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    • By Kap Ben
      Hey, i dont know where to put my post but im having a problem creating a support ticket, i tried multiple browser even private browsing and still the same. please help

    • By GM Howl
      The entire TalonRO staff sincerely wishes you a joyous holiday season - and extends our sincerest thanks for an incredible year in 2017. Our wonderful community population has grown again this year, we've celebrated together with numerous events and with tons of new content both throughout the year and on a monthly basis, delivered new Guild expanded features, great new permanent features in-game and in the forums, and countless other additions, events, and much more - all while providing back-end support, regular maintenance, updates, and many other behind-the-scenes items to keep TalonRO running strong! We're sincerely looking forward to all that 2018 has to bring, and we know that none of it would be possible without you! Thank you for making 2017 another amazing year of TalonRO.
      And so, in honor of the Christmas holiday and so our TalonRO staff may spend time with their families, we wish to let you know that we will be in a period of limited support from December 24th through January 2nd. Normal Support Ticket service will resume on January 2nd (server time), and we as for your patience during this holiday season - and that you'll be enjoying our upcoming Christmas seasonal event during that time!
      Tickets involving emergency situations only may be sent in during this time, such as the following:

      Valid Emergency / Critical Tickets Include:
      Account hacking / compromised credentials. Scamming cases. Gameplay exploits.
      Non-Emergency Tickets Include:
      Account recovery, account management, etc. Technical troubleshooting issues. Ban appeals. Item recovery, item tracking, etc. NOTE: Please do not send in a ticket during this time unless it is for a critical issue. Any abuses of this notice, including sending in non-emergency tickets disguised as emergency situations, may lead to action against your account, up to and including a temporary ban.
      For all non-critical problems, we recommend the following helpful links and information centers during the limited support time period:
      General Troubleshooting Guide: a guide containing helpful links to solving the most common technical issues on TalonRO. TalonRO Wiki: a helpful community-run repository of helpful quest guides, general server information, and much more. General Support Subforum: a place to post technical issues with TalonRO as well as review other posts with similar issues. General Reports Subforum: for all other general rule-breaking infractions, reports may be posted in this subforum and will be dealt with after the Christmas holiday. Thank you for your understanding - we hope that you're having a wonderful holiday and enjoyable time on TalonRO. Normal Support Ticket service will resume on January 2nd. Happy holidays and enjoy the season!
    • By Pipa
      Доброго вренмени суток. Проблема запуска игры на 8 винде в полноекранном режиме разрешение 1920 1080. Суть проблемы в том что поставив в настройках все как нужно и галочку в полноекранном режиме, при запуске клиента появляется маленький квадратик слева сверху на мониторе и все вроде как работает, но в этом окошке ничего не видать -)
      Эта проблема вроде как решается тем что надо свернуть его и нажать на иконку быстрого запуска подождав несколько секунд разрешение становится 1920 1080 как и должно было быть изначально, но в самой игре все тупит все как то с задержками. Повозившись с настройками я устранил проблему с затупами сняв галочку с полноекранного режима все стало работать как положено, но у меня нету желания играть в оконном режиме убедительная просьба помочь в режении этой проблемы( данная проблема почему то только тут на других серверах все нормально). Заранее всем спасибо.