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GM Boreas

Patch: January | Happy 2017!


With 2017 freshly arriving into TalonRO, we're pleased to start off this incredible year of our tenth anniversary! TalonRO will celebrate its tenth year, and we plan to make it the best yet! Starting with our monthly updates, we're pleased to unveil two updates to Tam Tam's Gift and our Monthly Costume Box. Read on for this short but no less enjoyable update!

TTG Runner.png

Tam Tam's Gift comes to the Yuno region this month! Moving from Comodo to the mountainsides of Yuno, this month's TTG region is sure to incite adventure and intrigue!

Please note: this region excludes the "Sleepers" maps (yuno_fild06 and yuno_fild11). Plus, our Champion mobs this month come from the likes of many mountain-bound monsters and familiar faces, such as Dustiness, Beetle King, Poring, Poporing, and Horn!. Good luck exploring around Yuno's ranges and the El Mes Plateau this month for additional opportunities to earn coins and gain valuable experience!

more_info2.pngTamTam's Gift Region

  • January's region includes the Yuno fields / El Mes Plateau area.
    • This month's TTG region excludes yuno_fild06 and yuno_fild11.
  • December's Champions include ADustiness, Beetle King, Poring, Poporing, and Horn.

Box Runner.png

Alongside TTG in this quick update, January 2017's Costume Box contents are now available in the Reward Guru, while the Decembver Costume Box has been removed from the Reward Guru (so long, 2016!). The Rainbow Sigrun Wings as always continue in the top slot - but new offerings such as the Under Lamp costume and Long Rabbit Ears costume are just two of the other incredible offerings this month.

more_info2.pngMonthly Costume Box

Our full contents for January's Costume Box include the following items:

  • Rainbow Sigrun's Wings Costume
  • Under Lamp Costume (lower costume)
  • Long Rabbit Ears Costume
  • Checkered Bandana Costume
  • Catalina von Brad 60 II Costume
  • Drooping Dorasuke Costume
  • Drooping Lumwin Costume
  • Hoplite Helmet Costume
  • Sakkat Costume
  • Lazy Smokie Costume
  • Circlet Costume

Box Master January.png


We're proud to feature artwork in our General News postings from the TalonRO community! Seen in the images above are artwork designs from 132, Marly, and Latif. We hope that you enjoy these one-of-a-kind creations from TalonRO's own amazing community of players.

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    • By GM Howl

      Happy February, Talonians! In our latest monthly patch, we're delighted to incorporate new features, helpful new gameplay changes, squash some bugs, and rotate our Tam Tam's Gift and Monthly Costume Box offerings! This latest patch is designed to keep the game you love full of great updates, which we hope that you will enjoy! Please take a moment to review all of our latest changes below - and as always, happy gaming!

      February's patch includes a number of helpful game edits - based on your feedback and suggestions, as well as fun additions to incorporate in service of making your experience the best that it can be! We've added in new elemental bullets for Gunslingers to give this underappreciated class a little more heft. Plus, new quest experiences are now available in-game to allow for new adventures and amazing new headgears! We hope that you enjoy these and our other gameplay changes listed below.
      Gameplay Changes
      We have temporarily reduced the spawn time on Evil Nymphs during the Winter Event. The Cerulean GMC Box now contains an additional item as part of its potential contents. This box contains the new Flying Drone Costume. New (official) headgear quests have been added in-game and are available throughout Midgard. Fairy Flower quest Hair Brush quest Statue of Baby Angel quest Frog Hat quest Soloplay Box quest New bullets have been added for the Gunslinger class to utilize in their weaponry. Added Shadow-type bullets. Added Ghost-type bullets. Speak with "Bullet Dealer Tony" to see the ingredients needed to craft Shadow and Immaterial bullets! "Magazine Dealer Kenny" now allows you to craft Shadow and Immaterial Cartridges. Both "Bullet Dealer Tony" and "Magazine Dealer Kenny" have been reorganized for easier navigating through the menus. The Dressing Coach in Prontera has been updated to include the latest headgears and costumes, including our latest Winter Scarves and the above-mentioned Flying Drone Costume, among others. The cooldown related to mining a rock within the mining ability has been moved to an earlier point of mining the rock. The intent of this change is to reduce the chances of multiple players interacting with the same rock at the same time. The latest TalonRO logo has been added to player screenshots taken while in-game to reflect our current theme. Items which are obtained from the Slot Machine (and which are account-bound) have now been given a weight of zero (0).
      We've also taken this opportunity in February's patch to squash some bugs and make a few changes to ensure your experience is seamless! We hope that these changes are helpful to you as part of TalonRO's ongoing commitment to work hard toward making your gaming time with us excellent! Read on for our latest round of fixes and edits.
      Bug Fixes
      Fixed a visual display issue with the Minigame girl in order to ensure proper display of available minigames. Fixed the EXP values related to item gathering quests. Edited the name of the Hillslion mob in-game to fix a spelling error with this mob's display name. Fixed issues relating to Malangdo-based quests and their entries in the Quest Log. Fixed being able to teleport to improper cells in the Port Malaya (Bangungot) Hospital.
      Our latest Tam Tam's Gift Region includes a visit to far-off lands with the addition of both the Amatsu and Gonryun fields! Departing from Yuno, these two fields are home to exotic monsters, great mystery, and enchanted encounters! Furthermore, this month's TTG extends into the Amatsu and Gonryun dungeons as well! Enjoy a unique opportunity to make the most of hunting for cheeses in Gonryun Dungeon, or avoiding papercuts from all of those stray papers in Amatsu Dungeon. Plus, this month's Champion monsters take the form of Miyabi Doll, Firelock Soldier, Baby Leopard, Poporing and Zipper Bear! We hope that you enjoy venturing through these two unique and challenging regions this month and all of the extra bonuses that result.
      Tam Tam's Gift
      February's region includes both the Gonryun and Amatsu areas. This includes the related fields as well as Gonryun Dungeon and Amatsu Dungeon floors. February's Champions mobs in this region are: Miyabi Doll, Firelock Soldier, Baby Leopard, Poporing and Zipper Bear.
      February 2017's Costume Box contents are now available in the Reward Guru! This exciting collection this month of course features the much-coveted Rainbow Sigrun Wings, but this month's latest offerings are also a real treat! The Under Lamp Costume continues onward in this month's box as well, giving you another unique opportunity to capture this elite, rare costume. Additional offerings like the Lovely Fox Ears Costume add a festive and playful element to any look, while the aptly named There Is Something costume is...well...really something! We hope that you enjoy our latest offerings in February's box as listed below:
      Monthly Costume Box
      Our full contents for February's Costume Box include the following items:
      Rainbow Sigrun Wings Costume Under Lamp Costume (lower costume) There Is Something Costume Cat Ears Hat Costume Piamette Red Bow Tie Costume Pope's Crown Costume Dowry Costume Remover Hat Costume Fantastic Wig Costume Tiraya Bonnet Costume
      We're proud to feature artwork in our General News postings from the TalonRO community! Seen in the images above are artwork designs from Orchestra, Firstia, *aki, Marly, Latif, and Avari! We hope that you enjoy these one-of-a-kind creations from TalonRO's own amazing community of players.
    • By GM Seiren

      Winter is in the air with our latest December Patch! As winter's chill moves through the Midgard, we're pleased to introduce a few early offerings, such as the return of our seasonal Advent Calendar event, plus new features such as our stylist save, gameplay and bug fixes, and our latest monthly Tam Tam's Gift and Monthly Costume Box. This patch is only the start of our holiday fun, with even more seasonal events to come in the weeks ahead - so read on and learn all about our latest releases, and thanks for your support and enjoyment of TalonRO!

      Our seasonal advent calendar has returned - and we're thankful for every member of the TalonRO community! Just as last year, we're pleased to present our Second-Annual Advent Calendar giveaway as a countdown to Christmas!
      If you're unfamiliar with this concept, Advent Calendars are special calendars which mark each day from now through Christmas Eve. Behind each day on the calendar is often something nice - a small gift in celebration of the big day coming on December 25th!
      Advent Calendar Giveaway
      Visit our 2016 Advent Calendar Official News topic for full details. We hope this fun and wonderful countdown will help ring in the holiday season on TalonRO with lots of cheer and bright wishes. We hope that each of you have a wonderful holiday and thank you as always for your support! Happy Gaming!
      Have you ever been browsing through hairstyles or dye colors and found something interesting, only to want to change up your look again? What if you wanted to come back to that original look? You'll have to remember the right numbers for the dyes and hairstyles...or, you can now use our new "Stylist Save" feature which will allow you to store and name your own custom looks - ready to load at your command! You can save a look and name it to your liking, that way you'll always know which look you can choose from. This new feature will allow you to save and load your favorite dye colors and hairstyles with just a few clicks.
      New: Stylist Save Feature
      Added new option with the Stylist to save and load your stored styles for your character. You can now save your hairstyle, haircolor and clothing color - and load them from the Stylist as well. Styles are shared across characters in your forum account, up to a maximum of 15 slots. All saved styles can be conveniently named to your choice of title, allowing you to recall what you saved with a nickname for your look.
      Our latest winter patch features a special refresh to our War of Emperium castles - complete with a special castle rotation! All of the economy from the previous castles have been transferred to their new counterparts, so feel welcome use the table below to see what new castles have been rotated into the mix! We hope that you'll enjoy these new venues and have fun in War of Emperium!
      WoE Castle Rotation
      War of Emperium castles have been changed to the following new locations: payg_cas02 has changed to aldeg_cas04 aldeg_cas05 has changed to gefg_cas03 gefg_cas05 has changed to payg_cas04 prtg_cas01 has changed to prtg_cas02 schg_cas03 has changed to schg_cas01  arug_cas03 has changed to arug_cas01 Economies from previous castles have been transferred to their new locations.
      Our latest TamTam's Gift Region brings us to the beachy, humid region of the Comodo Fields. Although winter may in the air, it's never a bad time for some warmer weather and time in a warmer region! Please note: this region excludes both cmd_fild02 and cmd_fild03. Plus, our Champion mobs this month come from familiar faces, such as Alligator, Stem Worm, Aster, Crab, and Shellfish. Good luck exploring around Comodo's fields this month for additional opportunities to earn coins and gain valuable experience!
      TamTam's Gift Region
      December's region includes the Comodo Fields area. This month's TTG region excludes cmd_fild02 and cmd_fild03. December's Champions include Alligator, Stem Worm, Aster, Crab, and Shellfish.
      As with all of our monthly patches, we're happy to take the opportunity to squash a few bugs, introduce a few additions, and work to make your gameplay experience as best as possible! Read below for our latest additions and bug fixes.
      Gameplay Edits
      Wave Challenge announcements will now show the size of the party that previously finished the wave run. A "no vending" area has been set up in Mora to provide convenience for players entering the city. Bug Fixes
      Edited a bug which caused Nightmare Amon Ra to cast Fire Pillar at the incorrect level. Previously, this MVP was casting the skill at level 10; the MVP will now correctly cast the level 11 version of the skill. Fixed a bug related to Thanatos Tower which allowed players outside of the proper entering party (that opens the portal to enter the final floor) to enter the final MVP boss floor. With the bug fix, unauthorized players (those outside of the proper party) will not be able to access the floor during another party's attempt.
      Finally, the Costume Box contents for December are now available in the Reward Guru, while the November Costume Box has been removed from the Reward Guru. The Rainbow Sigrun Wings continue in for the holidays - but the amazing additions of the lower headgear Poring Soap Pipe costume and Kamima Baphomet Horn costume are just two of the other incredible offerings this month.
      Monthly Costume Box
      Our full contents for December's Costume Box include the following items:
      Rainbow Sigrun's Wings Costume Poring Soap Pipe Costume Kamima Baphomet Horn Costume Sun Visor Costume Glasses Without Lens Costume Baphomet Hat Costume Casual Drooping Pope Costume Note Headphones Costume Nekoring Hat Costume Captain's Hat Costume White Piggy Bank Costume
      We hope that you'll get something fun from this month's costume box! A new costume box is released at the beginning of the month, available in our Reward Guru located in Prontera. Best of luck in finding something fun!
      We're proud to feature artwork in this patch announcement sourced from our amazing TalonRO community. The community artwork here was uploaded to the forum's shared art gallery - so take a look! Kudos to all of TalonRO's artists - and we hope you see your art or character in this month's designs.
    • By GM Howl

      Our latest Patch unveils our Halloween 2016 event, bringing the festivities and fun to Niflheim! We've also included more content updates, a few bug fixes, and a new dungeon featuring additional challenges in a familiar setting! We hope this November patch makes your time on TalonRO the best that it can be - and with spooky thrills and autumn chills running through Midgard, we're certain that you're about to love what's in store! Read on below for full details on our latest patch:

      Halloween is here, but the festivities in Niflheim are just getting started! This year, peace and prosperity have returned to the city of Verus - but a new threat has come around the corner. The terrible Night King, long sealed away by the Lord of Death, has returned to claim his stake on the city of the dead. Sensing the threat befalling Niflheim, the Lord of Death has invited all from Midgard to take part in the Niflheim celebration of the Hallow's Eve Festival - in part to help defend against the Night King, and in part to enjoy part of Niflheim's annual celebration of peace and fun in the city!
      Halloween Minigames
      To begin, speak with the Queen of the Damned warper in Prontera or Niflheim, who will send you into the peaceful version of Niflheim! Inside of Niflheim, the usual ghosts and undead have made their temporary peace with the living to provide fun minigames to all who come inside! These games include:
      Trick or Treat. The undead residents of Niflheim still love to play Trick or Treat - and talking to them will surely be worth it! Make sure to bring along something for them to eat or you might end up with a trick!
        Simon Says. Copy the movements exactly as ordered - or else, you're out! Be sure to follow the instructions carefully in this minigame which is harder than it looks. If you win, prizes await you!
        Blackjack and Guess the Number. The Hallow's Eve Festival makes Niflheim's Haunted Casino open for business! Play special party-based rounds of Blackjack rotating alongside a haunted Guess the Number minigame. Strike it rich for your opportunity to win tickets!
        The Lair of the Night King. Venture deep within the Night King's lair to thwart his evil plans as the event unfolds. Bring you and three of your closest allies in a party as you make your way to exit and battle your way through the death maze this year. This year's Halloween Event unfolds dynamically - so be on the lookout for this special event!
        The Halloween Challenge. Move your way through a map full of traps and collect more bags of candy than your competitors!
        Poring Seek. Mischievous Porionettes roam around Niflheim when this minigame begins - can you be the one to kill the most within five minutes? You'll race against the clock and one another to see who will win the round!
        Skellington Village's Vanilla Map. The minions of the Night King roam about Skellington in a special Vanilla-only map, where members of the Night King's army will drop special Pumpkin Coins. The Vanilla map is the non-PvP map, where you can earn Pumpkin Coins for costumes and prizes.
        Skellington Village's Hardcore PvP Gameplay. This special area pumps up PvP-based gameplay this year with a PvP-enabled challenge. Mobs in this hardcore map will drop Golden Pumpkin Coins for competitive rewards. The Hardcore map is the PvP-enabled map, where you can earn Golden Pumpkin Coins (as well as regular Pumpkin Coins) for a competition to determine the top three (3) players with the most golden coins at the end of the Hallow's Eve Festival. These coins are earned by killing mobs in the Hardcore field - but you will lose 25% of your Golden Pumpkin Coins if you're killed by another player!
        Night King's Invasions. The Night King and his army aren't likely to stay in the Skellington area. As the event unfolds, the Night King may make his invasion into the world - and you'll need to be ready to answer the call! Meddling in the affairs of the Night King may have consequences for the land of the living...and so the Night King may soon set his eyes on cities within Midgard. Be prepared to fight at a moment's notice! This event, along with the return of the Honeycomb Maze, will unfold as the Hallow's Eve Festival continues on - and be on the lookout!
        Plus much more to discover in this year's Hallow's Eve Festival. Special speed helpers will grant you undead magic to move throughout Niflheim with exceptional speed. Plus, some of the best games are yet to be revealed - you'll only know them as the Hallow's Eve Festival continues! The thrills of Niflheim await you - so be sure to explore them all, while there's still time. Halloween Prizes
      Prizes in this year's Hallow's Eve Festival come from several sources as well - each of which may yield exciting possibilities, such as exclusive pets, new costumes, Trick or Treat Bags and more!
      Tickets, which come from minigames - including town and party-based minigames, plus also other methods hidden throughout the event. These tickets can be exchanged for new 2016 Trick or Treat Bags, which will contain several new items different from previous years. What you'll get from each bag is at random - but it should be something enjoyable! Note: Trick or Treat Bags obtained this year are all account-bound. Points earned through minigames will also be counted throughout the Hallow's Eve Festival. The top three (3) players who earn the most points by participating in this year's many minigames will be handsomely rewarded!
        Pumpkin Coins, which come from fighting Halloween monsters. Once you have collected enough of these tokens, a special prize exchanger will take your coins for a chance to win something from this year's prize pool, including costumes and pets. You'll be able to use Pumpkin Coins or Tickets for this prize exchanger in Niflheim. What you'll win is up to chance: you might win something wonderful from exchanging your tokens, or something ordinary - and may the Lord of Death bestow his blessing upon you! Note: costumes, pets, and other items obtained through this prize exchanger are all account-bound.
        Invasions and other battles against the Night King may also grant you prizes as well. Be sure to defend Niflheim, or wherever the Night King may strike - you may be handsomely rewarded for it! Invasion monsters will drop special tokens that can be redeemed for invasion-stopping credit (and tickets), with regular monsters counting for 1 point and MVPs counting for 50. The MVP tokens can be traded, so feel free to give them to the member of your party you feel deserves them most. You'll also be able to venture into the Night King's lair - but be careful, as what lurks underneath may be very challenging indeed.
        Finally, various competitions throughout the Hallow's Eve festival will yield other great prizes, with winners to be announced at the end of the Hallow's Eve festival. These competitions include: The top three (3) players who have collected the most Golden Pumpkin Coins from the PvP-enabled Hardcore monster map. First place wins: 40 Talon Coins & Ghostring Tall Hat Costume with your name on it, account-bound. Note: this was previously a Dragon Helm Gold Kaho. We changed this after finding out this was a Costume already, though. Second place wins: 30 Talon Coins & Ghostring Tall Hat Costume, account-bound. Third place wins: 10 Talon Coins & Ghostring Tall Hat Costume, account-bound. The top three (3) minigame point collectors. Every winner gets an MVP Card of choice, excluding Maya Purple. The top party of four (4) players who complete the Lair of the Night King with the fastest time. Every winner gets an MVP Card of choice, excluding Maya Purple. The top three (3) people who can prove they've helped the most with stopping the Night King's invasions. Every winner gets an MVP Card of choice, excluding Maya Purple. Note: one person may not win more than one grand prize, so if you feel like you're in the running for any of the previous 3 competitions, keep at it! The Hallow's Eve Festival will conclude on Sunday, November 13. We hope that you'll enjoy all of the incredible adventures that await you as part of the Hallow's Eve Festival. Enjoy your time in Niflheim - and best of luck to you out there!


      Deep within the Morroc Pyramids, archeologists have made a frightening discovery of two additional new levels on this long-discovered dungeon. The Nightmare Pyramids challenge dungeon introduces a new, much more difficult version this classic area. Monsters located within these floors are considerably tougher, but give additional bonus EXP as a result!
      We think you'll enjoy exploring this all-new twist on a familiar dungeon - so bring your party and guild with you, because this is a dungeon you won't want to forget to check out!
      To gain access to the Nightmare Pyramids, you'll need to prove your worth in order to advance to these stages - for they aren't suitable for just anyone! However, deep inside you may discover new challenges, and even a much more challenging version of the Amon-Ra MVP.
      Challenge Dungeon: Nightmare Pyramids
      To enter the Nightmare Pyramids, first speak with the Suspicious Cat at the Thief Guild. To access the Nightmare levels, an entrance fee of 5,000z will be charged. Although the challenge of these levels are greater, slightly higher droprates and some custom drops have been added, along with additional EXP, such as extra Immortal Hearts and useful herbs! A daily (account-bound) quest for Nightmare Verits and Nightmare Ancient Mummies will reward you with EXP and many useful items. such as Immortal Hearts, Heart of Mermaid, Speed Potions, Physical / Magical Defense Potions!
      Our latest TamTam's Gift Region brings us to the windy mountain ranges of Hugel Fields, plus the depths of Abyss Lake Dungeon. The mountain ranges of Hugel are rich with incredible monsters - and the Abyss Lake caverns combine the thrill of great treasure hunting (did someone say Stone Bucklers?) with the added benefits of TamTam's Gift! Challenging Champion Monsters, as always, roam these areas - so be on the lookout for them in your travels in the Hugel Region.
      TamTam's Gift Region
      November's region includes the Hugel Field ranges, plus the Abyss Lake caverns. November's Champions include Yellow Novus, Red Novus, Anopheles, Grove and Breeze.
      Our mid-month patch provides a few more new updates and additions, including updates to our Dressing Coach, addition of helpful items to Pet Groomers, edits to some of our latest mobs to make them more suitable for parties, and much more!
      Gameplay Edits
      The latest headgear sprites have been added to our Dressing Coach. We hope that you'll enjoy trying on some of the latest headgears in-game before and giving them a test drive! Illustration cutins have been added to the Kafra Agent in Mora. Pet Evolution missions in Endless Tower and the Game Master Challenge have been replaced by missions found within some of the newest instance-based dungeons. Edits to the latest mobs in Bifrost and Malangdo have been included to make them more suitable for TalonRO's gameplay. HP values have been reduced to make mobs easier to defeat. EXP values have been increased to enhance hunting spent on these mobs. The cooldown time of the Endless Tower has been reduced by one (1) hour. The "Child Dumpling" pet food has been added to all Pet Groomers which did not previously stock the item. The Thanatos Tower dungeon has been added to the Warp Girl NPC. Most instances are now accessible through the Warp Girl for a small zeny-based convenience fee. All new instanced dungeons are now accessible for a small zeny fee. Some older instances also have a small zeny-based fee due to their travel distance. These instances include the Sealed Shrine and the Buwaya Cave. Other instances, such as Endless Tower, Orc's Memory, and Nidhoggur's Nest, will remain free of charge / no cost in the Warp Girl! The Lesser Agimat item may now be obtained at a slightly higher rate than previously was possible. This is increased from Port Malaya daily quests from 1 to 1-2. The Silvervine Fruit to A-grade Coin output has been slightly reduced for gameplay balance purposes. The amount of Silvervine Fruits required to rent Seagod's Protection and Octopus Hunting Stick, which are used to enter the Malangdo instances, has been slightly reduced. New extended-time Halter Lead mounts are now available from the Rental Master. A 14-day Halter Lead box may be purchased for 125 Bronze Coins. A 30-day Halter Lead box may be purchased for 275 Bronze Coins. GMC tokens which were previously listed as consumable have now been changed to the miscellaneous type. This is to prevent accidental usage / consumption of these items. The Wave Challenge features enhanced checks to ensure that points are properly distributed upon reset. Furthermore, the Challenge will also further properly scan for conditions when your entire party has been defeated. Finally, players will now be able to check if a party is inside the Timed Wave Challenge before attempting to enter. The Game Master Challenge (GMC) will now reset faster if / when a party inside the GMC has failed to complete the challenge.
      Finally, we're happy to take the opportunity to take care of a few bugs and typos to ensure your gaming experience on TalonRO is smooth and incident-free!
      Bug Fixes
      Implemented an official rAthena-based bug fix which changes all bAtk bonuses to bBaseAtk bonuses. The bAtk bonus does not officially exist and therefore the switch to bBaseAtk reflects official behavior. This may result in some weapon damage variance for equipment which grants explicit +X ATK bonuses. Due to the nature of this bug, implementation of this change was deemed critical and necessary for TalonRO. Fixed the attainment rate of the Lesser Agimat item in some Port Malaya quests. Previously, some quests were giving out too few of these items. Fixed a daily quest cooldown bug within the Malangdo quest series. Various typo fixes contained within the latest updates. The town of Mora may now be both warped-to and returned-to as with other towns like it. Fixed the prefix to the Vanberk Card item. The new qualifier is "Arta's" - previously, this was "Shrewd." Requirements for the Star Gladiator Feeling Reset quest have been clarified in-game. Fixed the items Cat Club and Cat Hand Glove's item type. Previously, they were classified in the wrong item type. Repaired the black/blank map cells in Thor's Volcano - Third Floor (thor_v03).
      Costume Box contents for November are now available in the Reward Guru, while the October Costume Box has been removed from the Reward Guru. The Rainbow Sigrun Wings continue  - but this month's costumes celebrate the Hallow's Eve Festival with special nods to Halloween Heritage, including the delicious Ghostring Tall Hat Costume. This Ghostring-edition of the famous Whisper Tall Hat is sure to be a real crowd pleaser this month, as are all of our other Halloween-inspired selections! Our full contents for November's Costume Box include the following:
      Rainbow Sigrun's Wings Costume Ghostring Tall Hat Costume Deviruchi Headphones Costume Ribbon Wizard Hat Costume Skull Cap Costume Small Deviling Hat Costume Helm of Darkness Costume Zherlthsh Mask Costume Cursed Book Costume Pumpkin Head Costume Whisper Mask Costume Pretend Murdered Costume We hope that you'll get something fun from this month's costume box! A new costume box is released at the beginning of the month, available in our Reward Guru located in Prontera. Best of luck in finding something fun!