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Doll Atelier ((CLOSED))

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2 hours ago, Lizz said:

Two headshots please

Welcome! Two headshots it is! Thank you very much /lv

I'm going to send you the form asap ^^

2 hours ago, Orchestra said:

Me one! o/

You've booked a slot, thank you so much for purchasing! I'll send you the form asap /ok

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16 minutes ago, N a y a said:

*put a tent to camp*

Hello Naya, and welcome! Thanks for visit ^^

I still have 1 slot left for the solo headshot, if you're interested.

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8 hours ago, Mr Pink Manatee said:

Hello, I would like to have the last slot please

Hello and welcome! Thank you for checking my post ^^

Sorry that it took a while--somehow I didn't receive any notif when someone contacted me here.. /swt

I will send you the form asap! Have a nice day~

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They're all so cute and I'm extremely jelly! Great job on drawing everyone and hope to see you open again in the future /slur 

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On 24/1/2017 at 2:22 PM, Sakura Miyu said:

They're all so cute and I'm extremely jelly! Great job on drawing everyone and hope to see you open again in the future /slur 


On 24/1/2017 at 3:59 PM, jessu said:

Thank you again @dforduchi /lv 


On 24/1/2017 at 4:14 PM, Bobito said:

Good shit right here 👌💯


On 25/1/2017 at 8:13 AM, Lizz said:

Thanks again.  /lv

Thank you, guys! I wouldn't have done these myself if it wasn't for you /lv

Stay healthy and have a nice day ^^

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  • Similar Content

    • By poporin
      ★ Hi and welcome to my lil art thread! 
      Hello art corner! I'm popo! I've only been playing for a while but after 37492 years of not playing I'm having tons of fun again! My love for for RO has been completely rekindled and I've decided to channel that into art because some good friends enabled and well, y not.
      That being said, I'd like to offer some art as well to help earn some zeny besides the usual farming method because oh god the hats and costumes are too cute there are so many of them and I Have A Need.
      Aside from that, I may occasionally put up some doodles every now and then 
      ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
      ★ Commissions ★
      Chibi flats: 10m / 10 TC  || couple: 20m / 20 TC
      Add-ons (homuncs, pets, mounts, etc.) : 1-5m depending on complexity
       * Lifs and humanoid pets are considered as separate charas.

      Chibi regular: 25m / 25 TC || couple: 50m / 50 TC
      Add-ons (homuncs, pets, mounts, etc.) : 5-10m depending on complexity
      * Lifs and humanoid pets are considered as separate charas.

      Busts : 30m / 30 TC 

      Sketches: PWYW, minimum 3m
      * Single chara only, B/W by default.

      Other: bribe/ask
      Have something else that you'd like for me to draw? You can send me a PM so we can discuss and work things out!
      ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
      ★ Details ★
      If interested, please reply, ping or PM me to reserve a slot! Once confirmed, please send me the following info:
      • IGN (for payment tracking)
      • Sprite/Art References:
      • Headgear/Gear References:
      • Eye Color:
      • Brief Personality/Preferred Expression:
      • Misc. details if any: (skin color, simple color bg, moles, etc.)
      Preferred method of payment is via mail to IGN Popokatipettle!

      ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
      ★ Notes & Guidelines★
      After I get your approval for a sketch, I usually proceed all the way until I finish the piece. I allow for minor edits for the finished commission, but if you would like WIPs for lining or any other part before I finish, please let me know! PWYW sketches are the exception; there will be no WIPs provided for those. Characters with armor or complicated gear, animals, mounts, and non-human pets are challenging for me, so I may take a little longer to finish, I hope you understand! Please keep this in mind if you want to commission charas from the swordie line, sinXes, or including walking costumes, pets and mounts!  I may skip turns and work on whatever I think is easiest for me to do. This is so I won't get stuck on a particular comm and possibly delay orders. Payments may be done in a mix of zeny, TC, and items!  Discord available! You may ask for it and I will add you there, but note that I might still see things faster via forum.  You may use the finished picture however you like, but please do not claim it as your own. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reply here or via PM! I don't bite I'm just a shy bean |・ω・`) ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
      ★ Wishlist / Art for Items ★
      Alternatively, these are items I'd love to own and would be willing to sell my soul draw art for! 
      If you wish to pay with things that aren't included here, I don't mind! We can try to work it out! 
      Actively looking for || high on wishlist
      ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
      ★ Slots ★
      1. Cassidy
      2. Seuta
      3. bassbuzz
      ★ Wait list ★
      If you would like to be added here while slots are full, let me know!
      - (closed)
      Thank you so much for reading! 
    • By fumiddition
      A R D I N D A ' S   (C) A R T
      i hope you like puns  my art tumblr (and mostly RO art) is @ fumiddition
        PSA: I'm still around, but very slow art-wise! If you'd like commission updates via discord, drop me a PM and I'll add you there ww
      Hello, art corner! My name is Fumi and my main IGN is Ardinda (feel free to use either or be as creative as you want). I used to play, draw and rp RO about a handful of years ago, but recently I've been Asura Strike'd right in the feels again and decided to creep back into it for good ol' nostalgia's sake and take my sweet time with it here. Plus, there are just too many beautiful costumes and I wish to own some of them, so here comes the birth of this teeny tiny commission shop with some art I can offer in return. Let's jump below! 
      C O M M I S S I O N
      if you're interested, sharp shoot me a reply (or a PM if you're shy because I'm shy too) and i'll get back to you with the details i need

      ► Half-body Solo: 40 mil zeny / 40 Talon Coins
      One character only ♪ Do take note that there will be an additional charge for an added weapon or pet 
      Full bodies are to be discussed via PM

      ► Half-body Duo: 100 mil zeny / 100 Talon Coins
      Two characters interacting! I am open to all romantic pairs (hetero / BL / GL) as well as friend / sibling / parent relationships
      P.S.: Biochemists / Alchemists with their Lifs will count as this type of commission

      ► Half body Party: Bribe / PM for info
      Prices are much different for group pictures depending on the number of characters and complexity, so please discuss with me privately!
      G U I D E L I N E S
      everything you need to know ♪
      I typically follow the game's official designs. Please mention if you'd like a specific change made to yours. Armor and animals are generally hard for me to draw, but I will do my berry best--  I accept zeny as payment, but you can opt to pay using Talon Coins (1 TC = 1 mil zeny) or a combination of items in my wish list below. You can also choose to mix and match. Full payment is required after you have confirmed the sketch. Please send payment to my Super Novice, IGN Ardinda or meet up with me in Eden Group. I mainly need references such as: screenshots, headgear IDs, eye colour and brief personality, but feel free to add others such as skin tone, scars, accessories, etc. You are free to use my art anywhere you want. I only ask to not claim it as your own or sell it. Credit would be wonderful, but not necessary. If there is anything you're unsure of, do ask! I will gladly clear any doubts for you. P.S. I absolutely welcome returning customers! I can't get enough of everyone's beautiful characters after all.  S L O T S   /   W A I T L I S T   /   S T A T U S
      these are not in order! i work on the ones that are easier on my hands first
      Slot #01  anon x 2 (50% - paid)     Slot #08  GM Luna x 1 (0%) Slot #02  Kisuka* x 5 (30% - paid)   Slot #09  Emi x 2 (0%) Slot #03  Orchestra x 9 (50% - paid)   Slot #10  ezpzDeej x 2 (50% - paid) Slot #04  Rense x 2 (50% - paid)   Slot #11  ------------------------------------- Slot #05  Cheron x 3 (0% - paid)   Slot #12  ------------------------------------- Slot #06  Sephyyy x 3 (70% - paid)   Slot #13  ------------------------------------- Slot #07  GM Gowther x 1 (70% - paid)   Slot #14  ------------------------------------- W I S H L I S T
      let me know if you'd like to trade any of these (or suggest something else!) for art because a girl can dream-- (this section is continuously updating)
       Love Feeling  Picnic Basket  Nidhogg Wig  Wrapping Ribbon  Sorcerer Hood Cat Ear Ribbon  Walking White Cat  Cat Ear Hat White  Rainbow Sigrun's Wings   Phalanx  Lady's Feather Hat  Choker  Stall of Angel  Heavenly Dark Flame  Red Vicious Aura  Vicious Aura  Snack Party   Lolita Two Side Up    Kururinpa Hair  Long Cat Ears  Pigtail Red Riding Hood  Eleanor Wig  Walking Shiba Inu #21273 Backside Bell #21235 Nine Tail Fox Hair                               C H A R A C T E R S
      my in-game handles! don't be afraid to say hi
      Ardinda Iyre Raehal Juddex Thank you so much for your time - I hope to update this thread casually with more RO art and meet more of you cool Leaf cats in-game~ 
    • By Scherie
      ☆ Hello, welcome to my art corner! ☆
      I'm Scherie, quite a new player (maybe you'll find me lurking in Payon, and Prontera for daily Betty) in TalonRO. I've been playing in this server for almost two months together with my wuvwuv forever game partner, SoraKHK, who's been the one busy with grinding to make living for both of us. And I thought, hey why don't I open an art thread so I can spend all of the money for costume to support both of us!
      And after the encouragement from him and our friends, I finally made one.
      I don't really draw in general, so I don't have a lot of samples ;u; 
      Please refer to this DeviantArt page to see it in better format (I think?): CLICKIES
      I will also update drawings here for you guys to check out! ❤️
      Chibi Sketch: 5 mil zeny / 5 Talon Coin  || Colored: 10 mil zeny / 10 Talon Coin 
      Chibi Couple Sketch: 8 mil zeny / 8 Talon Coin || Colored: 13 mil zeny // 13 Talon Coin
      Half Body Sketch: 8 mil zeny / 8 Talon Coin ||  Colored: 15 mil zeny / 15 Talon Coin
      Half Body Couple Sketch: 10 mil zeny / 10 Talon Coin || Colored: 20 mil zeny / 20 Talon Coin
      Full Body Sketch: 10 mil zeny / 10 Talon Coin || Colored: 25 mil zeny / 25 Talon Coin
      Full Body Couple Sketch: 12 mil zeny / 12 Talon Coin || Colored: 30 mil zeny / 30 Talon Coin
      (P.S: The samples above are the result for sketches. Clean lineart are only for colored pieces) 
      1. Hit the reply button, PM me, or chat me through Discord Cheryl#4855 if you're interested with this format:
      2. I'm still suck at drawing anatomy, fingers, coloring and male characters (hey that's too much), but I promise I'll do my best ( ; ω ; )
      3. For colored commission, will send you the rough sketch/draft for approval first, before proceeding the step.
      4. If there's anything you're unsatisfied with, I'll gladly make some amendments.
      5. I accept both zeny and talon coin (1mil = 1TC). You can mail it to my High Priestess Scheria (with an 'a'), or trade me directly. I mostly online around 7PM (GMT+7) and hang around Payon.
      6. Payment is splitted into two phase: DP of minimum 50% after the rough draft sent, and the rest after I finished the art for you! 
      7. The final artwork will be sent in high-res JPEG and PNG to your Discord or PM.
      8. I am not a professional artist, I work quite slow so give me about a week to finish your drawing ♥
      1. Mei Magnolia
      2. Novalolly
      3. Bobito
      (there's something here already ;D click click!)
      ☆ Thank you very much! ☆
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