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Dingo-kun @ Dong

Guide on Low Budget Super Novice

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Yes i'll write about that next week because I'm busy at the moment, Thunderstorm build is low budget, Fire Bolt is kinda high budget, best to start with low first :D 

I'll explain why i choose these gears instead of those blablabla etc too

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NeoArtS    604
On 24/1/2016 at 11:43 PM, Dingo-kun @ Dong said:

I want to share this method to everyone on TalonRO that are interested of being a Super Novice !!

To be a Super Novice u have to be Base Lv 45 and Job Lv 10 as a Novice, by then u can talk to the Job Changer NPC and he will make u into a Super Novice

Pros and Cons ;

Pros :

  • All of the first class skills can be used by Super Novice.
  • U can be any role, Example: Bolter, Greeder ( Looting ), Support.
  • Can reach IC ( Instant Cast ) without dex gears and kaho. * Not for a Super Baby of course *
  • Cheap Gears already can made u look like a PRO.
  • When u level up each time, You'll receive buff stats. Example : Kyrie Eleison , Magnificat, Gloria, Suffragium, Impositio Manus

Cons :

  • Low HP & SP pool, Real Low !! This can be overcome by Gears and Cards.
  • People don't trust Super Novice on Party, So u could hardly be invited to join any Leveling/ Farming Party, So basically you are a Solo player. But I don't find this a problem !
  • Limited Gears, Most gear had the label of All Jobs except Novice, that novice include super novice so, You can't wear any gears the rest of the players are wearing, but they can't wears yours too :D 
  • The only job that needed Base Lv 45 to job change, leveling a Novice from base Lv1 to 45? HOoO without skills? yeah serious its kinda hard for newbie but it'll pay off !

I recommend new players to stay on Training Ground ( when u first created your char u start off there ), leveling until base at least 45 to be able to job change to Super Novice !


Let start off with GEARS !! LOW BUDGET ONE !!

  • Headgear : Super Novice Hat [1] ( Slotted is can only be bought from players for 100k ~ 150k or Dropped by Holden [1.5%] )

All stats +1

  • Recommended Card : Incubus Card  [ Price : 300k ~ 500k ]

INT - 3, Maximum SP + 150, SP Recovery - 20%
[+ Succubus]
INT + 4, SP Recovery + 30%

  • Middle : Cyclop's Eye [0] ( Can be equipped after being Soul Linked at Lv90 and above , applied to all headgear upper, mid or lower ) [ Price 300k ]

+50 SP

  • Lower : Iron Cain ( Can be equipped after being Soul Linked at Lv90 and above , applied to all headgear upper, mid or lower ) [ Price 20k ]

DEF 1 *Pretty nice to have def on a lower headgear*

  • Armor : Novice Breastplate ( Can be bought from NPC at Yuno )screenTalonRO010.thumb.jpg.e176dd7f2983f

Max HP + 2000

  • Recommended Card : Succubus Card [ Price 300k ~ 500k ]

VIT - 3, Maximum HP + 1000, HP Recovery - 20%
[+ Incubus]
VIT + 4, HP Recovery + 30%

  • Weapon : Hypnotist's Staff [2] ( Can be bought from players around price of 15k~50k , Dropped by Sandman and Sleeper [Both 0.15%] )

INT + 1, MATK + 25%

  • Recommended Card : 2 Necromancer Card [ Price 200k ]

[+ Rod-type weapon]
INT + 1, Add a 2% Magical Defense bypass.

  • Shield : Novice Shield [1] ( Can be bought from NPC at Ligthalzen )

Add a 20% resistance against property attacks (All except Neutral).

  • Recommended Card : Flame Skull Card [ Price 200k ] *This can save your life on most situation, no joke*

Add a 30% resistance against Stun, Curse, Blind, Stone Curse.
Add a chance of auto casting Stun, Curse, Blind, Stone Curse when the user receives Physical Damage.

  • Robe : Somber Novice Hood [0] ( You start of with this as a Novice, Unless u lost it? Can be bought from NPC at Prontera Upper Middle for 1 zeny oh goodie )
  • *This is basically using a Garment with Raydric Card on :P*

Increase resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 20%.
Impossible to refine this item.

  • Shoes : Novice Shoes [1] (Can be bought from NPC at Lighthalzen)

Maximum HP + 5%

  • Recommended Card : Eggyra ( Less than 100k ) hardly be found for sale.

SP Recovery + 15%

*No card is okay though*

  • Accessories : Novice Armlet [1] ( Can be bought from NPC at Prontera middle right building )  / Clip [1] ( Can be bought from player at 150k or dropped by Dragon Fly [90%]

Novice Armlet :  STR + 1, INT + 1, LUK + 1

Clip : Maximum SP + 10

  • Recommended Card : Siroma Card [Price 400k~600k]

Reduce Casting Time of Cold Bolt by 25%. Inflict 25% more damage with Cold Bolt.



Now to the Stats :

  • 99 Base DEX
  • 94 Base INT
  • 26 Base AGI

Why I choose AGI instead of VIT? Super Novice has low HP gain on VIT stats so i recommend to get AGI instead since Attention Concentrate *Skill* increase 12% AGI & DEX !!

Leveling to level 60 and Above :

Get Soul Strike 10 At least, then head to GHP or GHC and leveling until u got enough job levels.

Recommended to leveling until Lv75 Base and Lv70 Job.

Now Skill Build for Farming with these gears : The number means amount of skill point input on the skill, Red for must have skill, Blue for recommended amount of skill point that must be input to that skill.

  • Blessing 10 ( Increase STR, INT & DEX )
  • Owl's Eye 10 ( Increase DEX )
  • Attention Concentrade 10 ( Increase AGI & DEX )
  • Steal 10 ( To get extra loot from monsters )
  • Cold Bolt 10 ( Your only offensive skill, Its to match up with the Siroma Card )
  • Agi Up 10 ( Movement Speed and AGI )
  • Teleportation 2 ( For Maneuver purposes )
  • Heal 8 ( For Recovering your HP )
  • Increase Dodge 10 ( Increase FLEE for your survivability )
  • Enlarge Weight Limit 5 ( To Hold more item and loots )
  • Increase Spiritual Power 5 ( Recover SP , this skill helps u a lot since u have low SP pool )
  • Some other skills will be up for skill above to be unlocked, and the remaining points can be use up on skills as your needs.

Farming Spots : Farming Spots are your leveling spots :) 

  • Toy Factory F2 ( Myst Case ) Hunt cakes and chiqita box

Method for how to farm there:

  • Steal *Myst Case*  -> Cold Bolt . Heal yourself if necessary 
  • screenTalonRO253.jpg.2e300f6e6271eb772fcscreenTalonRO255.jpg.7ec2be86e76b8258692screenTalonRO268.jpg.97e4434a23b1a0bfeebscreenTalonRO272.jpg.d476b7045464a84e48d

Total Spending on Gearing Up = Around 3.5m

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________End of Part 1

Part 2 Stay tuned, Part 2 Decent Geared and Better Farming Spot for higher levels and Super Novice secrets.

Credit :

Tainaka Ritsu https://forum.talonro.com/profile/188050-tainaka-ritsu/ ( For helping and using her char as example, and the price check too )

Keanu Reaves ( In game name is Keanu Reaves, He was gone long time ago and he taught me the way to play Super Novice. So gonna credit him too )


abit sugestion for heal i think lvl 3 enough to make you survive because mage tipe (int) so with lvl 3 heal (min skill req for agi up) it heal around 700-800 (i think enough for survive- except you use heal as damage dealer skill like GH zombie) and you can save skill point for other skill (it mean save 5 more skill point), and for card alternatif you can try blue acidus card for hat and gold acidus card for shoes (usually gold acidus that many in market),

and for lower headgear you can use flu mask from morroc npc(some place hunt i found i got silence from monster)

and low lvl SN can use

firebolt + tele ready at geographer , muscipular monster (outside ice dungeon or north einbroch)

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Lamia    214

Quitted playing SN Q_Q

But, imma just share mine,

I lvl my SN at Sting as soon as having IC and Firebolt, no need IMP card, theyre weak and slow, then, anolian at lvl 85+ ish cant remember, mob and thunderstorm, all u need to change just hillwind card [Boost TS damage] for staff and scaraba card [5% MATK] for accessories!

Also get robo eye as well for MATK and DEX, if ur lucky u might have one from chiquita box at toy factory..

Scaraba card is bit rare tho, but its 1,2m max last time i checked it.


Btw, just bring some greenpot to cure silence, 40z each. xD It also cure some other sstat ailment.. 

Edited by Lamia

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Lamia    214

Well for me mobbing at ghc is slow, tele > tele > bolt sting > tele. Is much faster, rather thn gathering whole slow walker zombie/skeleton to TS them. Beside Sting gives more EXP and not bad drop as well. 

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NeoArtS    604
23 hours ago, Putotoy said:

very good guide. I managed to get my SuNo to 88 thanks to mercenary, you should add that for additional help for SuNo xD


yes merce really help in early start SN, beside suno have heal and buff to make sure your merce not die, i put that in my own guide for early start SN /heh and dingo said he will make another guide too maybe next guide


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kkroto01    187
On 1/24/2016 at 0:43 AM, Dingo-kun @ Dong said:

Tainaka Ritsu https://forum.talonro.com/profile/188050-tainaka-ritsu/ ( For helping and using her char as example, and the price check too )

I just noticed this now, I thought the talonro ritsu is a male?/gg

This guide is actually very tempting, easy to understand and newbie friendly too, with pictures and the likes. The only problem I am facing right now is connection instability, which affects my mobbing style. If I can't mob, I can't play properly, that's how I am. Besides, I want that +10 all stat no death bonus/fsh

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Tainaka Ritsu    457
34 minutes ago, kkroto01 said:

I just noticed this now, I thought the talonro ritsu is a male?/gg

Haha I can be anything you desire /fsh

But anyway, dong seems on break again, so the guide wasn't updated rip


Good luck with super novice guys~ o/

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Spharis    46
8 hours ago, sugar.sugar.top said:

how to get +51 dex?

99 dex + Improve Concentration + Owl's Eye + self-Bless is already 137. 13 is missing and you are still fully naked. You have many options.

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8 hours ago, Spharis said:

99 dex + Improve Concentration + Owl's Eye + self-Bless is already 137. 13 is missing and you are still fully naked. You have many options.

how to fill the 13 missing dex?i dont get it :mellow:

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howrah    811
1 hour ago, sugar.sugar.top said:

how to fill the 13 missing dex?i dont get it :mellow:

lets just focus on the +51

+5 - job bonus for having 99job lvl

+10 - owl eye

+10 - bless

+10 - no death bonus

+1 - super novice hat

+15 - improve concentration

= +51

I suppose that you didnt know about the "no death bonus" - you may want to check on this link:



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kkroto01    187
2 hours ago, sugar.sugar.top said:

how to fill the 13 missing dex?i dont get it :mellow:


you can use the setup howrah mentioned above, do note that the "no death bonus" applies to all stats if you have not died even once, this means you cannot YOLO those metaling at novice ground with fast dagger because there is a fair chance metaling will poke you to death, therefore negating the bonus for you. There is a way to reset the death count, but that involves a very complicated method, requiring a bit of patience and luck (not luk stat, your actual luck as player)

you can also use stem worm carded garment (hope i got the name right) and/or gargoyle carded footwear to increase your dex, sting carded acc helps too, drops carded weapon also works

more expensive gears including, but not limited to : Lord Kaho Horn, Brisingamen, any dex+3 armor, but since we are talking about low budget here, this last line can be ignored for now

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