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Selling Abbey Leecher Gears and Other Stuffs

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Just as the title contains, selling the ff items:

  • Tights [Dex+3][Gloom] = 44m or trade to (+4 Diablos Manteau [DEVILING] + 3m)
  • +5 Infiltrator = 3.3m
  • +7 Buckler [Teddy] = 12m
  • +7 Shackles = 2m
  • +10 Rope[4] = 1.6m
  • +7 Silver Shotel [1] = 1.5m
  • +5 Muscle Cutter [2xOrc Lady] = 2.4m




feel free to post or mail me in-game for your offers, my character's in-game name is: Full Metal Whitesmith

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updated price and items for sale

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