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The Twelve Judges of Midgard: Chapter Six - Ve and Vili

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[Now in 1080p!]

The Journey to Destroy the Resurrection Hub begins!

Recap: Kilgannon, Roslin, and the brave adventurers of Midgard have unlocked the pathway to the sacred realm of the Vanir - the lost city of Vanaheim. Upon unlocking the Path of Yggdrasil, they are greeted by the avatar Kvasir of the Vanir. At Vanaheim, Kvasir explains the origins of the Twelve Judges and their ascension to power. Chief among their god-like powers is the protected lost magic of Vanirian Resurrection. This technique allows an individual to revive limitlessly, without consequence, and throughout eternity. Before the Judges could be sealed, they amplified this magical technique into a beacon that would remotely activate the Vanirian Resurrection magic - known as the Resurrection Hub. Although Kvasir warns that the path to defeating the judges is not easy, it is possible. Upon leaving Vanaheim, the group encounters the lair of the Justice Campion Heimdallr and defeats him resoundingly. Kilgannon later makes his way through the gate and into Vanaheim to hear Kvasir's final warning and to receive a map that will help guide the group toward being able to destroy the seat of the power for the Judges.

Chapter Six begins the journey toward the resurrection hub and gathering the necessary elements to make the assault onto their base. The critical juncture in the story begins to unfold in Chapter Six: Ve and Vili.



Sunday, February 3, 2013.

2:00pm Pacific Time

(February 3, 2013, 2300 Server Time)

What Time is The Event in my Time Zone? Click Here!


Portal opens in Payon; event will begin after initial gathering.

How long:

Please anticipate this event to take approximately 80 minutes.


Previous Chapters:

chap1x.png  chap2.png  chap3w.png  chap4.png  chap5.png

What to expect:

This event will be primarily geared toward an MVP battle and other mini-battles. Participants should prepare accordingly, though given the volume of people expected, all players are welcome and able to join. Players will initially participate together as one big group, with the entire group needing to work together in order to complete Chapter Six.

This chapter will also introduce a way to exchange the central prizes of this event - Celestial Crystals - for useful in-game prizes! The full prize listing will be available in-game on the day of the event at a special Crystal Exchange NPC.

This event is also meant to be a loosely-themed Role Playing Event, meaning that the battles, tasks, and adventures will be wrapped around a storyline requiring active participation. Players should also review both the Crystal Defense component and the Ranking System component to further understand what to expect in Chapter Six.

Ranking Impact:

All previous chapters have been completed with an S-Rank. All ranks will influence the choices made available during the subsequent chapters.

See you in Chapter Six with the return of the Twelve Judges of Midgard!

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for the 12 Judges Events, please bring the following cause there will be no Kafra breaks:

. Yggdrasil Leaves

. Grape Juice

. Cakes or White Slims

. FCP for the damagers

. HPs need to have the max Ressu

. Green Potions

I think there should be more but I keep forgetting the others xD

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Oh crap, I work on the 3rd at 3:00 pacific... event says 80 mins but I'm only home from event to end for 1 hour... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?!

Please let me get sick, throwing uppingly sick, I can just stay home play Tro with a bowl next to me....

Bah, who am I kidding... God never gives me that mercy... Imma join anyway... Who knows maybe it'd be finished quickly?

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