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Screenshot Event!

GM Gemini

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(1)The roof is on fire /gg


(2) a combo, Winter is coming and a funny side effect *points at chat* (Hi Cherri /heh )


(3) laying on the top of Mt. Mjolnir. A warm, clear night, watching the stars


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Almost didn't make it to the deadline, but I'm joining in as well. :)


IGN - Cehack

1. Taking a page from Ging Freecss, time for some Mountception.


2. "G-Granny, I'll be going soon." "I know, my dear boy." "Y-You knew!?" "Don't make that face, lad. Though we may be apart, as long as we look at the stars and the moons I know we will never be alone."


3. Come and play the latest minigame craze for RO fans - Talon Run!    Evade monsters! Collect Jellopy and Talon Coins! Over 50+ stages to run in! Over 2000+ ways to customize your characters' looks. Come join the craze now...for Impossible is Nothing!



Finally, some non-entries of mine that I thought looked nice and wanted to share. :D


1. Judge Cehack laying down the law on criminals.


2. Solid Snake is looking through his Binoculars to scout out Midgard Camp before he infiltrates it.


3. Race your pets against others with TalonRO's newest igame - Talon Racer!  Capture over 150+ pets! Raise them and shower them with love! Play mini-games to earn coins to buy them gears and customize their looks!



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There are some wonderful screenshots in here to be sure - and a friendly reminder to all that the Screenshot Event ends this Sunday, February 14th at 3:00pm server time! Be sure to get in your screenshots while you can, and best of luck! /no1

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IGN: Enialis L


[ 1 ] : Gotta help that not-so innocent bard. /an



[ 2 ] : Starting a new adventure. /gawi



[ 3 ] : After more than a decade of RO, this was the very first time I killed those untouchable Hydras. /heh


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Still need time for that perfect shot.... but maybe those 3 will do /heh

IGN: Cueio

That moment when your heart stop beating.



A loyal soldier to the amatsu Lord



Chilling at the Casino (I bet my mother and lost)


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