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Mei Magnolia

Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

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Special Mentions to Tillya who's coming back again to do seals with us for the 6TH TIME and Bombjack for his 2nd comeback /shy/heh

finished the seals for them both in 1hr and 20mins completion time /ok








Also Posting the screenies for runs we did recently for Franzett (who also came back to us /heh ), Cruz De Neo, Kazehana Rin, and Raider Fina /ok









Thank you for buying from us and Congratz to all of you for the valhalla access /grat /heh

just shoot me a pm here or my Discord: Mei Magnolia#7270 if you need seals ;)




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Bump And Late Post /shy

bumping the thread with screenies from seals we did last week till recently /ok

thanks for buying from us Tillya, Bombjack, WizardInHere, ~Oreo*, Critter Kicker, Multitek, CP Elaiza~, -Chi Evora-, Steal yo Beaches, ChuanN, -Yoyo-, Lostx, Hunoppe, ~ Mogs ~, and Sir Fabrigates /ok

screenies are inside spoiler /ok

















Congratz for teh Valhalla access /grat/ok


and just shoot me a pm here or my Discord: Mei Magnolia#7270 if you need seals ;)

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Bump and SUUUUUUUPER Late update /swt

thanks for buying from us ~LK BeLLa26~ , Kodoku Signal, Shabban, *Aimer, **Mavis Vermillion**, lokheira, ADyDyka, Confusious, Death Shadow, Victor Par Jr. *Keough*, DeliciousGreenApple /ok

(Screenies are inside the spoiler) 


















Congratz to all of you for the valhalla access /grat /heh

just shoot me a pm here or my Discord: Mei Magnolia#7270 if you need seals ;)




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Hey! I would like to know more about your services. 

How much do you guys charge for each seal?

Is there any discount if i do them all with you guys? (Package deal =D )

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Posted (edited)

Screen from my SS when?/dum

Friendly and good SS 5/7 would buy again

Edited by Reikon

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