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Found 23 results

  1. Scopefield

    PvP Tournament

    Hello TalonRO Peepz! I will be hosting a PvP Tournament Best-of-Class on 2-16-19 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Time). Location: Private PvP Room (Spectators welcome) About the tournament: First we will have each class will play 1 v 1 until we have one who beats all from the same class. The winner will be Best-of-Class. This will happen for all the classes. Once we have a Best-of-Class player for each class, there will be a final elimination round* for those who are Best-of-Class! The winner of this will be the PvP Champion. *The final round depends on the classes we will have available at the time of the tournament (To be fair with other classes). Rules: - No health consumables (cwp, cakes, etc.) - No pre-buffs. - MVP Items are allowed (Sorry vanilla players!) Prizes: 1) Each Best-of-Class champion will receive 5 TC. 2) The PvP Champion will receive 20 TC and a Very Rare Costume. Lets make this happen people! Leave IGN and class here for participation. **Note: If a GM can help me out with this (PvP Map) to avoid spectators from attacking each other will be nice! If not its all good we can use a !duel map...
  2. Assassin Cross Guide in Geffenia V 3.0 UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 Requirements: Triple Client (i'ts easy don't panic ) Bonus Bundle Stalker w/ Level 5 Compulsion Discount ( because every 1z counts ) Married Soul Linker ( Kaahi, Kaizel ) Merchant w/ Level 10 Overcharge Priest with just Level 10 Blessing Use Stalker to purchase your consumables: Grapes: 150z Empty Bottle: 4z (Grape Juice making totals 157z) Fly wing: 45z Butterfly Wing: 225z Target per 6 minutes Kaahi: 30+ Mastela Fruits 15+ Rings 30+ White Herbs 30+ Blue Potion Gameplay 1: This is how I play inside Geffenia Park your Soul Linker and a low level Priest at Geffen City Throw the Lament to the fountain until it opens the warp; Kaizel > Kaahi > Bless then rapidly press enter your SinX to enter geffenia Fly wing - Steal - if 1 Succubus/Incubus - Soul Breaker- Look around map w/out walking, DON'T BACKSLIDE - Fly wing Fly wing - Steal - if 2 or 3 Succubus/Incubus Steal - if mobbed, steal atleast 1 or 2 - Meteor Assault 3x - Look around~~ Fly wing If Kaahi runs out, still try to tele and hunt incubi/succubi ( best is to steal if you can or if not possible, spam Meteor Assault ) until you die and re-spawn because of Kaizel then warp back to town. PS: With 4minutes Blessing, you are 150 DEX and it is almost you are Instant Steal, this boosted my income today! ~ Faster Steal ~ Faster Skill; Soul Breaker and Meteor Assault are Instant Casts Computations: Merchant Over Charge to NPC (white herbs to buying shops at geffen @ 600z each) Gameplay 2: This is how I play inside Geffenia ALT 1 = !return (instant tele back home Geffen City) ALT 2 = !identifyall (to identify all loots before storing them to kafra) Throw Lament to fountain, hit enter until the last chat box before you are getting warp Buffs ,bless-agi, Kaahi Kaizel now Hit enter on your assassin. if you land on any map that is NOT, i repeat NOT gefenia02 (most popular map with bridge and safe spot), use ALT 1 to fly back home enter the portal until u reach the correct map. Why you'll do this? instead of walking or using fly wing, for me, this is a lot faster, although some of you might say " meh you can still encounter buses along the way so it is even " well, i guess it is personal preference then hahaha anyway, both game play will work so it is for you to try it out Earnings: 30 Mastela Fruits x 5270z = 158,100z 15 Rings x 17000 (Let's say average is 17,000z only because we can't tell if it's diamond, gold or silver; so this will be higher if you are lucky to get many diamond rings) = 255,000z 30 White Herbs x 600 (don't sell lower than 600z, there are brewers opening a shop there at geffen buying 600z each, so save your white herbs if there is no one buying @ 600z ) = 18,000z 30 Blue Potion x 3,100 = 93,000z Total : 524,100 per 6mins Kaahi run 1 hour = 60 minutes 60/6 = 10 524,100 x 10 = Gross Income : 5,241,000z Expenses: Per Kaahi run you will be needing 100 Fly wing x 45 = 4,500z 200 Grape Juices x 157z = 31,400z 1 Butterfly Wing x 225z = 225z type or put in Macro ( ALT 1 in my case ) !return (it is free butterfly wing or tele to come back home) FREE!!! 960z Doctor's Heal HP and SP x 10 = 9600 Having Bonus Bundle , Doctor heals your HP and SP for FREE!!! Total: 35,900z 35,900 x 10 runs (for 1 hour total estimation) = 359,000z NET INCOME: 5,241,000z - 359,000z NET INCOME = 4,882,000 zeny Further details and explanations: These Calculations were updated and based on my experience as SinX in geffenia with the addition of Blessing. Updated today March 22, 2017 Net income may be higher, I just use the MOST amount of comsumables you will use inside the geffenia per 6 mins kaahi run. ( but i only use 80 fly wings per 6 min kaahi run ) Computations for Gross Income may be higher too if you are so lucky that for every tele you make you will land in 2 to 3 or more incubi/succubi ( and if you got ring[1] and Diamond Ring ) And yes I calculate my Income by using this 6mins Kaahi x 10 to make a total of 60mins/1 hr run inside geffenia. Time used in transferring items to Kafra are not considered in this post. For Reference, these are my Equipments on my Level 96/64 Sinx and with the Addition of Blessing from a Priest +4 Lord Kaho's Horn STR+ 1 Mid [Marduk Card] Immune to Silence Chewing Gum +4 Formal Suit DEX+ 3 +4 Excalibur Fighting Spirit 6 and 5 [ATK 26 and HIT 10] +4 Ice pick Fighting Spirit 5 Double [ATK 24 and HIT 10] +4 Proxy Skin Fragment [Deviling Card] +4 Sleipnir [Eddga Card] 2x Celebration Ring Stats: STR: 99+49 DEX: 99+51 ( So your MA and SBK are ICs ) ATK: 659+56 HIT: 266 FLEE: 165 LUK: 2+27 ASPD: 139 DEF: 34+13 Subtract 10 points to the BOLD numbers after 4minutes when Blessing will run out. I'm still not 99 and I still have some bonus stats when I reach max level. I hope you find this post interesting and gave you an information on how sinxs work inside geffenia. If you have any suggestions or new ideas, please feel free to comment down below PS: Yeah I use Eddga card instead of GEC card, why? Because it is easier to pick up loots; and even if you have GEC card you will still spam your Grape Juice DAAAAAAAAAANG IT MINI DEMONS!!! And if you find GEC more useful, use it or just use which card on shoes you are comfortable with. (Gameplay if GEC Shoes is to backslide in/out to the loots if you are being overmobbed) As for Stats if you want to have INT for SBK, lower your STR or maybe try 70+ to 80+ as long as STR is divisible by 10 and the excess points, put it in INT. ( they say you can 1 hit SBK incu/succu even without BK, maybe it is because of putting INT. Either way, both methods, set ups will work ) Assassin Cross Guide in Geffenia V3.0 UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
  3. FishWash

    SG Stalkers at Thor?

    I’ve seen some Stalkers using Plagiarized Storm Gust to kill Kasas at Thor, anyone know what kind of build they’re using? Seems like they have instacast, too. I assume they’re using a Bazerald and Kaho’s. Is it possible to do this with low level gears?
  4. SailsJS


    TRADE > my Sherwood [TTTh] to your BRIS[OSIRIS]/ BRIS[STING] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. breno94

    Opinion needed!!!

    Hi guys, got sherwood[TTTh] celebs, dragon set, sleip,LKH, stormy mid. I'd like to know which bonuses for the bow should I get. I'm sure about DEX(1) DEX(2). But, even without DEXs bonuses nor +40atk or even any bonus I can 2-hit succ or inc. So, I was thinking about getting the +30 flee bonus and 20% melee reduction since I'll be still able to 2-hit any of the mobs. Those are really good for other kinds of farming I guess What u guys think??? THX
  6. jimixist

    B>sherwood bow ttth

    Pm or email ~jimixist~ 240m
  7. breno94

    No kaahi, doable???

    I'm not sure about you guys, but i farmed in geffenia for three days then i quited for good because opening many game windows, buffing, logging out etc etc.. was an enormous pain in the ass. But, as i'm chassing after some nice new decent gears, money rules and no better place to make some real quick then geffenia. So i'm looking for an idea, more like a build, that keeps the profit high and does not need you to rebuff every 3 mins or so (besides the pain in the ass to get back to the safe spot). As I'm not a pro-player (played like for a year or so) I'm really thinking about 2 Hell poodle cards. would it be doable? is there another option? Just to keep you guys in mind I'm pretending this on my stalker with aspergio (copied skill, for those who don't play long enough) and GEC card, which would pretty sure hold my SP for hiding or back slide, and on an eventual emergency (god, hate those bitc*** when they do that) I'd have some sparring GJs (grape juices), but leaving the job for my GEC. So, can 2x Hell Poodles + some meat hold my ass there long enought?? anyone tried it already? THX
  8. kodur

    Stalker Basic Gears for Odin

    Hello, all. I would like to be an effective party member at Odin with my 87/50 Stalker. I am wondering what would be some suitable gear for my party members to be happy with me? I have an ice pick[0]. Is that a good choice for weapon? What would be better? Any cards that would be of great help? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Anyone please lend me a guide on geffania farming and mavka farming using stalker.
  10. Hello guys this is my first guide and i wanna contribute something to this forum please be gentle with me I found one article about using this technique here but i'm gonna make my own using pictures to make it more understandable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First, you gotta have your stalker and your own priest or hp its up to you with Aspersio lvl 5 park your priest in hidden temple while your stalker wanders into the odin temple. Type !duel yourchar on your priest character to make things a bit faster. Next, you need to go and locate Frus. Frus has the undead attribute change skill so go and auto attack them. I didn't use anything here as an example only attacking with damascus. You keep attacking them until that buff on the right appears. You will notice that your char will turn slightly green and you gotta butter wing back and tp to hidden temple. Duel you stalker with priest/hp and cast aspersio. Don't forget that sweet holy water. Done! So thats all guys hope you understand well and good luck!
  11. breno94

    Geffenia faming w/ IP[1]

    Hi guys, after some time... I came with the enough budget to afford an IP[1] with either turtle general or doppelganger. The thing is, I'm farming quite alright at the moment without the need of any buffer slave using HoB + thorn[holdre] combo + bradium brooch (both acessories with hell poodle) + IP[0] + LKH + str mid [bloody] + dragon combo [bathory and devi] and GEC shoes. I wanted to invest my money to farm faster and with less troubles, but I'm too far from getting the sherwood + upgrades and it took me a nice time to get with like 110m... till the 215 for the sherwood, it d take too long. so why not invest the money to farm faster and then re-sell the IP[1] + money and get the sherwood? seemed like a nice idea... but, I'd like some opinions about which one should I aim for, so here are my options: doppel + aspersio: https://calc.talonro.com/?caCbLbibmbGaubgababKbabjXeaQaaaaaalnehHaaaaaahkaawifZuktlcltogwfkgZtwh9lZh9aeagaikkaaaaaaaaabaaab9aaaaHaaaaa Turtle + Bowing Bash: https://calc.talonro.com/?caCbLbibmbGaubgababEbabjXefnaaaaaalnehHaaaaaahkaawifZuktlcltogwfkgZtwh9lZh9aeagaikkaaaaaaabokaaab9aaaaHaaaaa My first thought is about the time per kill, so the IP[turtle] seems to be the best, but there's a problem involving the "steal chances" since I'm kinda low on dex (as I'm not bow type) but the doppel build would make me auto-steal and permit me farm more comfortably... so, do my builds suck? should I retire myself from ragnarok? LOL hope to get some cool ideas! thx everyone, and have a nice week y'all!!! =D
  12. I just now learned that once I hit stalker I can use BB even while wielding a bow instead of a dagger, and I'd like to ask some stuff about this. What's the range? I mean, do I have to be right next to the mob or can it be distant? Depending on what I hunt (and budget) would levelling to 99 (at 93 at time of posting this) be easier on my rogue if I replace DS with BB? I don't have enough skill points as second class to max both plagirism and double strafe, so it has to be one or the other. I assume this idea would be very mob specific since I don't have preserve.
  13. They Call Me Yuki

    B>Stalker Gears

    Buying: Sherwood Bow TTTh Dragon Vest [+3% ASPD] PM Offer Thanks! ^^
  14. sebot

    B>SQi Upgrades Services [Stalker]

    Hii im Looking For SQI Upgrade Bonus For my Stalker 5 Dex(1): 640 Festival Mask 5 Dex(2): 176 Pinafore 75 ATK: 64 Key of Underground 980 Fig Leaf 30 Flee: 540 Poisonous Toad Skin PM me ur Offer Thanks~~
  15. Muy buenas a todos Hoy les invito a conocer mi Blog, Un blog orientado al RO Guías Varias tanto Pvp como otras especialidades!! Espero les gusten mis guías, esto es solo el principio ya que estaré preparando muchas más que seguramenten les gustarán!! Guide Ragnarok By Spionw http://spionw-ragnarokonline-guias-pvp-menu.blogspot.com/ Espero el apoyo de la comunidad es este nuevo proyecto los Quieeeeetesitos! Las Actualizaciones las ire informando por Aca! Saludos a todos y cuidense!!!
  16. BurgerSteak

    Geffenia Slave Parking. Outside or Inside

    Hi! As we all see, Weight carrying is the problem for Sherwood type users. I've read somewhere in forums that for sherwood users, the standard (or minimum) you have to earn per hour is 4m. Assuming that all the conditions like smooth gameplay, less farmers, player gameplay or anything that might favor you in farming is met. But, is it possible to earn 4m or more with only weight capacity of 3800? In this page: according to one of Naght's comments in page 2, you could always go back to town and transfer white herbs and mastelas. With a carrying capacity of 3800, the question would be, 1.) Is it best to park slaves outside of geffenia? so after transfering stuffs, just go inside and continue farming on the map I'm on? 2.) Park slaves in geffenia 02, farm, when overweight, go back to town, go inside till you get to geffenia 02 Or 3.) maintain carrying capacity that could last for 30 min and having slaves parked in geffenia 02. This is the method I am currently using. With a weight capacity of 4350. ( I use berserk pots as my timer ) but I can only muster up an average of 2.8m ~ 3.2m per hour. Its rare that I get to reach 3.5m and above. Here are my current equips: Head Top: LKH Head Mid: Int with BK card (went with Int because I liked the design of Magical booster) Armor: Thief clothes 3% aspd Bathory Garment: Skin of ventoss Deviling Footgear: Sleip GEC Accesory: Bradium brooch yoyo Accesory: Bradium brooch creamy Weapon: Sherwood TTTh (Atk, Dex, Dex, Flee) Slaves: Soul L. (Kaahi, Kaizel, Sou link), Priest (Bless) Am also leeching my priest. Whenever a mob attacks it, I cast Sanctuary for it to survive and kill buses so I guess multi tasking affects also my farming income. What do you guys think? Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. 8)
  17. jasonkyo

    S> Thief/Rogue/Stalker Item and Cards

    Selling of this Items can still bid price. Equipments Thief Clothes [1] [+3% ASPD] - 5m +4 Ninja Suit -5m Shinobi Sash - 100k Cards Demon Pungus Card - 4m Sleeper Card - 100k High Orc Card - 120k If I'm online and you are too. PM: Boy Golden
  18. serrebi456

    Dagger Stalker for PvM & PvP

    Hey guys, so I made an assassin and managed to get it to 99 yesterday. I made a sinx today, but upon finding out how expensive poison bottles are and just playing the character overall, I decided I'd rather play a stalker. I have decided to play dagger style, although the SQI item for stalkers is a bow. I was just wondering for a BB oriented build, what's a general purpose weapon to use (other than ice pick for high def monsters) for pvm. I have an endow slave so elements should for the most part be taken care of. I was thinking TTT Mes? Or Maybe TTQscaraba Mes? And for PVP, could the same weapon be used in theory? Or would a combat knife be better suited for pvp? Thanks for your help! Stalker is so much fun and there's so many builds to choose from A sword might be a better idea. But the biggest problem I've run into is that I don't know what weapon to use to get non neutral element. Any tips?
  19. breno94

    S> geffenia stalker farmer gears

    S> Hob and bradium brooch [hell poodle on both] + +4 thorn shield [holdremilin] + +4 IP (ice pick) [doppel] the whole set for 185m (OPEN FOR NEGOTIATIONS) + a FREE thief clothes [1] (AGI +3) (of course, only if you buy the whole set) pm: (in game) "Energia livre de Gibbs" OR answer this topic with your in game char name other info: I'll be in a "alt+C" chat room in prontera selling the gears ======= MORE INFOS ======= Build I used: https://calc.talonro.com/?caCbLbibmbGaubgababKbabjXeaQaaaaaalnehHaaaaaahkaawifZuktlcltogwfjgZtwh9lZh9aeagaikkkaaaaaaaabaaab9aaaaHaaaaa Copied skill: Aspersio (How? go to odin temple, without bathory equiped, and start running from a frus until it casts on you Undead Attribute Change [Lv 2]; next step needs to be done really quick: use B-wing and get as fast as possible to hidden temple, where your priest/HP will already be waiting for you to duel your stalker. Type de @duel comands really fast on both game windows and cast aspersio on your stalker (he needs to still be green and take a damage). Then it's done =D use preserve and you got yourself aspersio [lvl 5] copied without the need to spend $$$ on and ED armor Supplies: As I do breaks, I usually take 2 beserk pots, 300 meats, 15~20 holy waters, 40~50 green pots (silence and blind botters xD) and 50 GJs (in case incubus suck your SP) BTW: if it does, I usually use 1 or 2 GJ just enough to back slide from the crowd after I killed it. Almost forgot: Fly wings are important if u get stuck on a crowd (if no succubus or incubus r there, otherwise, use intimidate) How it worked: Simply auto attack until death. Take damage, use a meat. Tip: don't use the "noctrl" config cause u click on other mobs contantly and it really makes your life complicated. I love back sliding and as I don't have sleipnir if I use Chase walk those little bastards will catch me LOL. When a succ or inc is in the middle of a crowd use intimidate to get to another spot (god, I love that skill). I auto-steal most of the mobs, but with practice I figured out a "timing" in which if I didn't still I spam the skill myself (but didn't ocoured too often). PROS OF MY BUILD: - I dont need any slaves (linker nor HP); - I can farm without any interruptions (example: If I need to go back to the safe spot every 3~4 mins to re-link and rebuff) I just count my time with my beserk pots (30 mins duration); - I don't spend much with suplies (meat with Discount is 39 zeny each, if I'm not wrong); btw: 300 meats keep me inside for 1 hour or a bit less. - Less confussion when using skills (only back sliding, intimidate, meat, green pot, GJs and rarelly a fly wing); CONS OF MY BUILD: - Need to restock every beserk pot; (put the loots in kafra, get more beserk pot, more HW, green pots, GJs etc.... the usual); INCOME ("per run" = 1 beserk pot = 30 mins) : marstellas (110~120), blue pots (60~70), accessories (35~50 pieces), white herbs (not so important for me, 60+); Btw: My income relies on: my "will to farm", how crowded is the map and luck) THX guys
  20. Hi Guys, I'm looking to have some change in my stalker gameplay as I used to farm at sleeper using IP, and sherwood is just way too expensive for my current state. I find bow stalker a lot more flexible and independent since it can easily switch elements, making it not only specific monster killer and after some readings as playing with calc the best bow i can(not) get is Catapult [2]. Need some enlightenment here guys, thanks!
  21. Karumalan

    *SOLD*S>>Basic Stalker Geffenia Gear

    +4 Ice pick N. Kaho +4 Deviling Dragon Manteau +4 Evil Dragon Vest 2x Glove [Sting] Willing to trade to basic vamp smith gears (e.g.) +7 OA DBSnSn + stuff leave offers here or pm PlumpTomato/Karumalan
  22. Hi guys, Skedar here! I try to use the search with this topic but i have no sucess... im new on this server and i have a Stalker (lv72/36) and want to play with a future Creator (for the first time!) So im NAKED and want some gears! ahaha for now forget about the LKH, i will make the quest in the future. (maybe) So, i have 30 TCs, NO equips. What is the best gear i can buy in the Guru in a GENERAL, using the TC and still better than buying the SAME item with zeny's/quests ?? Because, srly...i dont understand why a lot of itens in guru is more expensive in TC oO so because that im asking what is the best TC ITEM to buy, and if have any o_o Sry for my english, im not so good to write txts, but i understand everything perfectly. thx guys!
  23. newcommer

    aspersio stalker need some help

    stalker 99/69 my gears are: LKH Str mid BK Gangster scarf ip[0] platinum shield Dvest (bathory) +3% atk speed Dmant (deviling) gec shoes 2x Celeb rings baby jaguar pet (3% atk speed) my attack speed is 185 or 187(with blessing and agi) i farm in geffenia and only earning 2.2-2.6m per hour.. sometimes 3m if i got lucky with rings ( i did not include the time spent on transferring rings to storage ) sometimes i use a priest slave park at geffenia for buffs every 3 minutes.. about my farming rate..is this ok for an aspersio type? now i have enough zeny to buy IP[doppel] but i cant decide if i really need it.. will it boost my farming rate if i reach 190aspd? i already read some topics in this forum..but still maybe i need some new opinions from active players enlighten me with your suggestions thank you