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Found 58 results

  1. ZeBrasil

    Pergunta Sobre SQI quest

    Pergunta de noob mesmo, mas o que raios são sqi ingredients que aparecem em alguns itens ? é algum tipo de quest ? e se for o que ela da ?
  2. bibbohotdog

    S/T> TTTD Twin Fang ☻CLOSED☻

    PM offers
  3. Lieca


    S> Artemis bow clean. PM reasonable offer Can pm me here or mail me in-game: -Lieca- Thank you <3
  4. Aardappel


    T> my TomeOfYmir [DDD] to your TomeOfYmir[Drac3x] Thanks in advance
  5. jimixist

    B>sherwood bow ttth

    Pm or email ~jimixist~ 240m
  6. Rainy

    S> Sherwood [TTTh]

    Sherwood TG TG Thana up for grabs 225m or ur best offer. Can PM ingame Farmtoys
  7. breno94

    Help on BoA cards

    Hi guys, I really want a +4 BoA but as I walk towards the light something occured to me: What cards should I put in it???? Got for you 2 builds here with all the Equips I can get. Build 1: The little vampire:https://calc.talonro.com/?caubLbLbsbKaba1abagAbaawpeaTaQcMaaipha9aaaaaahkaawjeDukeQclirgwfjgZvsaavsaaehheaokakaakakbaabaabkkaaaaaaaabaaab9aaaaHaaaabaNaRaTaL Build 2: The "If I get a Valky helm (and 2 ifrit briss) Ima CRITICALLY f*** u up":https://calc.talonro.com/?caubLbLbsbKaba1abagAbaawpeaQfnfnaaipha9aaaaaahkaawjeDukeQclirgwfjgZvsaavsaaehheaokakaakakbaabaabkkaaaaaaaabaaab9bkaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaabaNaRaTaL So the main difference between both is that the first one is a AoA build, which is pretty cool when there r more mobs on me and I've people doing it. The second build, getting a valky helm [gryphon], would do a huge DPS on succ and inc, perhaps even exchange some STR points to DEX... BUUUUTTTT I can only target one at a time =/ And I've also seen this build been done. The questions are: 1) Which BoA is the most "basic" and by that I mean "able to farm EVERYWHERE" not only in geffenia? 2) If by any means I get sick of farming, which BoA would be the least pain in the ass to resell? Hope to hear some cool and detailed answers THX IN ADVANCE PRETTY PEOPLE!!
  8. SailsJS


    TRADE > my Sherwood [TTTh] to your BRIS[OSIRIS]/ BRIS[STING] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Ophi

    S/T> Nibel [Clean]

    Message me your offer please.
  10. badong2190


    S> Brisingamen (Ifrit), mail your offers to my IGN: Tsugumi Seishiro. Thanks! Need Zeny, no to trades please! Up
  11. breno94

    Opinion needed!!!

    Hi guys, got sherwood[TTTh] celebs, dragon set, sleip,LKH, stormy mid. I'd like to know which bonuses for the bow should I get. I'm sure about DEX(1) DEX(2). But, even without DEXs bonuses nor +40atk or even any bonus I can 2-hit succ or inc. So, I was thinking about getting the +30 flee bonus and 20% melee reduction since I'll be still able to 2-hit any of the mobs. Those are really good for other kinds of farming I guess What u guys think??? THX
  12. Hi, Im trading my EG[TTH or 3AK] to Nibel[TTT/TTH/TTQ] or Suiken[3AK,TTT] will add zenny. Djiin, Meg, Valk Helm[Gryphon/BK] is also cool..ill add zenny if needed. or if you have other offers, Feel free to mail or message me. IGN: Killer Clown Thanks!
  13. AngelicaMae0212 ~ Pammy ~

    Pammys Buying Store

    Pam is in need of the Following i need Many as in bulk as possible Armor Silk Robe Vit3/ Mdef4 / Int 4 Garments Manteau [1] - Wool Scarf [1] - Muffler - Skin Of Ventos - Drag Manteau - Naght Seiger Manteau - Shield Orleans Server Stone Buckler Platinum Shield Guard If Your Have Overups Of the Following Naght Seiger Manteau Orleans Server Bunny Sleipers
  14. Hmn.. title basically says it all. Other trades also welcome, but less preferred. no hurry ^.^
  15. offer ur best price.. please be honest, newbie here thank you
  16. Selling Survivor's Rod[1] which is used as the SQI ingredient in making Ghostdancer Staff[3] Vending currently at 10m
  17. BigSquishyPoring

    S> Stuff

    S> Hira Shurikat [DDD] Magical Booster [Vesper] 2x Celebration Ring Cold Breath
  18. Velskud

    Trade 2 Megingjards

    Hi guys, i want to trade my 2 megingjards for 1 artemis bow + cash, private msg me the offers or mail in.game to... IGN: Zanafer Thanks.
  19. A lot of people have had been asking about this Lion Pet of mine, so here it is. (See attached screenshot) Actually, it is one of the drops of Manegering Box (Much like an OBB except with only random pets inside.) from the rare poring, Manegering; The orc-like poring mini-boss that wanders in random maps in Midgard. Don't ask me why is it so expensive. Obviously, it's a rare drop much like PFC/SeraphWingHelm from the Pro Summer Box, except people can't farm manegering box easily. Gotta find those orc porings first. I only accept SQI Items + Zeny. (for Lion Pet) No costumes, please. Hira Shuricat[3] (clean) price is still negotiable. No BS Offers. Respect. Thanks. :partyparrot:
  20. breno94

    way to the top?

    Hi guys, I was wondering how do people get so filthy rich? I mean, I play for like 1,5 year (with some breaks) and spend all my life savings and got celebs, kaho, GEC sleip and artemis (besides the deviling garnment and bathory bla bla) and that's it. That's all I have, and now on my sniper. How do people get the other SQIs like briss or valk helm?? each briss ifrit is like 250m... Is there a faster way besides farming like bot??? I used to go a lot to mob races, but between my last "pause" on the game and now something changed there and the delay between races is a lot bigger.
  21. Yamamiko

    S/T> Mjolnir SOLD (CLOSED)

    Hello, I'm selling my +4Mjolnir [DoppelBaphoBlank]. Selling price is 140m. PM me here or mail [Genso] Hakkai. Accepting trades to 2x Celebs + 58m Thanks for looking.
  22. trade with clean+20m/hell poodle+10m reply here or mail me ingame; "B I O" edit: done
  23. bubu101088

    Bubu's Buying Stall

    Hi guys, let me post my new wishlist - +7 Kaho - +7 Sleipnir [1] - Odin Bless [1] [def+4] - +8-9 Magni's Cap [1] - +8-9 Manteau [1] - +8-9 Stone Buckler [1] - Kris +6 def - Raw blue gems You can also contact me by mail, IGN Prince Bubu, Irojiro, Bandrek Cheers ! /beer
  24. SailsJS


    S> SHERWOOD BOW DTT DOP tur tur PM me or mail IGN: Irish Zero IGN: MukhangPera
  25. Kamui

    Kamui's EQ Shop

    Mail or PM me in-game @ Icy Kamui for Offers Or send me a message here since I can't log in much. I'll be crossing out the items below that have been sold! Thanks! THE MORE YOU BUY THE MORE DISCOUNT YOU GET The more you buy. The more discount you'll get.