects of Ragnarok. Who we are as a guild: Interested in being part of our upcoming adventures? Than head on over to the city, Malangdo, where those with invitation powers await! Or try messaging one of the in-game names below: Lux Cibus | geeou812 | Ristul~SinX | Ashadia | Eitr | Tinley | Rinny12 | Luvsic ⭐ Once you've joined the guild, an invitation to our discord channel will be sent. ⭐ It's strongly encouraged for members to join our discord in order to stay connected with one another. It's where you'll be notified of any important announcements, guild runs, and events that'll happen. What kind of activities do we do, you ask? Here are just a few examples of the types of adventures we shall embark on! Leveling/Farming Parties ➖ Abbey, Odin, Thor's Volcano, Juperos, Dimensional Gorge, Bio Labs In-Game & Social Events ➖ Dead branch parties, movie nights, customized events (e.g. Christmas events & meme-offs) Instances ➖ Endless Tower Runs, Seal Quest, Timed Waved Challenge, GM's Challenge Dead & Bloody Branches Galore Endless Tower
  9. Lunafreya~

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Luna Nocturnus, is a Social/PVM Guild, for newbs, pro and casual players alike, all are welcome. Come Grow with us. Visit us at Brasilis! PM any of us in game: Lunafreya~ / Zaedee / Eurylix / Pookberry / Black Metal / Rummy~ or apply through our main guild directory : "https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/98/" or our extension guild "https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/650/" Usually plays around 0:00-10:00 server time daily! https://forum.talonro.com/topic/22827-luna-nocturnus-social-pvm-guild/ or you can go visit our discord channel https://discord.gg/aduRezV and ask for an invite there. or apply through our main guild directory : "https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/98/" or our extension guild "https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/650/"
  10. POSEIDON SOCIAL | WAR OF EMPERIUM | UNITY "Think this can be you? Catch us in Izlude. Become a legend." - The seas have calmed. The legends have been written. Stories have been told. We appreciate everyone for riding the waves with us. Recruitment is currently: CLOSED (INVITE ONLY) Thank you for the incredible amount of interest. Our frontlines are currently filled. Discord is mandatory for all prospective applicants who want to rock it with us. (Yeah, also pretty crucial for these random secret Discord music and karaoke party nights, as well...) Official Application: Click Here
  11. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment Status: Public Recruitment is now OPEN. You can find us on lower Payon Kafra. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Information Ghostz Guild has been founded by Ed Stampede on May 29,2008. We came from a different server and transferred here on TalonRO. Expanded by Ed and Pirre on November 2013 at TalonRO and is now a striving PvM and WoE guild. A strong, consistent leadership, built up over time, is the best guarantee that this guild will not just fade away and be forgotten. We are here to write a new part of our long history of existence. Community The members of Ghostz consider this Guild as their second family, we hold real life meetings and parties, we have a facebook group with hundreds of active members. We are currently looking for TalonRO players for Wednesday WoE. Requirements: 1. Available and can play during Wednesday 23:00 - Thursday 01:00 (GMT+8 - PH time) / 15:00 - 17:00 (server time) 2. Interested and willing to try out the War of Emperium FE Vanilla Transcendent Edition 3. Gears and WoE experience are a plus but not a requirement. However, willingness to learn is a must. We will help and guide you on how to play your chosen character and get decent but cheap/affordable gears. 4. Loyalty We would like to correct the misconception that you can't participate in the War of Emperium while farming for PVM gears. We have certain classes like High Priests and Linkers that may only need a gear or two, which the guild can easily provide. If these suit you, PM us now or find us in game (Warp Girl -> City -> Payon, go south til you find a big tree and a Kafra)!
  12. Zhan

    Red Alert Guild (WoE/PvE)

    Red Alert guild welcomes you on TalonRO server! We are WoE and Social oriented guild founded 2014 year. Some piece of our schedule: WoE FE: 05:00 PM ST Wednesday WoE SE: 04:00 AM ST Sunday ET: 08:00 PM ST Friday Wave Challenge: 08:00 PM ST everyday GMC: standard schedule later from 05:00 PM ST If you want to join us, please feel free to contact to IGN BlackSite. Or you may find us at savepoint Jawaii.
  13. Ghaspar

    RGM > "AzTiGue" Guild

    A 3-year old Social/PVM guild looking for active social pinoys. Requirements: - Active and Social - As much as possible, main character - un lng...... Kung interesado, mgpunta lng sa payon dungeon kafra area, just ask anyone for an invite.
  14. ADMS

    House of Commons - [CLOSED]

    -Ken Livingstone Founded in March 2016, the House of Commons is a guild dedicated to equality, fair representation, and a penchant for childish antics. (Yes, you read that right.) We offer support to new players of all backgrounds, engage in the slaughter of the Common's enemies (mobs), and settle debate through our death games (More on that later.) We are also now seeking new candidates to swell our ranks and help us go on to do great things. Together, of course. And while we may lay some claim to magisterial dignity, deep down, we're nothing of the sort. Speaker of the Commons: Divine Comedian Deputy Speaker of the Commons: Abelone~ Dismissed in Disgrace: Red Velvet Cake Absentee Landlord: Kokujumatsu Location: Yuno, Southwest Main Square Main Language: English What do we look for in a candidate? As a member of the House you are expected to respect, honour and love (metaphorically speaking) all members of the House, old and new. We ask that you spare time to attend our guild rallies, and to bring your own input to the guild. In the Commons, everyone has a say. What are the requirements to becoming a candidate? As a member of the House you must show a sense of direction, a clear vision of what you want to do in the Commons, and a willingness to "mix it" and have lots of fun. Bonus points if you can speak with all the pomp of a true MP. What will members do in the Commons? Our main business right now involves helping out the needier of our compatriots when it is required. We can do anything our members can propose, provided we can spare the manpower and organize a good time for it. Otherwise, the prevailing law of the Commons is "do what thou wilt", and carry the insignia of the Commons with pride~ As of June 2017, House of Commons has formally disbanded. For contact please message the OP.
  15. Squall Leonhart

    Shadow Of Light - Non Trans WOE/Pvm/Social

    Hello and welcome to Shadow of Light's official guild thread. Leader - E-Liquid / Zoyi / RemoveYourClothes / Apis / Ayesh Body Builder - Sarth Senior Citizen (above 40 years old) - Uncle aka HighWizzz Forum nanny - Lee Hsien Loong We are a group of friends that hang out in Payon. We have been doing Non Trans Woe for quite some time now. But our guild members has always comprised of mostly friends. Besides NT Woe, we also do 1) ET 2) Seals 3) Pvm and events 4) Social and illegal gatherings. As of now, there are 2 guilds competing in non trans. They are Crimson and us respectively. Right now NT woe is picking up and we have decided to open up a new thread to invite more fellow talonians to battle with us!!! Requirements - 1) English speaking. Most of us are Asia. Therefore we would like to use a universal language for all to understand. 2) Basic woe gears - Thara frog, beret, combat knife, evil druid/marc armor, radryic/vali's manteau, vidar boots. If you are missing or are unsure of gears, just come to payon and look for us. 3) Willing to stick with us through thick and thin even if we are not winning. 4) Mutual respect to everyone. Many of us in this guild have been around in Talon RO for quite some time. We are willing to share with you how to build up your character for woe. And of course we are willing to learn as well. We have formed a close and loyal knit community but we hope to expand our horizon and welcome new friends to join us in this journey! Last but not least, don't be too worried or intimidated if you have not WOE before. Every master was once a disaster. Please do come to payon to look for us if you are interested in joining our small and humble family. Thank you for your attention, and we hope to see you there! =] WOE VIDEOS ALL CREDITS TO BOBITO FOR THE VIDEO. =] ALL CREDITS TO BOBITO FOR THE VIDEO. =]
  16. Kaikuson

    Time to find a guild

    Hello everyone, I've looked at a few posts and all seem to heavily depend on you being woe ready. I've just started playing again after 4 years or so, so my knowledge on all things (gear, hunting spots, tactics) is weak and rusty. I'm looking for a guild who are highly sociable, patient, willing to give help and advice with leveling and gearing so in turn I can get to the rank to help others. I am open to woe but It will take time to learn again. I love to party with my Guildies!! Is anyone party of a guild like this and could you write a bit about how that guild operates? Thanks all, Kaiku
  17. Hey everyone! Verdi here. My common in game names are Tounna and Serif and I am a fellow TRO player! Yes! It's true! Hello! I'm here because like many people, I am guildless. And I would like to change that. So let me tell you cats about me and maybe we can make some guild matches here or however things like that work. I have been playing RO off and on since.. oh god.. 2005-2006ish? My first server was Animaro and I've been along for the whole journey with my lovely current stop at TRO. I am here to stay. I've always been on low rate servers and I love love love it. I love the grind. I love the community. I love the interaction. Even though I have been on RO forever and a half, I am not necessarily GOOD at it. I've never had great gears. I've never had the money to really pay for stuff, and honestly I love working hard for all that juicy juicy zeny. With that being said, I love in game PvE and grinding and leveling. I take it seriously, but I try not to take myself too seriously. Does that make sense? I love social guilds. I am not interested in WoE unless it's to fool around and try something new. I'll try to be as social as possible. I work from home so I get to have this wonderful thing called constant computer access (and yes I get to wear PJ's all day IF I WANT and I DID) With that being said, I will often go a few days without logging in because I have to get some grinding done at home, so y'know. Life. Job. Dog. etc. I'd like to be around others who are at least relatively compassionate. Humble. Wholesome. Etc etc. I'm definitely NOT a religious person by any means but I'm beyond interested in befriending people who are jerks or say racist/homophobic/misogynistic/etc. words. I'm not here for it. That being said, I'm extremely tolerant and way laid back. I will not police you, I won't be a jerk. I won't tell you how to be. I just love the social aspect of RO and I miss it a heck of a lot. Even though my gears aren't great, I'll share what I have and help others in any way I can. If I can help level up some lower level people or give tips on stuff, I'd jump at the opportunity! OH OH OH. And I love guilds that hit up dungeons and stuff. This IS an MMO, right? And what's an MMO without slaughtering some monster baddies with all your favorite chum chums? SO. TL;DR: Hi. I like guilds. I don't like jerks. I want you all to be happy and if I can make you smile I'm happy. Let's do some PvE monster hunting and hang out on RO because you also like to have conversations that are deeper than talking about pop culture and talking about how hot someone is. Hi. I'm Verdi and I'm very pleased to meet you. Thanks you guys and I hope to meet some super rad people! <3 -Verdi
  18. Bonjour à tous, Je suis Kaztor, ancien leader des Carottes Arc-en-ciel, plus grosse communauté francophone que ce serveur est connu. Il y a quelques temps (ça commence à dater un peu) notre guilde fut dissoute à cause d'embrouilles interne. Une guilde fut crée pour nous remplacer, sans succès. Je ne vais pas revenir sur cette histoire, si vous souhaitez croire les ragots (à savoir, que je suis un vilain dictateur qui vole ses membres) et bien allez y, et trouvez ou créez une autre guilde. De retour sur ce serveur (on arrête pas RO comme ça) ma petite communauté me manque. Ayant déjà relevé le défi de rassembler le plus de francophones sur le serveur, c'est avec une immense joie et une certaine motivation que je relance le projet des Carottes. Sous un nouveau nom cette fois : Carottes Reloaded. Rien ne change. On recrute tous les joueurs francophones, quelque soit leur expérience du jeu, leur niveau, leur classe, leur motivation, .... on s'en fout. Tu parle français? Tu es le bienvenue. Il s'agit d'une guilde à caractère social, c'est à dire que le seul interêt de cette guilde est de se rassembler pour discuter, glander et jouer. Une alliance peut être négocié pour faire des woes, si on a suffisamment de membres motivés. Comment nous rejoindre? Facile : par message privé sur ce forum, en répondant à ce topic, en contactant Kaztor/Kazounet/Kaz~ dans le jeu ou encore en vous rendant à Gonryun (notre nouveau QG) juste à droite du respawn (vous trouverez des petites tables et chaises avec des branleurs dessus, c'est nous). Quelques petites règles cependant afin d'éviter les embrouilles qui ont détruites notre ancienne guilde : - Gstorage accessible à tous sur demande MAIS vous êtes entièrement responsable des objets que vous y mettez. Si on vous vole des trucs c'est votre problème. Moi, Kaztor, ne veut pas avoir à gérer les vols/pertes/... Vos items = Votre problème. Idem avec le prêt personnel d'objet. Ne venez pas pleurer auprès du leader car quelqu'un vous a volé des trucs. - AUCUNE OBLIGATION DE FAIRE QUOI QUE CE SOIT : En gros si vous souhaitez juste vous connecter 10 minutes par semaine pour vous asseoir au QG et discuter : vous avez le droit. Dans l'ancienne guilde, beaucoup de personne me tombait dessus car je passais mon temps à discuter, et je ne tolérerais pas que cela se reproduise. Vous êtes libre d'occuper votre temps comme vous le souhaitez. Si vous rejoignez cette guilde, ne venez surtout pas vous plaindre que certaines personnes ne foutent rien : c'est précisement le but de cette guilde. - NO DRAMA : Sérieux si vous commencez à vous embrouiller à droite à gauche pour des conneries, passez votre chemin. Je n'hésiterais pas à virer les membres immatures qui cherchent constamment les emmerdes. A l'époque j'étais laxiste et laissais faire n'importe quoi car je souhaitais avoir le plus de monde possible dans la guilde, maintenant ce n'est plus le cas. Je préfère une guilde de 30 membres cool, que de 120 membres débiles. - JE SUIS LE LEADER SUPRÊME DU PARTI. Je réclame des offrandes et des prières matin, midi et soir. Vous devez me couvrir de zeny et me leech sur demande. Tout votre stuff m'appartient. Pour nous rejoindre, veuillez me faire parvenir un RIB ainsi que vos codes de carte bleu afin que je puisse faire des donations et chopper des talon coins. Apres si vous êtes pas d'accord c'est pas grave on peut négocier. Non en fait c'est pas vrai partez pas ! REVENEZ JE RIGOLAIS ROOOH ! Et euh .... bah je crois que ça suffit. Bisous à tous PS : Les anciens membres sont les bienvenus. Même ceux qui ont désertés. Je demande pas d'excuses ou quoi que ce soit, je m'en branle. Je veux revenir à l'ambiance d'avant et du coup je pardonne tout le monde. En espérant que ceux qui m'en veulent me pardonnent aussi. Sauf Nyool et Kusari. Vous pouvez passer votre chemin. De toute façon je me doute bien que vous ne seriez pas revenu. PS2 : C’était une bonne console, je l'ai eu à noël quand j’étais petit avec Final fantasy 10.
  19. Yajera~

    The Dojo

    The Dojo Guilds Hi~ I'm Ray, and I lead the collective of Dojo guilds! Founded January 20, 2016 Our Philosophy The dojo has always been about helping others and ourselves get better and better. Both as people and as players within TalonRO. We strive to make every day full of laughter and awesomeness because what fun is TalonRO without the most chaotic guild around? There's a very true saying that I as a guild leader goes by: A day without laughter is a day wasted. -Charlie Chaplin. I honestly can't see GMs Seiren and Howl but they're there xD How to contact us I'm always on at least one of the three guild leaders. Yajera ( Leader of the Desert ), xGenocide ( Leader of the Forest ) or Civing ( Leader of the Arctic ). Pm one of those three and odds are, you'll make contact with me! Either that, or wait for one of our very eccentric recruitment message marathons You can also contact my Co-Leaders! -Sound- | Geeou812 | Firesong | Tiger Zone As well as my Officers~ | Jenna~ | Nonoko | Lacey/Kiwi | What do we usually do? Aside from extensive training and events, we hold some of the biggest DB (Dead Branch) events reaching up to 2,000 monsters summoned (In a rental map of course) along with a few Bloody Branches! Our Co-Leaders and officers are always around to help and answer questions if needed and we're also EXTREMELY diverse, so that there's always at least a few people on at any given time! Interested in not just joining our ranks, but joining the family? Come on and see us in Gonryun! To the right of the statue of course~ Respect all, fear none! Smooth Noodlez everyone~
  20. Saturday, August 26 at 1500 Server Time 9:00am Eastern US time zone || 9:00pm Philippines time zone Click here to view the event in your own local time zone The return of the summer party of the year is here! TalonRO is gearing up for the return of The Starlight Soiree! This celebration of summer is a real tribute to all things fun in Midgard: an island party at night with tons of prizes, music, and plenty of fun memories. The Starlight Soiree has all the elements of our big social parties - such as live music, games, prizes, and one-of-a-kind costumes - but also fun twists such as our Ocean Tiki Bar, Volcanic Hot Springs, and much more. As always, our social events aren't just anywhere; we're back at the TalonRO exclusive nighttime island paradise: Lumen Isle! Like our Yule Ball event, the Starlight Soiree is a beach party unlike any other - and we're breaking out all the stops to make for an unforgettable night of fun! View photos of the Starlight Soiree and more at our Summer 2017 Event site! Each guest on arrival to Lumen Isle will receive their very own Summer Suit Costume - made especially for the Starlight Soiree. These great Summer Suits are just for the Starlight Soiree and a fun new twist on some classic summer gear! Your beach attire will disappear at the end of the Starlight Soiree, but you'll be ready for fun on Lumen Isle's shores! Get on the dance floor, party on the shores, get a drink at the Tiki bar, or take a dip in the mountain hot springs - the night is yours! Our Starlight Soiree Hostesses will be on hand when you arrive by ship into Lumen Isle. They'll help you get on the guest list and even let you select a new hairstyle and choice headgear - all to get you ready for the night! They'll also record your name for the evening for a chance to win amazing prizes and participate in the Soiree's minigames! We also have our awesome Photo Selfie Booth this year, where you can take screenshot selfies with some of TalonRO's most beloved monsters and NPCs! One of the most exciting parts of the Starlight Soiree is a party unlike anything you've experienced! We'll be Live DJ'ing songs selected by you with our live streaming playlist! You'll be able to request the songs you want to hear ahead of time - and we'll be broadcasting those on our very own TalonRO Radio as well. At the very end of the night, we'll be crowning our Starlight King and Starlight Queen using the Hostesses guest list! Our drawing will be at random - but you could win a deluxe Starlight Costume Headgear, which is exclusive to the Starlight Soiree. These exclusive costumes can only be obtained once a year - and they're ultra rare! Will you be one of the lucky players who will take home these incredible costumes? There's only one way to win - and that's to attend the Starlight Soiree! We can't wait to see you at this year's Starlight Soiree event! Get ready for an unforgettable night of partying, music, prizes, and much more! Read on below to learn more about how to request your own songs and stream our TalonRO Radio music live during the event. We'll see you there! https://share.talonro.com/radio/ The TalonRO Starlight Soiree streams music through our dedicated TalonRO Radio. You'll need to access TalonRO Radio separately on the night of the Starlight Soiree to listen into our live streaming playlist. Accessing TalonRO Radio is easy! You can do it in three easy steps: 1. Open a Music Player of your choice. Follow the steps below for your choice of player: VLC Media Player iTunes Other Players 2. No matter what your music player is, enter in the following address to begin streaming TalonRO Radio: https://share.talonro.com/radio/ Streaming Radio Player -OR- https://talonro.com/radio.mp3 Direct for use with VLC / Media Player / Browser 3. Begin the Streaming! Listen in to all of the great selections from the TalonRO Community for this awesome Starlight Soiree party. Request a Song! Simply leave the name of the song that you'd like in a post in this thread - it's that easy! If possible, please also drop a link for the song (such as a YouTube video link) so we can check it out easily! We have two hours of songs to play, so feel free to request a song! We'll try and get it into the lineup.
  21. Hi-Ho TalonRO! We are an upcoming start-up PvM guild to chase away the baddies in the world of Midgard! the Firefly Parade. We started in early 2015, but now we live in 2016. Because finally yay for updates to the first post xD) "We are looking for social, active awesome people that love making new pals and going on rigorously death-defying adventures with pikachu-like humor and hercules-like tenacity... we aim to be the ones that all others fear.. The level 99, ultra-godlike, masterchef-quality, Balrog-slaying, Puppy-petting, Pokemon masters... of all the galaxy. ..and if that doesn't work, we can always go to culvert and step on some thief bugs. " WHAT ARE FIREFLIES? Fireflies make people smile just a little bit more, each time one of em' blinks its little glowing butt across the sky. As young kids, we once saw the world as a place of fun, laughter and craziness. Here at FFP, we want you to remember the good times of playing around, having less of a care about worldly stress and drama. We're an awkwardly social, but lovable bunch that goes on yolo trails, derps around and gets infatuated with a life consumed by blissful wanderlust. So fly high and always be that fun, weird, happy soul that your friends probably tease, but actually love deep inside haha. WHERE YOU CAN SPOT A FIRELFY "After weird attempts at hive-spotting, we've finally settled in at our comfy new guild "home". You can find most of our members in Ayothata City, at the upper right corner, beside the ole Mr.Repairman, who Yuki has been courting for decades. RULEBOOK OF THE GLOW WORMS 1. Of course, no begging, ever. Sorry XD We teach something about fishing, rather than eating fish? or whatever yuki said. 2. Everyone must be treated equally as the loveable bunnies that they are. No discrimination, bullying or bad stuff. Some people love others too much XD and its entertaining though. 3. Always be a good citizen of the server. If you're not, then bye-bye. Follow the server rules and be a good helpful buddy. 4. Give us some kind of head's up for extended absences (1 week or longer), so we know who to ask souvenirs from.. when you get back from your luxurious vacation. 5. Help out and be a pal! Everyone is welcome to start small party adventures. Just post a guild-wide chat. 6. Have an account here on our website. Really, it'll help coordinate our future tea parties with dark lord. 7. Do not under any circumstances, be afraid of poking a fellow guildmember. But just the friendly poke, not the one using a VVS firelance. 8. Notify any officer if you'd like to get a promotion? Haha, we will always welcome new leaders if they're kind, fun and good at making waffles. 9. Keep it PG! We have members from all walks of life, so always remember to play nice. GUILD ACTIVITIES TO COME Obviously, we will also have planned outings and adventures to the usual vacation beach spots.. like Juperos, Thors and Abbey. But additionally, we plan to have small party excursions to hunt down those annoying boss baddies that have been plaguing the world since about.. oh say.. ten years ago more or less. This is a guild of small parties! where anyone can start and lead a field excursion! Weekend Endless Tower Raids Random Weeknight Party Runs. Everywhere. Eccentric Stuff like a Truth or Truth Tea Party with Your Pets.. XD MVP Hunts to Your Favorite Loveable Boss Buddies. This is for everyone who doesn't wanna wait too long to go have an adventure with new people! We will also go on ET runs, randomly when people are available and motivated by the thirst to get pawned by Naght Sieger. Open to all classes, of all species. Apply today at our website. http://www.fireflyparade.shivtr.com/ look for our GL: Yasuhiro Nakamura , or the guild officers: exeltrix , Nazu , High Templar Ethros , K o r i k o Because those are people are people are people. And maybe once in a blue moon, the paper ghost may show up xD - The ever elusive, Kaye Lightfield
  22. 13/07/2016 update: The guild is now closed. Thank you to everyone for the journey, and see you in the next chapter! Check the website for more information. Emblem: Hometown: Amatsu Website: aeon-tro.shivtr.com Guild Leader: Erma [Erminator/Ermablitz] Co-Leaders: Sinshine | Kiwee Spoiler Erma: Okay guys, recruitment thread. Tell me who we are.Mickz ~: Mickz is hereKiwee: We are a fun-loving PvM pervy guild looking for fresh meat.Kiwee: You can tweak that.Albrekka Starbright: We enjoy watching young, fresh players being violently murdered by Ifrit, Valk and Beelz.Albrekka Starbright: Preferred champ for SS so we can watch them get beaten upKiwee: We MAY laugh at your pixel death.Albrekka Starbright: Chance of laughter is tied to card drop rateKiwee: Mention smartassery is a plus. Omniphobia: They will fall for usOmniphobia: And be trapped Albrekka Starbright: Also we haze. Aeon was founded on April 3rd 2015 by myself, Sinshine and Panda-. Before then, we were officers in another Amatsu guild, but unfortunately, with the GLs inactive and what we could do for the guild was limited. Eventually we left and began Aeon, taking a few friends along with us. We have been growing as a social and PvE guild ever since. Panda- has left our ranks since, but it's good to remember where we came from. ~ P.S. We were foolish enough to promote Kiwee and two others. She has since disposed of their bodies in a shallow grave. Send hel- Aeon has grown from a humble group to community that has been a home to well over 100 people in the year-and-a-bit we've been around. As a PvM guild we have enjoyed plenty of regular activities together: between our ETs we'd fill our time with Seals, Sealed Shrine, Jupe Core, Thor 3, Bio 3, HBQ, GMC parties, MVP hunts and so on. Although we are shifting our focus to social rather than PvM due to leaders' availability, we hope to carry on many of these activities given our members' interest and initiative. We have a thriving website, Discord and WhatsApp group that helps our members stay involved even when there is less time for RO, we love Cards Against Humanity, and are all over the latest Jackbox Games craze. Although gear and experience are great assets, what we care about first and foremost is how you'd fit within our family. Spoiler Recruitment: OPEN! Our current timezone split: Please note that we do try our best to accommodate everyone o/ Poll from October 2015. To join us, please apply on our website. After that contact Erma, Sinshine or Jenn on TalonRO's or Aeon's Discord for a chat!
  23. Hello everyone, I search a PvM Guild for do some ET, Waves, GMC and others things. Thx for reading Edit :closed