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Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

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As a HP...

Are you using the Party window to support?

You can keep the party window open and when you cast a Heal or recovery on their names, it will target them automatically, you don't need to check.

Also, with all those Odin parties, someone should let you grab one Divine Cross (Skeggiolds drop it). They aren't that expensive and work great on HPs.

HPs aren't good farmers, sadly, so yeah, focus on that archer for now.

If you're farming with it, make a sage to endow the bow and get a Hunting Bow (NPC gear, check it out). Or try getting a Burning/Freezing Bow and proper arrows, depending on where you go.

You need to grab some gears. That Deviling is a good example of what you need. And in parties:

  • Parties to Abbey, Odins and other places with shadow property monsters: Bathory armour.
  • Parties to Thor Dungeon: Fire Armour. If possible get the slotted one (you want a RSX later on).
  • Get HP combo: Divine Cross, Rental Soul Ring, Rosary. It's cheap and gives you a good boost.
  • Mistress Card is a good option for a support HP (but Deviling and Bathory are more important, IMO). You can spam Sanctuaries without needing to use Blue Gemstones. Keeping one or more sancs under the support/ranged line really helps. Also, don't forget Pneumas when needed.

You're at a point where you need to start focusing on money, rather than on exp, to grow. Both for your farmer (Sniper) and for your main character (HP).

Stings is a good place to grab some basic stuff for your Sniper (you want Elven Bows too, if possible).

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I'll keep those things in mind, as I'm still trying to observe other good HP plays and take in whatever I can like a sponge :D

@GM Zelda

I'm glad you enjoyed ;D~ More work incoming! /heh

@GM Saen

Sneaky for the sake of laughs? Imma do it ;D~


Those are some interesting features there, I never knew I could heal via Party Window *^*! /fsh

Hunting Bow? Do you mean Hunter's Bow? As I couldn't find it through the databases. /hmm

As for the card to get, I guess it's safe if I put it this way...? /ic

GEC > Bathory > Deviling > Mistress

Edited by Noirach
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hunting bow, hunters bow - same thing.. bow with bonus if you wear same arrows.. - note, that even elemental bows with endow will keep the bonus - so burning bow+fire arrow+endow = win...

party window - not only heal, you can buff.. just watch out for pop-up window.-..

edit: as for the cards - I would start with bathory.. GEC should not be priority for HP.. the sp regen is not that awesome and your skills are kind of expensive..

Edited by howrah

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Been socialising more instead of adventuring thus the lack of updates.... I'm a talkative & noisy guy. /heh

It's been a while since my latest update but fret not! The 9th entry is here!/go



Life in tRO has been revolving around leveling! With my hunter in some Odin action, I eventually got him to maxed out thanks to a great party! /no1


And what's Noinoi without some adventurous soul! There I went to try out what it takes to make a baby! A super one! And darn these guys are cute! I'mma so tiny! /lv


Just look at this comparison! /heh


Looks like me and my big brother!

As always, I've been exploring again... to places such as Undersea Dungeon,/fsh


Hidden Temple... and that Hog actually goes >(00)<, notice its facial expression. /heh


Stumbled upon some cute NPCs /omg


As well as warped off to some unfriendly neighbourhood... /swt2


Found some companions too! /bo


& Got to ride on someone's shoulder/meh


Finally got child abused when I was asking for some candy... (was given Monster's Feed instead) /pif


Okay, that's about my baby for now...

Movin on! I sorta found a cute Santarina~ Couldn't resist the temptation to snap a nice picture! And here it is! Made it into a display pic as well! (Thank you #Hayley for the shot) /awsm


Back to my Archer~ I've actually reborned him, and got myself involved in some "Scam Tour Corp.".... /gg


Brought em zombie tourist/ho




...every corner around em Glast Heim Churchyard... before finally.... "All yours." /!


...bringing em to le TRAP! /gg


It was a fun and thrilling experience, mobbing in GHC, thanks to @Ririi for making this possible. And after putting some effort left and right~ /fsh

Am a full fledged sniper~ (With my new found headgear! Found it while I was in Thors) /gawi


Subdued some nice ICE MVP with some cool party mates too! /no1


Back to basics, my high priest Noinoi has been helpin out as usual. This time I bumped into a new player, SeaNoodle, after sponsoring some consumables, brought her to Orc Dungeons abit for some easy lvling. /ok


Though it was only for a short time, helpin' out sure is fun. /heh


Then this happened... A Taekwon comes in, asks for some buffs, which I did buffed her up. However, moments later, she came flying and killing some mobs that I was tanking for this newbie here...

I'm not really sure if considered KS, but I am pretty sure it's unethical and disrespect. Oh well. Who am I to complain. I'll let you guys be the judge. /ok


And to wrap things up for this post, a video of me chillin' and making new friends in Moscovia!/meh

As well as... some not so decent stuff, view at your own risk, those under 18, you are warned.




That's it for today's entry! Have been roaming around tRO and meeting up a whole new bunch of people! Feel free to stop me and say Hi if you see me! :D 

Edited by Noirach
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YEAH! Mom u see im on tvvv (video)  xDD /gg

and MOM u see my TRAP on newspaper (screenshot) too xDD /gawi

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Christmas has been around! I pretty much got my hands full as well, but here is the 10th entry!


Before Christmas, I was farmin' with my trusty buddy here over at Cursed Abbeys, for us duos, it ain't farming when there's no thrill!/fsh


Learning how to mob in TRO is a challenge, but it's really exciting. High risk, high reward. ;) Now onto Christmas!/go

What's Christmas without a partay! Myself have been enjoying em moments with lots of new friends. Talking about almost everything we could think of! /heh


Lotsa lotsa chilling moments! Even made myself some hubbies! /lv


Em Waifu x Hubby relationship, it's complicated, but fun/heh


Not long after, I finally got my Baby to job change into a ... SUPER BABY!


Ehhh~ Wrong one, /swt


Em super babies with two priestess~/awsm Heavenly. Enough of my Noibie and back to some adventures during Christmas/heh

With Popogrinch's "invasion", everyone of us were busy hunting materials and items.../wah


Okay, I died plenty of times while trying to lure those Medusas... And suddenly I bumped into this big guy.../omg


It was pretty tough for my case as my party didn't prepared for it at all, but with some teamwork and perseverance, we triumph! The drops are.. pretty normal, but still an exciting experience! Another MVP, down!/no1

What's Christmas without gift exchanges! Was lucky enough to have received some from my dear friends,! Despite not knowing each other for long, I'm so touched! Merry "belated" Christmas! Wuuhuu.../sob


With the on-going Christmas event, Lutie has been crowded with loads of people, GMs included! Look who I found here ;D, Two cuties hanging out in town. Em committed GM still checking around during this festive season. Kudos to em'!/no1


As well as a sneaky one who actually ambushed me while I was messing with some dyes. Was screwin around in !main chat and asking for a Selfie with him earlier that day, and it came true! /ene


And at the very next moment.../gg


Em Boreas' Thugs yo~

With the wide range of events to try out during this festive season, my adventurous soul literally YOLO-ed everything! From item hunting, to getting nuked!/wah


Those rewards from Popogrinch are awesome too! Check out my sniper's new style! (Sadly I couldn't get the final "extra bonus" due to some sad circumstance)


With em new look! Comes more photographs! My newly made buddies and friends actually ventured across Midgard and the lands of Ragnarok and got ourselves some pretty awesome shots! Check it out!


That's not all for Christmas. What's most embarrassing was... the letter NPC.


Yes, this very NPC. I was like all confused and assumed it would be a special letter sent privately, but in the next few moments. Em mushy letter of mine got broadcast-ed across the server!/swt


And the community's reaction... priceless./wah



I gotta say, I haven't been put into such a situation in quite some time... Awkwardness & embarrassment x_x... Good bye world. /swt

Aside from Christmas events, I've finally decided to commit myself to a guild too, finally taking up the offer which my buddy proposed twice... which is to join the Desert Dojo! I'mma learn some kungfu here! Beware!/ok


With Christmas events coming to an end, my regular farming life resumed soon after. At times I was helping out friends to level up in Glast Heim Churchyard../ho


At times, challenging myself to some stronger mobs,/!


At times, I would be farming some Sleepers... with a YOLO spirit, notice my health points./spin


As well as randomly watching my "delivery man" passing out every once in a while... I wonder why these people enjoy summoning monsters to kill the innocent... They must be savages... RiP my merchant.


That's it for this week's entry folks! As usual, a sight of dead bodies. ;)

I would like to take this opportunity to shout out my thanks for those who helped me throughout the event as well as made em very special! Particularlly.../rice

@Ririi, MintberryX, Ren, Jee, Hayley, Lex & Frey for being a good company, doing em events altogether, as well as a Christmas Gift! My quests were successfully completed without much of a hassle thanks to them!

I'd also like to thank a "Mysterious Person" who does not wish to be named, for the "Carrot" and "Lucky charm". It meant a lot to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

For those who I've missed out, I sincerely apologise... everyone has been helping me so much that I feel as if everyone is family/no1

Thanks again for the wonderful experience during this festive season!

Late wishes,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Sorry for the delay of this 11th post, Life got in the way, but wait no further! It is here!~



After a month into the game, I finally took my first step in the Endless Tower challenge... /fsh


It was definitely a challenge for me, even with borrowed gears, I was struggling to perform as one small mistake could cause em members to kiss the floor./wah The pressure was on me, despite signing up as a "filler" role, I quickly find myself participating actively as the rear support, as I have to keep everyone buffed, keep pneuma up, removing bad statuses and healing. In short, keeping everyone healthy wasn't an easy task, especially on the later floors, where negative status effects occurs so often/swt


Despite so, the overall experience was still fun! And we were able to conquer the dungeon in about three hours time. Peace!/gawi


And the following day, conquered it on my Sniper too! Even got myself a couple of MVPs/gg


But the adventure doesn't end there, I volunteered myself to join a dungeon party I've never been before, Juperos. All em modern like environment makes my heart race./lv


Compared to Endless Tower, this was actually much much easier, as the experienced players were performing spot on./no1


Plus, we did headed in with a pretty big party... Two parties in fact/oops


Other than that, I spend most of my online time either chattering and farming at Sleepers,/shy


Got so into that this happened.../yawn


Stood and sleep...  for like several moments... remind me of some awkward moments in life when I exhausted myself. /swt2

Aside from that... I bumped into this.../swt


Makes me wonder, how did it ended up on the sleepers map... And my precious lv 98, 1% exp.../sob

And after long sessions of farming in a few days, the output was actually quite good!


And the guild I'm in, Dojo, they had this event where participants have to participate as a "baby novice" it's all cute!


Despite that I didn't manage to win anything, I still enjoyed the time spent with em!


And on the other day, some randomness occured... I was miraculously turned into Popogrinch!


Being all hyper, we proceeded to invade Prontera!


A short clip of the poring invasion as follow!


That's not all, yesterday I've actually had a meet up with three awesome friends from Talon RO! It was all fun! Despite being the Jr. in RO (they were at least 3 years into the game), I felt welcomed and really enjoyed chattering and killing time with them! Fun fun!

With that said, I apologise for the lack of content lately, as I'm actually being at sleepers and chattering too much xD! That said, I hope you all have a great weekend ahead! Ciaossu!



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Damn.. One month into the game and you've already grown so much. Keep up the progress dude! :D

Edited by yujinori
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Hahaharrr, Well I must be sayin', that was some fun reads indeed, went through all yer entries and I love it.

Ye keep bringin' 'em up lad!

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@yujinori Hi hi! Thanks to help from the lots I've met throughout my journey. It was definitely a tough, but enjoyable one! I'm farming up for my Artemis Bow at the moment. Hoping to get my hands on it in around two months time.

@Nox~ Thanks for the support! /heh

@Hazzarr Aye Capt'!~ Thanks for the support! Entries are much slower now compared to the first week as I'm plannin for more meet outs with TRO friends and stuff. :D~ Not sure if I should upload the outing pictures though, they might behead me /oops

@IronBear Hihi~ I usually hang out in Malangdo and Lutie. Sometimes in main chat, Amatsu or Sleepers too. My characters all start with a Noi prefix~ Shouldn't be hard to spot me!

Aside from outing plannings, I am planning more cheesy stuff in TRO in the near future! If all goes well that is. /heh

Cheers all! And thanks again for the support!

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You can always ask for permission from those friends to post their face on the interwebs. And if they don't give their consent, you can just slap a random icon or their in game characters' head on their pictures xD

Good luck with the farming life! I was never the diligent type so it only took me 1 year (and a super duper lucky Costume Box) to get mine /heh 

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@Noirach  you register talonro 1 day before me  xD , and u farming up for  Artemis Bow  Awsome ,
I go farming to,  but at  Geffenia plainned Make SG gears :) , and already have HP gear For ET GMC and wave / PVM   ,
Some one support me to start playing thanks @Izleen :3 and my Alberta frends ~

Edited by Nox~
typo :D
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Hi hi I'm actually Skipping all other gears. Straight for Artemis. As I believe Artemis opens up much more different options of PVM :D~ Oh wow ~ Always cool to see new people around :D!

Kind people ftw~ Lookin' forward to the day when I'mma able to help out peeps around too!

Edited by Noirach

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29 minutes ago, Noirach said:

Hi hi I'm actually Skipping all other gears. Straight for Artemis. As I believe Artemis opens up much more different options of PVM :D~ Oh wow ~ Always cool to see new people around :D!

Kind people ftw~ Lookin' forward to the day when I'mma able to help out peeps around too!

yuppps.. /heh

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Actually...... IMO its better if you lay some more ground work to your Sniper's other aspects of gear first. Having an Artemis doesn't necessarily unlock God Mode for your Sniper. Do you at least have a Kaho and a pair of Celeb Rings/Sting Gloves, for example?

I'm not saying Artemis is bad, its just that... With 260m you can get various cheaper gears that will still complement your role as the DPS.


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