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Latif's Art Thread

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2 hours ago, Nefertina ♥ said:

yes man! pm you later man!

kay man! I'll wait man! xD

1 hour ago, Rayssss said:

@Nefertina ♥sis going all out. Btw, nice work @Latif!

hey ray, thanks :D so this is your forum name :D I'm waiting for you to buy :P 


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    • By illuxia
      Hi and welcome to my lil art thread! 
      Hello art corner! I'm popo, and my main IGN is Saccharon! I've only been playing for a while but after 37492 years of not playing I'm having tons of fun again! My love for for RO has been completely rekindled and I've decided to channel that into art because some good friends enabled and well, y not.
      That being said, I'd like to offer some art as well to help earn some zeny besides the usual farming method because oh god the hats and costumes are too cute there are so many of them and I Have A Need. Aside from that, I may occasionally put up some doodles every now and then 
      Currently I can offer chibis for 20mil zeny or 20 TC each (or a mix of both, 1 TC = 1mil)!
      Sample below is transparent, but I can add a simple color bg if you'd like!
      If interested, please reply, ping or PM me to reserve a slot! Once confirmed, please send me the following details:
      • IGN
      • Sprite/Art References:
      • Headgear/Gear References:
      • Eye Color:
      • Brief Personality:
      • Misc. details: (chara expression, simple color bg, moles, etc.)
      You can send the payment via mail to my bank IGN Popokatipettle!
      Wait list
      Thank you so much for reading! 
    • By micchi
      ➳ isu's Art Shop!
      What are interesting thread names, I have no idea... forgive me 
      Hi, I'm Isuzu, most people call me Isu~ My main ign is yonezu! I've only started to play on this server for a few days, but I'm already having a fun time~ And now I'm here to offer the forums my art skills~
      My art tumblr is over at sigalbikeshiftcar (I don't post often I'm so sorry dfasasf)
      Half of payment upfront and other half once art piece has been sent please!
      Every piece will be transparent unless you want a simple color bg!
      First come first serve, to get a slot please ping/PM me! Once confirmed, feel free to send me the form~
      Aside from that, I'll probably bump this thread occasionally with more ro art as I churn it out so look forward to that too I guess~ 
      Anyway please fund my costume needs.
      Half Bodies:  30mil
      Chibis: 20mil
      Alternate Payments:
      You can pay me in Talon coins (1 coin = 1.1mil zeny) or equipment (lowest selling price (not npc price)) or a mix of all 3~ 
      IGN: (for payment tracking)
      Sprite / Art Reference:
      Headgear / Gear Reference:
      Eye Color:
      Brief Personality:
      Preferred Expression/Pose:  (this is important unless you want me to come up with something...! Warning: I suck at coming up with stuff )
      Misc Detail: (color of bg here if desired!)
      1. Sachi
      Wait list:
      GM Luna
    • By TalonCat
      Welcome to the Simple Shapes & Vector Shop!
      Shop Status: OPEN

      Available slots for request:
      1. FREE
      2. FREE
      3. FREE
      You enjoy clean and simple artwork? Congratulation, you are in the right place!
      I sell avatars / profile art mostly in 1080x1080 format.
      To preserve the fancy vector shape quality, I will format the finished art in PNG.
      For my work I exclusively use Adobe Illustrator.
      - Single half body character avatar for 30 mil zeny / 30 Talon Coins each.
      Preview of some of my artwork:
      How it works:
      If you are interested, please PM me your request or post it below this topic!
      You can provide me the following informations, if you want to see your character in vector style 😛
      Once I confirmed your request, please sent me the payment before.
      Payments are required FIRST before I start on ANY commission! 
      Please send the payment to: Hungry 
      I will insert you into a free slot and try to finish your vector as soon as possible 👻

      Thank you for reading!
      I am looking forward to brighten your day with some simple shapes! 😝