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Found 66 results

  1. SuperBlueberry

    CAR BOOT SALE! S> SN gears and others

    Selling the following. Super Novice set: - Scouter [Pharaoh] +9 Novice Breastplate [Garm] +9 Novice Breastplate [RSX 0806] +9 Novice Breastplate [Pasana] +7 Novice Breastplate [Marc] +7 Novice Breastplate [Angeling] +4 Novice Breastplate [Bathory] +9 Novice Shield [Alice] +9 Novice Shield [Golden Thief Bug] +9 Novice Shield [1] +7 Novice Shield [Tirfing] +4 Blade of Angel [Dracula, Dracula, Dracula] Beloved Bapho Jr. Egg (+1 Def) Miscellaneous: - Dragon Manteau [1] - Sold for 4.8 mil Muffler [1] +10 Rod [Doppelganger, Doppelganger, Doppelganger, Drake] +9 Lich's Bone Wand [Hydra, Hydra] +8 Dark Thorn Staff Kris [1] [MDEF+4, MDEF+3] Glove [Zerom] Glove [Zerom] +4 Formal Suit [Bathory] [DEF+4] +7 Luna Kaleet [Santa Poring, Santa Poring, Minorous] +7 Veteran Hammer [Hydra, Hydra] +5 Western Outlaw [Skeleton Worker, Skeleton Worker] +4 Odin's Blessing [Swordfish] Injured Eyepatch [Orc Hero] +4 Vidar's Boots Bradium Brooch [1] - Sold for 1.5 mil +4 Sprint Mail [Evil Druid] [INT+2] +4 Sprint Mail [Porcellio] [STR+3] Ramen Hat +4 Hood [Frilldora] +7 Bradium Shield [Tirfing] +4 Survivor's Manteau +4 Skin of Ventoss [Noxious] +7 Hood [Dragon Tail] +5 Valkrja's Manteau [Deviling] Pirate Dagger +7 Stone Buckler [Medusa] Blush [Mistress] +9 Battle Fork [4] +5 Guard [Golden Thief Bug] +9 Crossbow [3] +4 Valkyrja's Shield [Alice] Robo Eye - Sold for 4 mil. +4 Silk Robe [Ghostring] [MDEF+4] +4 Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [RSX 0806] - Sold for 24.5 mil. Jaguar Hat [1] Phantom Mask [Bloody Knight] Glasses [1] Magical Booster [Vesper] Nile Rose [Creamy] 2,030 Old Purple Box Arrow of Counter Evil Emperium Jewel Cutter - Sold for 10 mil. 571 Oridecon 257 Flame Heart - Sold all for 2,570,000 z. 1,676 Tongue 8 Piece of Darkness 646 465 Coral Reef - Sold 181 for 450k. 3,033 Slingshot 780 Strong Branch 620 Needle Pack 568 Bat Cage 476 Straw Basket 3 Gemstone 2 Peridot 53 Three-Headed Dragon's Head 176 Yellow Bijou 9 Rough Red Gem - Sold all for 1,350,000z. 6 Good Red Gem - Sold all for 1.2 mil. 3 Perfect Red Gem - Sold all for 1.05 mil. 1 Perfect Blue Gem - Sold for 2 mil. 15 10 Rough Yellow Gem - Sold 5 for 7.5 mil. 10 5 Good Yellow Gem - Sold 5 for 9 mil. 1 Perfect Yellow Gem 15 Rough Green Gem - Sold all for 2.25 mil. 7 Good Green Gem - Sold all for 1.4 mil. 6 Perfect Green Gem - Sold all for 2.1 mil. 72 Poison Bottle 21 Old Dracula's Mix (15% more Job Exp for 30 mins) 6 Immortal Stew 1 Hwergelmir's Tonic 53 Royal Cooking Kit 226 Old Blue Box 4 Rotten Fish Post here or send a message if you are interested in purchasing any of the above. No trades.
  2. What's a good card to put in Evangelist for FS HP? Can't decided yet whether DDD or 3Drac Is DDD any good in FS build? Heal buff faster? And does 3Drac matter a lot? Or luxury?
  3. Arvanix

    Arvano's Niff SQI Incredients Store

    Hello guys, here you can find my selling list. I usually have those items in bulk so feel free to ask me for your desired amount and we can negotiate a price. If you need some special items like cards or mufflers i normally have them as well, so just leave a message on the forum or pm me ingame if you need anything related to niff IGNs: Arvanix 900z ea Armor Piece of Dullahan 1k ea Helm of Dullahan 900z eaRed Muffler 4.5k ea Needle Packet 800z eaEctoplasm 5.5k ea Spool 2k ea Wooden Gnarl 5.5k ea Pumpkin Lantern 1k ea Hung Doll 900z ea Broken Needle
  4. So I've been using SOM NNN since I first got it, it's ok, but I wanna get into the more expensive and, in my opinion, more reliable DDD camp. A friend of mine told me to forget DDD and get 3x Gold Queen Scaraba Cards instead. Hearing about it's effects versus Doppelganger, I am wondering why it isn't more popular, and am more reluctant to buy, ,so I'm asking here. Can anyone who has used both card combinations discuss the differences of the 2 card combinations? Like: I know there is a 3% damage redux from GQS, but can that be felt? What about the 3% mdef bypass? I hear there is a limit of some kind on the number of actions you can do in this server, and that limit actually favors the slower GQS vs the DDD, basically saying that the ASPD from DDD is overkill, I don't quite understand this, can someone explain? For context, I mostly do mid-tier MVPs with parties/ solo MVPs and unres ET, if that factors into whether you think I should get one or the other. ----------------- EDIT: It's been 2 months and I have tried both DDD and GGG now, click here to see my verdict on both weapons. TL;DR - get a SOM DDG instead. EDIT 2: After reading even more reactions and inputs, I made a little testing about how ping affects your true ASPD. Apparently, higher ASPD is always better, and you should aim for higher ASPD. Get a SOM DDD all the way, as it currently is, Gold Queen Scaraba is just too underpowered and there is no reason to sacrifice that much true ASPD.
  5. vincent6165

    Megs for assasin

    I'm kind of new to this server and done so research on the forum. But I found out that the discription shows that the STR bonuses of megs don't apply on sin. Is that means I only entitled for MDEF for megs? And one more question, does it worth having it ? Thanks for the help, arigato.
  6. lioyo

    S>Artemis (Ak, Ak, Ak)

    Artemis (Ak, Ak, Ak) +12 Hit FS (Gloom) Leave offers here or IGN "Detroit"
  7. tradlgb

    B> Scouter [1] or carded offer me

    offer your Scouter by reply or mail me IGN : lRebelionl <- l is letter L
  8. lioyo

    B> Artemis Bow Ingredients

    1 x Rudra Bow[0] 1 x Ballista[0] 1 x Bow Thimble[0] 1 x Morrigane's Belt[0] 1 x Safety Ring[0] 1 x Arrow of Counter Evil 1 x Breeze Card 1 x Essence of Hunter IGN "Detroit", pm or mail me or leave your offer here.
  9. Aardappel

    S>SQI (Mjol+EG)

    S> Mjolnir [DBSn] 165m SOLD Electric Guitar [Qs3x] 155m or leave offers/trades! 😀 (to low will be ignored)
  10. ZeBrasil

    Pergunta Sobre SQI quest

    Pergunta de noob mesmo, mas o que raios são sqi ingredients que aparecem em alguns itens ? é algum tipo de quest ? e se for o que ela da ?
  11. Rainy

    S> Sherwood [TTTh]

    Sherwood TG TG Thana up for grabs 225m or ur best offer. Can PM ingame Farmtoys
  12. jimixist

    B>sherwood bow ttth

    Pm or email ~jimixist~ 240m
  13. breno94

    Opinion needed!!!

    Hi guys, got sherwood[TTTh] celebs, dragon set, sleip,LKH, stormy mid. I'd like to know which bonuses for the bow should I get. I'm sure about DEX(1) DEX(2). But, even without DEXs bonuses nor +40atk or even any bonus I can 2-hit succ or inc. So, I was thinking about getting the +30 flee bonus and 20% melee reduction since I'll be still able to 2-hit any of the mobs. Those are really good for other kinds of farming I guess What u guys think??? THX
  14. Aardappel


    T> my TomeOfYmir [DDD] to your TomeOfYmir[Drac3x] Thanks in advance
  15. bibbohotdog

    S/T> TTTD Twin Fang ☻CLOSED☻

    PM offers
  16. SailsJS


    TRADE > my Sherwood [TTTh] to your BRIS[OSIRIS]/ BRIS[STING] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. badong2190


    S> Brisingamen (Ifrit), mail your offers to my IGN: Tsugumi Seishiro. Thanks! Need Zeny, no to trades please! Up
  18. breno94

    Help on BoA cards

    Hi guys, I really want a +4 BoA but as I walk towards the light something occured to me: What cards should I put in it???? Got for you 2 builds here with all the Equips I can get. Build 1: The little vampire:https://calc.talonro.com/?caubLbLbsbKaba1abagAbaawpeaTaQcMaaipha9aaaaaahkaawjeDukeQclirgwfjgZvsaavsaaehheaokakaakakbaabaabkkaaaaaaaabaaab9aaaaHaaaabaNaRaTaL Build 2: The "If I get a Valky helm (and 2 ifrit briss) Ima CRITICALLY f*** u up":https://calc.talonro.com/?caubLbLbsbKaba1abagAbaawpeaQfnfnaaipha9aaaaaahkaawjeDukeQclirgwfjgZvsaavsaaehheaokakaakakbaabaabkkaaaaaaaabaaab9bkaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaabaNaRaTaL So the main difference between both is that the first one is a AoA build, which is pretty cool when there r more mobs on me and I've people doing it. The second build, getting a valky helm [gryphon], would do a huge DPS on succ and inc, perhaps even exchange some STR points to DEX... BUUUUTTTT I can only target one at a time =/ And I've also seen this build been done. The questions are: 1) Which BoA is the most "basic" and by that I mean "able to farm EVERYWHERE" not only in geffenia? 2) If by any means I get sick of farming, which BoA would be the least pain in the ass to resell? Hope to hear some cool and detailed answers THX IN ADVANCE PRETTY PEOPLE!!
  19. Ophi

    S/T> Nibel [Clean]

    Message me your offer please.
  20. Lieca


    S> Artemis bow clean. PM reasonable offer Can pm me here or mail me in-game: -Lieca- Thank you <3
  21. breno94

    way to the top?

    Hi guys, I was wondering how do people get so filthy rich? I mean, I play for like 1,5 year (with some breaks) and spend all my life savings and got celebs, kaho, GEC sleip and artemis (besides the deviling garnment and bathory bla bla) and that's it. That's all I have, and now on my sniper. How do people get the other SQIs like briss or valk helm?? each briss ifrit is like 250m... Is there a faster way besides farming like bot??? I used to go a lot to mob races, but between my last "pause" on the game and now something changed there and the delay between races is a lot bigger.
  22. Hi, Im trading my EG[TTH or 3AK] to Nibel[TTT/TTH/TTQ] or Suiken[3AK,TTT] will add zenny. Djiin, Meg, Valk Helm[Gryphon/BK] is also cool..ill add zenny if needed. or if you have other offers, Feel free to mail or message me. IGN: Killer Clown Thanks!
  23. Velskud

    Trade 2 Megingjards

    Hi guys, i want to trade my 2 megingjards for 1 artemis bow + cash, private msg me the offers or mail in.game to... IGN: Zanafer Thanks.
  24. offer ur best price.. please be honest, newbie here thank you
  25. Selling Survivor's Rod[1] which is used as the SQI ingredient in making Ghostdancer Staff[3] Vending currently at 10m