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Valentines Day is sneaking up on us! Of course that means romance has started creeping into the air, even if some of you deny it, it's there~ And with romance comes stories of love. So with that in mi

http://pastebin.com/fpNHxGjZ Ign :Kono Yusuke

Hello lovelies! I am so sorry for all the delays, I had to move and ended up without internet >: I'll do my best to have winners announced by mid next week and then I'll get prizes to you lovely de

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15 minutes ago, ihazbackuptalon said:

@GM Cherri

I have 2 questions:

  1. Is it ok for the story to have the settings of Ragnarok in general, or must it include custom features from tRO, such as talon coins, seal quests, etc?
  2. Is love between boys/girls/apaches allowed?


The story does not need to contain specific talonRO items, no. But it shouldn't be obviously set in some other server or game xD

Love can be between whoever you like.

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6 hours ago, Kurai Shónin said:

if we do a comic, can that still qualify? it has word count after all ;D

I have the best love story ever that must be told!!!

This event calls for written stories, not comics~

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