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Latif's Art Thread

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2 hours ago, Nefertina ♥ said:

yes man! pm you later man!

kay man! I'll wait man! xD

1 hour ago, Rayssss said:

@Nefertina ♥sis going all out. Btw, nice work @Latif!

hey ray, thanks :D so this is your forum name :D I'm waiting for you to buy :P 


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    • By Pneuma
                                                                                                                                                          IGN: Kees Nelis
      Normal 35m (without background)
      Chibi 25m

    • By mixtilly
      Hello friends! I'm Mix, and my IGN is Hisaria! I've been playing RO on and off for probably about 15 years-ish? I've called many servers my home, got hardcore into WoE on iRO, and now I am here casually to have fun. RO has been part of my life for so long it always makes me feel so nostalgic and I just can't stay away.
      I recently joined the server with a couple of friends, and well, I want a lot of things. So, I come offering my services in exchange for zeny and items! Currently, I am offering icon commissions, but I do plan to offer other things in the future as well.
      Forum/Discord Icons
      6 mil zeny/6 Talon Coins each. *SPECIAL* Buy 2 for 10 mil zeny/10 Talon Coins!
      All icons done on a base! Full canvas size 500x500. Full size will be PM'd to commissioner.
      Chibi Commissions
      15 mil zeny/15 Talon Coins per character. *SPECIAL* Couples for 25 mil zeny/25 Talon Coins!
      High res will be PM'd to commissioner.
      Fullbody/Halfbody Commissions
      30 mil zeny/30 Talon Coins per fullbody character.
      20 mil zeny/20 Talon Coins per halfbody character.
      *LIMITED SPECIAL* 35 mil zeny/35 Talon Coins halfbody couples.
      High res will be PM'd to commissioner.
      Commission Form
      Help me help you help me! I like to keep things organized.
      Sprite/Art reference:
      Expression: (Happy, sad, tsundere, etc)
      Eye/skin colour: (If left blank I will choose for you!)
      Background: (For icons. 2 colours and your choice of pattern. If left blank I will choose for you!)
      Pose: (For fullbodies. Pose references are a-ok to give me an idea of what you would like! Can also include a brief personality description.)
      Extras: (Pets, homuncs, etc. May be subject to an additional charge, please ask!)
      Either reply here with a filled out form, or feel free to PM me! Please send all payments to Purple Drank. All payments are to be half up front, half upon completion. As soon as I receive payment I will start working on your commission. All commissions will receive a WIP sketch before I begin lineart. Any changes you would like done must be asked for at this time. Any changes done after that will be minor edits, such as colour adjustments. I do work a full time job, so please do be patient with me as I will do these in my free time when I can. Thank you!
      1. OPEN
      2. OPEN
      3. OPEN
      4. OPEN
      5. OPEN
      1. Hi Im L [1/2 PAID]
      2. OPEN
      Finished Commissions

      Feel free to send other item offers my way, I am happy to see if we can work something out!
      Thank you very much for checking out my thread! I look forward to getting to know the lovely people on this server! Don't be scared to say hello to me in game too if you happen to spot me hobo-ing around.
    • By fumiddition
      A R D I N D A ' S   (C) A R T
      i hope you like puns  my art tumblr (and mostly RO art) is @ fumiddition
      Hello, art corner! My name is Fumi and my main IGN is Ardinda (feel free to use either or be as creative as you want). I used to play, draw and rp RO about a handful of years ago, but recently I've been Asura Strike'd right in the feels again and decided to creep back into it for good ol' nostalgia's sake and take my sweet time with it here. Since there are just too many beautiful costumes here and I wish to own some of them while keeping my pixel self and friends alive and fed, here comes the birth of this teeny tiny commission shop with some art I can offer in return. Let's jump below! 
      C O M M I S S I O N
      if you're interested, sharp shoot me a reply (or a PM if you're shy because I'm shy too) and i'll get back to you with the details i need

      ► Half-body Solo: 35 mil zeny / 35 Talon Coins
      One character only ♪ Full bodies are to be discussed via PM

      ► Half-body Duo: 80 mil zeny / 80 Talon Coins
      Two characters interacting! I am open to all romantic pairs (hetero/BL/GL) as well as friend/sibling/parent relationships
      P.S.: Biochemists/Alchemists with their Lifs will count as this type of commission

      ► Half body Party: PM for info
      Prices are much different for group pictures depending on the number of characters and complexity, so please discuss with me for a quote!
      G U I D E L I N E S
      everything you need to know ♪
      I typically follow the game's official designs. Please mention if you'd like a specific change made to yours. Armor and animals are generally hard for me to draw, but I will do my berry best--  I accept zeny as payment, but you can opt to pay using Talon Coins (1 TC = 1 mil zeny) or a combination of items in my wish list below. You can also choose to mix and match or try offering a different item you have in mind. Full payment is required after you have confirmed the sketch. Please send payment to my Super Novice, IGN Ardinda. If you prefer to trade with me in game, let me know and we can work out a meeting point. I mainly need references such as: screenshots, headgear IDs, eye colour and brief personality, but feel free to add others such as skin tone, scars, accessories, etc. You are free to use my art anywhere you want. I only ask to not claim my art as your own or sell it. Credit would be wonderful, but not necessary. If there is anything you're unsure of, do ask! I will gladly clear any doubts for you.  P.S. I absolutely welcome returning customers! I can't get enough of everyone's beautiful characters after all.
        S L O T S   /   W A I T L I S T   /   S T A T U S
      these are not in order, don't worry! i work on the ones that are easier on my hands first
      Slot #01  lela x 3 (50% - paid)     Slot #08  GM Luna x 3 (50% - 2/3 paid) Slot #02  Kisuka* x 7 (0% - paid)   Slot #09  Cheron x 3 (0% - paid) Slot #03  Orchestra x 11 (50% - paid)   Slot #10  Vanellea x 3 (50%) Slot #04  anon x 6 (50% - paid)   Slot #11  Sephyyy x 3 (0% - paid) Slot #05  ~Lozaki~ x 4 (50% - paid)   Slot #12  Keidan x 2 (0%) Slot #06  Rense x 3 (50% - paid)   Slot #13  ------------------------------------- Slot #07  Yuren x 3 (50% - paid)   Slot #14  ------------------------------------- W I S H L I S T
      let me know if you'd like to trade any of these (or suggest something else!) for art because a girl can dream-- (this section is continuously updating)
       C O S T U M E S
       Love Feeling  Clock Casket  Aria Headdress  Wrapping Ribbon  Shrine Maiden Hat Cat Ear Ribbon  Wildcat Knit Cap  Warm Cat Muffler  Rainbow Sigrun's Wings  Majestic Helmet  Stall of Angel  Choker  Lovely Fox Ears  Heavenly Dark Flame  Lady's Feather Hat  Monochrome Gothic Bonnet  Blinking Eyes  Ghost Holiday  Sorcerer Hood  Cat Ear Hat White  Mechanic Feather Hairband Charleston Antenna  Red Vicious Aura  Vicious Aura  Eleanor Wig  Eleanor Yellow Wig  Volume Low Twin  Nidhogg Wig  White Rabbit Ear  Nekomimi Cyber Headphone  Lolita Two Side Up  Long Rabbit Ears  Long Cat Ears  Walking Shiba Inu  Baby Penguin  Walking White Rabbit  Walking White Cat  Walking Leopard Cat  Walking Fluffy Cat    G E A R
       Brisingamen [1]  Diablos Robe [1]  Valkyrie Helm [1]  Megingjard  Celebration Ring  Lucius F.A. of Volcano [1] DEX+3  Elemental Sword [3]  +10 Luna Kaleet [3]  Turtle General  Ktullanux  Gloom Under Night  Doppelganger  
      C H A R A C T E R S
      my in-game handles! don't be afraid to say hi
      Ardinda Iyre Raehal Juddex Thank you so much for your time - I hope to update this thread casually with more RO art and meet more of you cool Leaf cats in-game~