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GM Raine

Winter Login & Loading Screen Contest!

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19 hours ago, StoichiyoN said:

IGN: Alizarin Blue

( I hate the fact that forum compressed the image even if its jpg. and gif. If you want the fresh clean-cut version i can send you the RAR ( '-')7

StoichiyoN, try in .png ^_^

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Wow... everyone's submission is so pretty... Gonna embarrass myself real bad... if I continue my work...

Went through 4 hours countless hours of Illustrator youtube videos... I don't know if it will help.. First time Illustrator here...

Currently tracing my drawing...

EDIT: Just finished tracing... The more I look at my work, the more I regret actually submitting.. hahaha... feel like I'm back at grade school... /ene
EDIT #1: I don't know what's going on anymore... These lines are making me crazie... :Abs:
EDIT #2: After lookin' at it myself, I'm really doubting if I should submit and humiliate myself... but #YOLO!!! I just wanna qualify for the December Boxes... >_<... Tried my very best.

IGN: Noinoi





I feel like I went back to grade school... LOL... 

I seem to have trouble uploading the full size image onto the topic... Hope it's all good at the end...


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