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Found 43 results

  1. Super League (of Win) WoE 01/21/18

    Quality kinda iffy, watch in 1080p. Small clips of WoE, enjoy!
  2. PvP | Updates and More

    As 2018 comes to a close, our community has many wonderful things to celebrate - but there are also opportunities where we're looking forward to doing better. One of these areas is a renewed focus on our PvP-related content on TalonRO, which we're kicking off today. Although we are proud of all that 2017 has brought in our tenth anniversary, we know that our work in PvP, Battlegrounds, and WoE has a lot of catching up to do, and that our development and energy around PvP has not caught up in the same way. Achieving a high-quality experience in PvP, BG, and WoE takes effort, expertise, and a strong desire to get it right. Moreover, we want to take an honest reflection and simply say this: we're committed to building out a better PvP experience, and have listened to your feedback with the aim of making our PvP content as rich, robust, and dynamic as every other aspect of gameplay. Behind the scenes, we've been working to build muscle in PvP gameplay, hiring a new and expert round of Gamemasters who will lead the Battle Initiative - a collaborative, comprehensive effort dedicated to bringing a holistic PvP offering we know many in the community have been waiting to experience. PvP, WoE, and Battlegrounds are indeed special aspects of the RO experience - offering some of the most fun, action-packed, and dynamic challenges which this beloved game has to offer. We also know this is a journey that we can't do without you - and your feedback will be invaluable going forward. Our goal is to build an experience which is worthy of being part of TalonRO - and it's our pleasure to highlight some of the areas we've been working on, and what we're looking forward to bringing you in early 2018! Battlegrounds has been in high demand from the community - and we're committed to bringing it back and doing it right! This new experience starts with our new Battlegrounds Beta: a community-driven test of our newest Battlegrounds experience. Moreover, we're inviting you to help shape the experience directly - with a closed beta test of our new Battlegrounds! If you've been waiting for BG to return to TalonRO, now is your time to help us test drive our latest innovations and solutions. Your feedback and participation will be essential to unveiling a wonderful new BG mode of gameplay! Battlegrounds Closed Beta Join us for a beta test of our newest Battlegrounds innovations! Your feedback and participation will help shape TalonRO's Battlegrounds in a hands-on, direct way! Sign up at our Battlegrounds Closed Beta area, where your skills and experiences will influence BG on TalonRO! Please be an experienced Battlegrounds participant - meaning that you are familiar with how Battlegrounds works / operates, how to form teams, modes of gameplay, etc. Please also have PvP and/or Battlegrounds equipment at the ready on your character to ensure proper participation. Once enough players have signed up, our Closed BG Beta will be ready in mid-January 2018. Official details will come in January for those participants, making a release of Battlegrounds among our top priorities. If you're looking forward to BG's return, we need your help in testing! Volunteer and we'll send instructions in January 2018! Events on TalonRO are ready to get a proper PvP treatment as well - and our Event team is coordinating with our experts in the Battle side of the house to offer some fun, new additions to our live in-game event lineup! One of our first offerings is the new Rumble Madness event: a free-for-all PvP event where the last player standing will emerge victorious. This event is already in our Event lineup, and we're looking forward to bringing you even more PvP-oriented events in 2018, mixing the action up with our other event offerings in-game for all to enjoy! PvP In-Game Events Join us in-game for the new Rumble Madness event! This free-for-all PvP event pits players against one another, where the last player standing will win! Our offering for this event occurs weekly on different days at a variety of timezone offerings to accommodate many different players. Our Battle GMs have already been hosting this event live in-game - and we hope that you'll enjoy a round or two sometime! Anyone is welcome to participate - though possessing both proper gear and knowledge are a helpful plus! Both Vanilla and Unrestricted modes are offered on this event, as well as 2v2 modes in final rounds of event gameplay. Be on the lookout for this event through in-game announcements, as well as announcements on our TalonRO Discord channel! More live in-game events are scheduled and being planned in 2018 as a collaborative effort between our Event and Battle Gamemasters. We'd also love to hear your input and suggestions for these teams on fun ideas that you'd like to see offered for PvP events as well! Talon Trials is our upcoming new 1v1 PvP tournament, and we're excited to be bringing this out of development and into a live offering in early 2018! Current plans for this special event include live streaming and commentating, along with challenging twists and precise rules aimed at drawing out only some of the most elite and promising PvP players among the community! Moreover with the introduction of Talon Trials, we're pleased to unveil the development of new, precise PvP-oriented maps - designed to optimize battle and improve the PvP experience! We're looking forward to improving current layouts and providing new, intricate, and more challenging layouts for all skill levels of PvP. Talon Trials Be on the lookout for the new Talon Trials 1v1 event! This new tournament offering is in development, and will present a variety of planned features, such as: Live streaming and commentating of matches Exciting prizes (as always!) New, custom maps designed to provide intricate and challenging layouts for match play - such as a sample of the map for match play below! War of Emperium on TalonRO has been undergoing months of careful planning, feedback, and development - and the Battle Initiative team is putting the icing on this enormous cake with a variety of enhancements to the War of Emperium framework. Plans in this space go well beyond castle rotations and different modes of WoE: new plans include making the performance of guilds count in the WoE ecosystem, rankings, social and tangible impacts inside of WoE - regardless of whether or not a guild manages to keep a castle, and much more. This offering is one of our most advance undertakings yet, and represents the start of a journey to make War of Emperium shine. We'll need your help to get this right, but expect that these developments will represent a major part of our behind the scenes efforts in the upcoming year. War of Emperium We're adding a variety of enhancements to the WoE framework, including making guild performance matter - both socially and tangibly. Be on the lookout for beta testing of this new WoE offering to come as soon as February or March, with full implementation of the new WoE system planned for Spring of 2018! These additions will accompany a whole new ecosystem of changes, including in-game frameworks and related touchpoints all throughout TalonRO's many offerings. Finally, we recognize that PvP thrives on robust conversation and competition, as well as knowledge sharing to help get players who are new to this mode of gameplay interested and up to speed on how to participate! We know that not everyone on TalonRO knows how to participate in PvP, and so the addition of our new PvP subforum is designed to harness the best that PvP has to offer - including spaces for guides, questions, recruitment, video sharing, discussion, feedback, and much more! We know that there's no better indicator of success than community involvement and participation - and we're pleased to offer this new space that's already up and running! We hope that you'll participate to help create the PvP experience we've all been waiting for! PvP Discussion Join the battle in TalonRO's new PvP subforum! This exciting new section features space for discussion, guide creation, recruitment, videos, and much more. This subforum is alive and well and waiting for you! Get started by visiting the subforum feature at the link below: We know these additions are just the start - and that they have been a long time coming! We also know that we're far from done, but that these efforts represent the start of a renewed focus to make PvP content every bit as robust and dynamic as all of TalonRO can be. We're looking forward to shaping the experience we all know PvP can be together - and we're grateful for your support, encouragement, suggestions, and energy. As always, and with sincere excitement - happy gaming!
  3. Tomyum NT WoE Dec 17 2017

    Fresh from the scene Yah i know it's not good yet But we will !
  4. Tomyum Guild NT WoE [we're back]

    Hi i am Viggy i am Tomyum GL We come back after a year break ( went to XXX official server ) We do - Non_trans WoE every Wed 9.45pm and Sunday 8.45am ( Server time - @time ) - First come back = Dec 17 2017 morning [ Teamspeak3 program for communication ] - Biolab 3 Party the main schedule is every Wednesday 12.00-18.00 server time ( you need to be at least level 95 non tran / or 90 tran to Enter 3rd floor ) We offer - Free Glastheim Churhyard / Niff Leech for our member ( lvl 84+ ) those who join at least 1 NT WoE with us, The leeching time is Everyday 16.00 - 18.00 except Tuesday and Wednesday I am off - You will be in my youtube Video and you will forever remembered XD The WoE Video can be found in youtube channel name " Fleetingfur Vigoss " The WoE will be posted here and in PVP Video topic if you are interested please pm me IGN " D n Y " or come to Yuno city 30 min before WoE time. Let's have fun !!
  5. Wanderer Non-trans WoE Dec 6 2017

    Hello I am Viggy Today i joined Wanderer guild for tonight Non-trans WoE After many push Crimson cap at last 5 min then there is a solo breaker cap at last 40 second ... and then here come the Last second Break Well played ! Crimson and Wanderer
  6. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    Wanderer As inspired by the wandering person, who often travel from town to town, country to country, making new acquaintance and gaining new knowledge on their journey. Thus, we creating this guild for those who love to learn new thing, making new friend and also do something more dynamic and challenging in order to enhance their creativity in-game or IRL in overcome problem and hard time by taking a way out from the mainstream. We are a small guild which have a big mission. We are not for those weak ass who always negativity like "i'm newbie, i should stay with newbie", "I might loss, i might have hard time getting beat over and over. Thus, i should stay with big and strong guild". As long as you have enthusiasm to learn, to developed and to improve from time to time you are welcome to join us. We will show our hand and will bring you up as we still developing, learn and try to grow strong together. As a wanderer, giving up is not an option. To be a wanderer you have to stay strong, stay tough even you are alone. Doesn't matter either it is on in-game or in real life. Our Focus We are most focusing on: -NT-WoE -Instance -Vanilla PvM -Semi/High-end PvM -Social Requirement to join us To avoid some whinny ass weak and annoying spoiled brat. thus we put some requirement on what we going to take as the member of our guild. -Dare to accept and try new challenge (either its Unres PvM/Vanilla PvM/PvP/GvG) -Non-Love to brag about sqi and gear they have 24 hours (i have met this kind of person few time) - Have a good team spirit and good coordination (if u dont have the 2nd one, we can work on it) -Have the right gear for right situation (it not necessarily sqi, just the right gear for right situation.EX: u wont run prontera seal with a HP who wear spiritual set and apple of archer right? but its okay as long you willing to improvise) What server time that you will usually Online: Basically the GM online 24 hours but most of the time we will play on 0900 server time - 2000 server time Where we can meet you guys/Where your savepoint: Most of us scattered around midgard, but our guild save point will be in town which will be change on monthly basis. (u might be lucky to encountered us) December: Brasilis Screen Shot Guild Activities NT-WoE
  7. Trans Vanilla WoE for Beginners

    Hi, my name is Adit and i'm a returning player. Mainly for trans WoE Vanilla scene. Despite our guild is small (Ignite) I'm happy that we still attract new people to WoE (Indonesian in this case). This got me thinking, I'm sure there are still some PVM players that haven't try WoE ever and when they ask something, they don't get answer that they wanted regarding class/ budget/ or role because it might be confusing (FE vs SE, Vanilla vs Unress). So, if you're new to trans woe vanilla but already a PVM player I'm sure that you have at least on of these classes: HP - Creator - HW - Sniper. The key thing is if you're just starting out, play support. Don't dream to be the one that will be the hero by breaking the emperium last minute and see your name on the screen or become the godly dd creator that will 2-3 shots high vit character within 1 secs (bragi: on). Just... Support. Once you get the hang of it you won't read this guide anymore, so let's get started: Gears: Top : Beret or Feather Beret = 50k-2m Mid : None or Mid[1] with Nightmare Card= 0-7m Lower : Whatever you have = 0 Body : Universal armor with Marc Card or Evil druid Card = 5-7m Weap : None = 0 Shield : Universal shield with Horn Card or Thara Frog Card = 1.5-7m Garment : Wool Scarf with Noxious Card = 7-9m Shoes : Tidal Shoes with Green Ferus = 4-6m Accessories : None or 2pcs Glove [0] or Glove [1] with Zerom Card = 0-10m (wasn't sure about glove zerom price atm I put 5m ea) Whatever you can put really. Total = 17.6m - 48m There you have it. I think this can be a bare minimum to join a trans woe vanilla. With a minimum of 17.6m investment you can have the gears that can be shared among those classes that I mentioned (HP - Creator - HW - Sniper). Bought the gears, how about the build? You'll aim to have: 99 base Dex (not including the bonus) 97 total Vit rest to Agi What do I do, you ask? HP : Follow your team around, give them Bless and Inc. Agi, especially Bless, because your team's front liners might be dispelled 24/7. For extra reduction, can also use Long Mace (~2m). Creator : SPP. You'll be the main healer. Press Slim Potion Pitcher like there's no tomorrow, your guild leader will love you. FS HW : Ganbantein. To be honest, HW isn't my strong suit, I never have one so I'm not 100%, but I guess your role will be Ganbantein the 1 vit classes (usually front liners) and do occasional Storm Gust. Sniper : You need to buy something more for this, Earthen Bow (~500k) & Plankton Card (optional ~5m) and equip stone arrow and arrow shower like there's no tomorrow and don't forget to detect hiding enemies. You'll be causing damage, sleep and stone curse to the enemy stack. Whenever you're not in your group, equip your shield and hide the bow. What about consumables? Yes, this is indeed important. Generally you'll need to buy whatever Foods that can increase your stats for 20 mins like Green Salad for Dex + 5. You will need about 500 Piece of Cake or Strawberry minimum, depending on your class. If you're SPP Creator? Bring 500-1k CWP minimum. Depending on your game play and how active you are that amount might change. Is that it? Pretty much, yeah!! Not so hard, eh? I hope this post will encourage new people that want to do trans vanilla WoE but afraid or shy to ask question. For guild leaders, if you have new player(s) and they're really new at WoE, please don't discourage them, maybe you can direct them to this post and they'll learn something and we can have the WoE scene we always dreamed for Did I miss anything? Please comment below
  8. 10th August 2017 17th August 2017 Enjoy
  9. Illusion Guild

    Wir sind die Gilde Illusion WIr spielten schon auf euRo zusammen und das jahre lang. Nun hatte ich die Idee auf Talon nochmal anzufangen und möchte hier gern unsere alte Gilde nochmals aufbauen. Es sind ein paar alte mitgekommen und ein paar neue von diesem Server sind auch schon dabei. Wir stehen für Spaß, Kameradschaft, Kommunikation, Zerstümmeln und Action. Ob du neu bist Level1 mit 10 Zeny oder ein Endgame Spieler, keiner wird hier zu kurz kommen. Jeder hilft jedem und dabei vergessen wir nie den Humor. Kann schonmal Lachflashs geben wa ;P Sobald wir die nötigen Spieler, wie auch Equip, haben wollen wir uns natürlich auch am richtigen Spielgeschehen beteiligen. WoE MvP Raids ET und rumblödeln wo es nur geht. Es wird sicherlich keiner bereuen es mal zu probieren. Jeder wird hier fündig werden. Info am Rande wir nutzen Teampseak 3 habe mitbekommen das Discord wohl die Zukunft ist aber vorerst wird es bei TS 3 bleiben Solltest du nun Lust bekommen haben einer deutschen Gemeinde zu joinen die was erreichen will und Spaß dabei hat melde dich einfach. INGAME bei "Bapholord" "Duked" "Dukes" meist anzutreffen zwischen 16 bis 23Uhr Gilden Spot wie auf dem Banner zu sehen :3 im Forum Illusion oder einfach hier per PN/MAIL Video um auf den Geschmack zu kommen Illusion Promo
  10. Hello everyone, This will work as an introduction/lf guild topic and I'll try to be as pragmatic as possible :D. "We" are a group of 8 players, most of us veteran in Ragnarok (10 years), after a long break we decided to join a Ragnarok server and we ended up here. We are all from Portugal and on 25-29 age range, all with full time jobs so you can consider us as casual players =). We started few weeks ago and we got the "must have" gear mostly covered. We are looking for PvM/Vanilla WoE/BGs/Non-Trans WoE Guilds. Contact in-game: Wyvex Our classes: High Priest High Priest Paladin High WIzard Sniper Lord Knight Gypsy Clown ----- Regarding the Non-Trans WoE subject, we are focusing on main char gears for now, soon I'll update here the classes we are making for those scenarios, so basicaly this is a dual recruit post, since we will also want a guild to play non trans WoE. Note: Due to our location, the WoE schedules on this server are really hard to attend for us (at Wednesday is impossible), so we can only attend to Saturday WoEs.
  11. Greetings everyone! We are recruiting anyone interested in participating in Unrestricted WoE on Wednesdays at 18:00 server time. All classes are appreciated, should you be extremely well geared or not. Our objective is to introduce more people into WoE, expand our gameplay abilities, make new friends in the process, and respect our fellow WoE goers. Interested players should download Discord for WoE purposes. Either apply via the Guild Directory or look for myself in-game or one of my fellow commanders for invitations. We look forward to your application and attendance.
  12. Mark of the Elite

    WoE: Unres SE Save Point: Yuno We are a WoE dedicated guild that enjoys the game at it's core in all facets of gameplay, and seek to constantly push the boundaries of game mechanics, strategies, and tactics. Recruitment: [Currently 17/20: 3 Slots Open!] Applications Available at Website: http://mote.shivtr.com/ Guild History: Times change, people change, very few remain. We've all done what we could in our own ways to carry on ideals we felt were important to us. This story is one of many, and while it features faces old and new, the War remains the same, and ideals carried through.
  13. ⚡ The Elements ⚡ 5-28-17

    We were slightly outnumbered but we gave it a shot
  14. As the title suggests, I'm building a crusader purely for WoE purposes, as I already have a paladin and it's great fun. I have no experience in either regular or vanilla woe with a paladin, but I would like to understand how the lower amount of skill points affects the job, what else is there to do besides devotion soaking, how to survive a gunslinger? Gear? Main set, whether it's battleground-farmable (I have Faith we'll get those again) Any weird switch gears i have to have including weapons, accessories. If the knowledge you offer is about paladins, it's fine, I'll figure out what the next best non-trans version of the gear is. What skill builds are viable for woe? Defender/riding: y/n? How can I deviate from this: Sword Mastery Level 10 Increase Recuperative Power Level 10 Bash Level 5 Provoke Level 10 Magnum Break Level 4 Endure Level 10 Moving HP Recovery Level 1 Quest Skill Fatal Blow Level 1 Quest Skill Auto Berserk Level 1 Quest Skill Faith Level 10 Auto Guard Level 10 Shield Charge Level 5 Shield Boomerang Level 3 Reflect Shield Level 5 Holy Cross Level 6 Grand Cross Level 4 Devotion Level 5 Defender Level 1 Shrink Level 1 Quest Skill How should i balance my stats- is str important at all? 97 vit? Am i a backup healer? Leveling is a non-issue And uh. Is it fun?
  15. ⚡ The Elements ⚡ 5-3-17

    Those death cards though
  16. ⚡ The Elements ⚡ 4-29-17

    Made a brief video with the limited clips I had (since I kept accidentally recording on my dual client). The three of us ran around killing people again. It was fun!
  17. Greetings! Summer Solstice bids you a warm welcome! Summer Solstice is part of the Seasons family of guilds that concentrates on Unrestricted WoE: SE combat. What is Unrestricted WoE, you ask? It's TalonRO's WoE mode that lets you play with your hard earned Kahos, and SQIs. April 15, 2017 - Happy Easter! For more of our WoE Videos, please check THIS THREAD out. We are currently OPEN for recruitment. Please go HERE for the list of classes that we need and to apply. We can also be found in the guild directory, HERE. Thank you for your interest. Cheers!
  18. Spring Equinox, WoE: FE Guild

    Welcome to Spring Equinox. e·qui·nox /ˈekwəˌnäks,ˈēkwəˌnäks/ the time or date (twice each year) at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length We are the other half of the Seasons family of guilds. Spring is focused on the Wednesday (0500-0600 PM GMT +1) War of Emperium: First Edition (WoE:FE). Spring Equinox is devoted to Vanilla WoE: FE. The guild makes no distinction on whether you are new to WoE or not, but we expect our members to be loyal, committed and self motivated. If you are interested in joining us, please don't hesitate to check out the Recruitment area of this thread. Spring Officers: Dale, Ityan, and Odan Save Point: Amatsu Recruitment is currently: OPEN We're currently looking for: Gypsy Sniper Devo Paladin FS HW Apply HERE. Check out our Guild Directory entry, HERE. Spring Equinox in Action: August 2, 2017 - The One Where the Green Bio Was Really Late For our WoE video archive, please check THIS THREAD. Much love to the amazing and lovely @jessu for the banners.
  19. Red Alert Guild (WoE/PvE)

    Red Alert guild welcomes you on TalonRO server! We are WoE and Social oriented guild founded 2014 year. Some piece of our schedule: WoE FE: 05:00 PM ST Wednesday WoE SE: 04:00 AM ST Sunday ET: 08:00 PM ST Friday Wave Challenge: 08:00 PM ST everyday GMC: standard schedule later from 05:00 PM ST If you want to join us, please feel free to contact to IGN DevilNite or -Chronos-. Or you may find us at savepoint Jawaii.
  20. WoE Dojo - Ceasing all WoE Activities

    Respect ALL. Fear NONE WoE Dojo - WoE NT Guild (Desert Dojo WoE guild) Emblem: Save Point: Malangdo > Left side. Spawn Point: Malangdo > Right side (near Repair and Tool Dealer NPC) Recruitment Status: CLOSED WoE NT schedule: 15:45 Wednesday (servertime) - Hello! Yes WoE Dojo WANTS YOU! We have decided to join the fray in WoE NT. We are just starting out but have played WoE NT since January alongside Crimson X but the current WoE NT scene is becoming stale. So to give more fun and excitement, and a more competitive environment we have decided to go solo. This guild is separate from the main Desert Dojo guild thus is not mandatory for all the members of the main guild to join the WoE NT scene but would appreciate more firepower. We use Discord during WoE (not required but would help to follow commands/shots) and an attendance sheet for organize party setting. Now we need certain key classes to achieve complete victory. The following are what we need:
  21. Crimson X Dojo NT WOE 02/01/17

    Some brain fart moments lel. Result of not having enough sleep. xD Watch in HD! Enjoy! Peace
  22. TalonRO Winter Solstice Vanilla WoE FE 16-1 30-Nov-2016 TalonRO Winter Solstice Vanilla WoE FE 16-2 30-Nov-2016