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Bifrost's...Canvas... [the return] [2/2] *open!* ✨✨

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Another one!! Thank you Wike. An actual chibi example now.


I received a couple messages lately that might warrant opening a waiting list. So here you go, some update: I'll put a waiting list for now on.
As such, slots are still filled but the waiting list is open for anyone that wants to commission me. Thank you all for all the attention and love! /lv

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    • By Mayunnaize
      Hey im back! my name is mayu, my IGN is mayunnaize 
      if you want to see more of my stuff you can alwyas find me in twitter or IG @mayunnaize or on my website
      I'm also a comic artist, go read Fantasies are Reality's tears if you want
      Sketchy headshot: 25M / 25TC
      Add 10M / 10TC for additional chara
      Bust: 50M / 50TC
      Add 35M / 35TC for additional chara
      Half-bod w/ BG: 100M / 100TC
      Add 75M / 75TC for additional chara
      Please DM me these details:

      * IGN: 
      *Type of commish: Sketchy headshot, Bust or Half-bod w/ BG
      * Character references:
      * Eye color:
      * Accessories/Headgears:
      * Personality:
      * Other details:
      1. Plasmapheresis 
      2. Lela
      !~Waiting list~!
      if i do open commissions again, these people would take the slots.
      If they're not available, the slot will be open for others
      3. Lydia
      I have the right to turn down an order if I don't think I can take it. Do not claim, edit, reproduce my artworks or use it for commercial work.I retain certain rights and ownership of the work (such as credits and posting the said art in our personal portfolio/gallery). Credit me on the art whenever necessary. All items are digital and will be sent electronically through e-mail or dm. REVISIONS 
      We will provide screenshots of WIPs. You are limited to 3 edits during sketching stage, and minor adjustments in the finishing stages (including hues, painting in missing details, text variations) but no major changes are allowed that will affect the overall composition of the piece. Additional revisions and major revisions will be charged. DRAWINGS
        ✔ Male/Female/Gender Neutral/etc..
      ✔  Human-faced anthros
      ✔  Soft BL, GL, hetero
      ✔  Fanart ✘ NSFW
      ✘ Mecha and heavy full body armor
      ✘ Excessive violence & gore
      ✘ Old people, bara, animal and furries
      ✘ Real People/Realism
    • By Jazzy
      Hi! I just came back from a long hiatus and my gears are long gone now
      so I decided to open another art shop where I'll be offering you CHIBI ART
      so I could buy some High Priest / Sniper gears ;3;

      Please send all payment to ~ J a z z y ~ through ROdex.

      Thanks for stopping by!
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