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Leftovers [PvM/Social]

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really fun guild, everyone in there really wanna help even if i am newbie. from no gear at all until now i already half geared. come and join us :lol:

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I'd like to join, my IGN is Port2x and im still new to this server. I will be online 2hours from now. still working at the moment hehe :)

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@xDrauDe Sure bro but sadly server will have maintenance 2 hours from now /heh might go rachel after maintenance im sure some of officers or co gl's is on.

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@xDrauDe u can join us in discord tho so u can get to know some of the members while its on maintenance. /gawi

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11 minutes ago, Bochok said:

Leftovers always ready to give advice about everything IG related :D Thanks!



Yeah lets all be rich /heh

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      Welcome to Amatsu Desserts!
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      We achieve this by teasing each other regularly, socialising, and going on dungeon runs!
      We’re seriously only here to have fun!
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