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TalonRO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Alright, after checking the forums for several weeks I'm starting to realize that I see the same questions repeated almost every single day... So naturally I checked to see if there was a Frequently Asked Questions thread. Of course, it doesn't exist. There for I decided I would create this thread to hopefully lower the amount of repeated questions daily. I present to you:

TalonRO's Frequently Asked Questions!

#1: Instant Cast

Question: What gears/cards are needed to obtain IC on this server? What is the amount Dex required to obtain IC on this server?

Answer: First of all, you need 150 Dex OR you need Cast Reduction gears to total 100%. With that being said, depending on your class, there are several different ways it can be obtained. However, for the most basic Dex IC gears for any class, you will need the following:

  • Lord Kaho's Horn
  • A weapon with four Drops Cards OR (for Mage/Acolyte-type classes) A Survivors Rod (the dex version) with Drops Card.
  • Any armor with a Rocker Card.
  • Any manteau with a Stem Worm card.
  • Any shoes with either a Gargoyle Card (the economy option: 5 Dex) OR Moonlight Card (more expensive option, but superior: 5 Dex, 20% HP, fast walk speed).
  • 2 Slotted Gloves with a Sting card OR if you have the money, two Celebration Rings.

Now for the most basic 100% Cast Reduction IC gears (this means IC without Dex, as well as gear based), you will need (disclaimer, this option only works on trans Mage classes!):

  • Crown of Deceit (10% Cast Reduction, +4 Int), carded with Dark Illusion (5% Cast Reduction).
  • Puppy Grass (1% Cast Reduction).
  • Wing Staff (5% Cast Reduction).
  • Robe of Cast (3% Cast Reduction).
  • Orleans Server with any card you desire (combined with Orleans Gloves gives you 10% Cast Reduction).
  • Any shoes with Dark Lord card (combined with Dark Illusion gives you an additional 5% Cast Reduction).
  • 1Orleans Glove carded with Beelzebub Card (30% Cast Reduction).
  • 1 Rune Spell Stone (gives 1% Cast Reduction and is obtained from this quest) carded with Beelzebub Card (30% Cast Reduction).


You can actually get 100% Cast Reduction with a Ninja as well! For a Ninja, this gear set will look differently than the Mage counterpart:

  • Crown of Deceit (10% Cast Reduction, +4 Int), carded with Dark Illusion (5% Cast Reduction).
  • Hira Shurikat (the Ninja SQI) with the 20% Cast Reduction bonus.
  • Any shoes with Dark Lord card (combined with Dark Illusion gives you an additional 5% Cast Reduction).
  • Any two accessories (I would recommend Slotted Rosaries) carded with Beelzebub Card (60% Cast Reduction).

^ Yep, that's really all there is to it.

Do note that Dex and Cast Reduction do NOT stack or work together in any way, shape, or form! You need to use one or the other. You can't use, say, 130 dex and then expect 2 Beelzebub accessories to give you IC, it won't work that way.

#2: 190 Attack Speed

Question: What is the maximum Attack Speed on this server? What equipment will I need to reach 190 Attack Speed? What class has the best chances of getting 190 attack speed?

Answer: First of all, the most attack speed you can get on this server is 190. Second, equipment and classes vary. But if you want a basic run down, here's the basic answer:

  • Concentration Potions, Awakening Potions, and Berserk Potions all increase your attack speed by a plentiful amount.
  • The Agi stat greatly influences your attack speed, and so does gaining a lot of the Dex stat.
  • A loyal Baby Leopard Pet gives 3% attack speed (obtained from the Reward Guru for 5 Talon Coins).
  • Cecil Damon (5% attack speed) and Doppelganger (25% attack speed) Cards both increase your attack speed a lot.
  • The skills Two-Handed Quicken (increases attack speed with two-handed swords), Spear Quicken (increases attack speed with two-handed spears), Adrenaline Rush (30% attack speed with maces and axes), Full Adrenaline Rush (30% attack sped with all weapons but bows), Improve Concentration (Increases 12% Agi/Dex), and Agi Up (+12 Agi) all increase attack speed to name the most basic of ways.
  • Lord Knight class can obtain 190 attack speed with any Two-Handed Sword (or one-handed sword, assuming you use the soul link) by using the skill Frenzy + Two Hand Quicken + Berserk Potion.
  • The Bard/Clown skill Assassin Cross the Sunset (also known as Impressive Riff) increases anybody's attack speed within the range (that skill is also influenced by the Bard/Clown's AGI + level of Music Lessons).
  • Some weapons are faster than others, and it varies depending on the class. For example, assuming you are an Assassin or an Assassin Cross with no weapon cards. A Katar will naturally be a lot faster in attack speed than Double Daggers.

#3: Talon Coins, Copper Coins, and Bronze Coins oh my!

Question: What are Talon Coins, Copper Coins, and Bronze Coins? What are Talon Coins used for? What are Copper Coins used for? What Are Bronze Coins used for? How can I obtain these coins?

Answer: Here's a basic rundown of all these coins:

Talon Coins

  • These are obtained by either donating, winning the lottery, events, or by converting copper coins.
  • Talon Coins are used to buy several goods such as cards, weapons, and gears from the Reward Guru (you can find him at the center of Prontera).
  • Talon Coins are also used for several services that can be purchased from the Reward Guru. Or in some cases, such as custom Kahos that don't already exist, Talon Coins are spent by support tickets.
  • Talon Coins can be vended, so yes, you may make a business with them by vending them.

Copper Coins

  • These are used to create Talon Coins (varies from time to time, but the lowest it can be is 50 Copper Coins for 1 Talon Coin), which can then be used to buy various goods from the Reward Guru.
  • These are used to buy the Reward Services from the Reward Guru for two weeks (50 Copper Coins), which will give you the following benefits: Free Healing, Free Repairing, access to the Thor Volcano Level 2 Access Quest, and allows access to the follow commands: @exp, @hominfo, @identify, @identifyall, @noask, @return, and @storeall.
  • You may obtain Copper Coins from either voting or by doing Monster of the Week. MOTW will be randomly broadcasted over time, or you may check to see what it is by visiting the Mini Game Girl (you may find her at the center of Prontera, can't miss her, she's in a green dress). You can also obtain Copper Coins by visiting the same Mini Game girl to participate in Mini Games. You can even obtain Copper Coins by winning certain GM held events, or by MvPing.

Bronze Coins

  • These are used to buy several powerful rental weapons/equipment for a week (visit the Rental Master in Prontera to rent these).
  • You may also use Bronze Coins to get a halter lead. The halter lead is a mount that is different for each class (on the contrary, classes in the same school, such as Wizard+Sage or Assassin+Rogue will have the same mount),= and will last for one week.
  • Bronze Coins used to be used for an item called Old Orange Box, but no longer is.
  • You may obtain Bronze Coins by doing Map of the Week, which can be learned by either hearing it randomly broadcasted, or by visiting the Mini Game Girl (you may find her at the center of Prontera, can't miss her, she's in a green dress).

#4: Support Tickets and GM Assistance

Question: GM, haaaaaalp!!! GM, why am I banned?! GM, how do I do this and that?! GM, why am I stuck here and there?! GM, there is a bug here and there! GM, why haven't you answered my ticket?! GM, I need you to view my ticket! GM, why haven't you made love to me yet?! GM, GM, GM, GM!!! (and the list goes on...)

Answer: I don't even know where to begin with this one... Really what I can recommend is a list of golden rules for asking the GM's for ANY sort of help:

  • DO NOT bump your support tickets! This will NOT help your ticket get answered quicker, it will only make it take longer.
  • DO NOT go on the forums OR IRC and ask the GM's to read and/or respond to your support ticket (let alone pester them to do it), they will get to it when the time comes, be patient and wait.
  • DO NOT ask why you got banned on the forums, that is strictly for support tickets only.
  • Finally, please read the rules to make sure what you're reporting is valid. I don't care if you claim you read them already, do it again.

And before I forget, you may create a support ticket by visiting the Control Panel, and then selecting the option Support Ticket. Or for the lazy people, click this link.

#5: Making Zeny

Question: Where do I go to make zeny and how much per hour/30 minutes?

Answer: There's really no better way to put it other than:

This question has been asked and answered 100 times. Please use the forum search.

But here's a very basic rundown:

Various popular areas can (these aren't all the places) include the following places:

  • Toy Factory Floor 2.
  • Mobsters.
  • Mavkas.
  • Sleepers.
  • Geffenia.

There's also a very indepth guide to Geffenia you can refer to on the tRO Wiki which you can find "here".

A very good place to look for getting money at the start of your adventure is this amazing money making guide written by Razer which you can find on the wiki "here".

If your question is what class is great to start out making money with. Try a Thief, Rogue/Stalker, or Assassin/Assassin Cross. Preferably Rogue/Stalker.

#6: Voting Rights

Question:My voting rights have been suspended, when will I get them back?

Answer: First of all to answer why your voting rights have been suspended. It's because you either A, mistyped the capcha too many times, or B, you tried to get the reward without typing the capcha too many times. Or in some cases it's because you tried to cheat the system and there for you lost your rights.

To answer when you'll get your voting rights back, often times than not it's about 2 weeks. Depending on how many offenses you've made and depending on the severity it could take longer or even never.

And that's pretty much all the F.A.Q's I can think of as of right now. Feel free to post in this topic if you have any additional F.A.Q's you would like to add. This way people can either view this topic before asking one of these F.A.Q's, or somebody may post a link to this topic.


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Interesting that there...isn't a legitimate FAQ page...yet.

There's the wiki and all the info is either on there or even on the homepage, but I suppose clicking links is an extremely difficult task. Scrolling through a single page might indeed be the appropriate difficulty.

You will probably not want to expand #1 and #2 into their own category though as continuing a trend of explaining game mechanics would quickly build up clutter. Most game mechanics can be explained in detail on the wiki instead, with tips and guides, whereas a FAQ can simply pertain to educating players about the existence of such game mechanics.

Or a FAQ could just be a huge list of links pointing to the wiki >_>;;;;......Then we'll need an even broader FAQ pointing to that FAQ, etc. Eventually TalonRO will have answered an age-old question of "Why do we exist?"

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Thank you for doing this! I might only add a couple of suggestions:

  • Point number 3 might be better suited to go in as an amended piece in the Reward System Wiki. That said, the details are nice and would make a good addition to that page, I think!
  • With respect to number 4, note that we traditionally answer Support Tickets too in the order they were received, and this depends on a few factors like the volume of tickets and so forth.

's pretty good start, though! :)

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hi, i'm doing some quests by now and i got a question:

if i rebirth before completing one or more quest lines (unlocking area or random quests like geffen bard) i'll loose all my progress and i have to restart all over again, or i mantain the progresses made?

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You know, I haven't actually tried that before. I'm pretty sure you're going to keep any progress you made and you'll be able to continue doing the quest. Although I think level restrictions are going to take effect whenever necessary until you meet the requirements.

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ok thanks for now; if someone know this because already tried, please reply.

You probably won't lose your quest, because i'm used to do that Fairy quests from Manuk and Splendid, before transing and then as a High Novice I turn in them with no problem.

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If there's any chance putting advance transcend classes in this server? please help me? im confuse if im going to other server or not..

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If there's any chance putting advance transcend classes in this server? please help me? im confuse if im going to other server or not..

No. We aren't planning to switch to Renewal for the foreseeable future. You could have used the Search function to find this out.

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So, rather than making a new thread, I'll try asking here:

In terms of general usefulness, what items should I save up for?

I already saved up for a kaho, and I guess Mavkas are really good farming place, so I bought a weeder's knife for my rogue.

Other than that, what are the other generally useful, kinda expensive items to save up for?

I'm guessing next on the list would be Deviling garment, celebration ring(or if I'm really dedicated, save up for Meginjard?)


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I apologize, I should most likely update this thread so that it's more relevant. I had plans to do so but I ultimately got side-tracked and forgot about it.

Your questions aren't "exactly" FAQ type questions but I'd be glad to answer them. I would strongly recommend looking into a General Egnigem Cenia carded shoes before anything else. I would then get an assortment of elemental armors after that and double celeb rings to work with. Deviling is nice too, but in the case of a Rogue, Skin of Ventoss + Kavach Icarus card is a lot more useful (+30 Flee). You could also look into making a +1 Str or +1 Agi Bloody Knight or Stormy Knight Middle Headgear, what ever works best for you. Finally if you want a universal dagger type weapon for your Rogue, try investing into a Doppel Doppel Phreeoni, Doppel Turtle Turtle, or Doppel, Doppel, Turtle carded +7 Mes (a bit of a warning for using this gear though is that it's only equippable on trans). This should put you on the right track for the most part, hope it helps.


Updated this thread with a 5th F.A.Q about Zeny, I keep seeing this question all the time and I feel like it deserves a spot now.

Edit 2:

Updated with a 6th F.A.Q regarding voting rights.

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Can you direct me to a page that gives good details about SQI stuff?  I've never heard of that on other servers, and seem to be a custom aspect here.


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