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Latif's Art Thread

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Very very pleased with the work Eilif did for me. Very professional! Will be buying an additional piece! Very cool person to work with. Thanks again!

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@jessu I'll be waiting, tell me if you've decided :)

Edited by Latif
it seems I can't speak English
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Up Up Up 




On Bed 1.jpgOn Bed 6.jpg


Edited by Latif
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9 hours ago, Bear~ said:

3 Slots please :)

Of course :D you can pm me the informations and send me the 10m payment up front to get the slots :)

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This piece came out wonderfully. <3 Eilif is really diligent and will work with you to get your piece done, which really made me happy. /lv Thank you so much again ser! :)


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59ee37e504393_TalonROHalloween1.thumb.jpg.dbe199b750dbae85dc538bda0d07d7e8.jpg                                                                           312.thumb.jpg.1f9abf3b1952168b57b13329172c0bd5.jpg59ee37e45b925_TalonROHallowee4n.thumb.jpg.1fd74958abb7bfd5aa1f9f3751fbe90c.jpg

Just one more..... 

Edited by Latif

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Gosh... this style is so much fun yet so hard...



Here's step by step if anyone's interested




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13 hours ago, Nefertina ♥ said:

ONE MORE! /lv2 

Ey ;D want some??? 

8 hours ago, iLTanee said:

Nice jobs!!!

Thank you man! :D Wanna buy one?

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