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GM Howl

The Yule Ball Encore - You're Invited!

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The TalonRO Yule Ball Encore!

January 27th at 1600 Server Time

We hope that you can make it for our encore edition of this popular TalonRO Event!

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Back by incredible popular demand, TalonRO is pleased to bring you an encore of the Yule Ball - and we're ready to provide all of the fun from the first Yule Ball in a second part! We'll have a brand new playlist and request list, along with all of the grandeur of the exclusive TalonRO Ice Palace - all at a new time to make sure that players from all time zones have a chance to experience the fun of the Yule Ball!

Like any big gala event, we're prepared to show you a more luxurious side of social events on TalonRO - while breaking out all the stops for a fun and unforgettable memory-making experience!


Each guest upon arrival will receive their own limited edition Winter Formal Wear - especially made for the Yule Ball.

This costume item will disappear after one hour from use, but it will allow each guest to wear their holiday best for the Yule Ball.

Once inside, guests may visit with our team of Yule Stylists whom we have hired to specifically get guests in the colors and hairstyles to complete your winter ball look.


Our Yule Ball Concierge will be on hand to take care of our guests and their needs - including allowing you admission into the exclusive Yule Ball grand ballroom itself.

Our concierge will also be recording the guest list for the evening - which is important because we'll be giving *random prizes* to guests throughout the night!

That's right - just show up and you could win something fun just for coming to the Yule Ball!


Once inside, we have a party unlike anything that you've experienced.

We'll be DJ'ing this event with a LIVE STREAMING PLAYLIST!

Even better, you can request the songs that you would like to hear ahead of time.

We'll be broadcasting these songs on a dedicated TalonRO Streaming Playlist as well,

so you can connect to the radio at the time of the event and get your groove on out on the dance floor.



Our wonderful team of Game Masters will be on hand to host live events throughout the evening,

including drawing names for prizes given out to lucky random partygoers!


Our Ice Palace also features a special social corner with benches, an ice fountain, and places to sit and relax.

Warm up by the fire with friends and guildmates, or head up to our ultra deluxe Ice Bar.

Our Yule Bartender will be serving up holiday-themed drinks, Hot Cocoa, and some other fun drinks that will surely create some interesting...err...effects!



At the end of the evening, we'll be crowning our Yule Ball King and Queen by using the guest list at the Concierge.

Our drawing will be at random - but you could win a deluxe Winter Crown costume set at the end of the night.


Our Yule Ball will take place at an all-new custom map designed specifically for this event courtesy of the legendary RO mapper, Olrox - the Grand Ice Palace!



We hope that you can take a break from the grind, hang out with old friends (and maybe make new ones!), get your dance on, and win some prizes as well. If you missed the first Yule Ball, this is the time to make the second one and enjoy TalonRO in a whole new way!

Many thanks hope to see you there!

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Requesting a Song:

Simply leave the name of the song that you'd like in a post in this thread - it's that easy! If possible, please also drop a link for the song (such as a YouTube video link) so we can check it out easily! We have 1.5 hours of songs to put into the playlist, so feel free to request a song! We'll try and get it into the lineup. :)

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Oh yay! how do you request songs anyway?

And... why... why does it have to be 1 hour before midnight in my timezone. Still coming though lol.

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Ahm GM, it should be 2013. HAHA when i first saw the date i was like shocked. :)

Thanks for that catch! We're all set - this event is indeed not happening backward in time. :P It's indeed in 2013!

Oh yay! how do you request songs anyway?

Feel free to just drop a YouTube link in as a comment with the song that you'd like to request! We'll do our best to get them all in - so the earlier you can get them our way, the better it'll be! :D

Be sure to spread the word about the event too to friends and others who might not see the forum post right away. :) This particular time slot we hope will accommodate those who couldn't make it the last time (due to it being either very early or too late) so we hope that everyone will have a chance to experience the fun. :D

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I would like to request these:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8EvYsYS5GU - Guess how much I love you (tsubasa chronicle)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBNb8SQV-D0 - Mirai chizu (uta no prince sama)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQjL3JtuUyM - No rain no rainbow (Home made kazoku)

Thank you~

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