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GM Howl

April Patch | BG Refresh & More

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    • By GM Howl

      May flowers begin to bloom this month on TalonRO! Our latest monthly patch unveils new changes to the Wave Challenge minigame, plus bug fixes to Taekwon Missions, expanded Bonus Bundle options, and much more! We're also pleased to unveil a new addition to the Player Control Panel in the form of the new Item Wishlist feature! Plus, enjoy a new monthly Costume Box and a new Tam Tam's Gift region. Please take a moment to review all of our latest changes below - and as always, happy gaming!

      The latest feature to enter the Player Control Panel is the all-new Item Wishlist. This new feature, available on the Panel, allows you to curate a special list of items that you're seeking for your Game Accounts within your Master Account. Simply enter in the ID number of the item you're looking for, populate with some information - such as the maximum amount of zeny you're looking to spend on the item, and what types of additional cards or enchants you're looking for that item to have, and the wishlist will keep running track! What's even better? When the item that you're looking for is below your target maximum price, you'll receive an email alerting you that the item is available! The item wishlist will periodically check the marketplace for the items, and the Item Wishlist will let you know when it swept the market last for you - ensuring that you have data which you can use to secure the item(s) that you want! We hope this new feature proves helpful, effective, and efficient for all of our community members - and most of all, we hope that you'll enjoy it!
      Player Control Panel - Item Wishlist
      The new Item Wishlist feature is now live on the Player Control Panel! Create and curate your own wishlist of items that you're looking for in the market easily by entering the ID number of the item. You can even add modifiers, such as the exact refine rate you're looking for if applicable, plus cards, enchantments, and more. Enter in the maximum price that you're willing to spend. When the item falls below that price on the market, TalonRO will send you an email to the address on file for your Master Account to alert you of the price and availability! The Item Wishlist will also automatically sweep the marketplace for you, and will keep track of when this search was last performed.


      Our latest gameplay changes are designed to address essential needs to make your gaming experience on TalonRO the best that it can be! The GM Staff is always assessing the state of gameplay and working to make things dynamic, challenging, and - most of all - fun! Read below for our latest gameplay changes:
      Gameplay Changes
      The Wave Challenge minigame is now instanced for your immediate use! This means you'll never have to worry about finding an available room - play in on instanced mode and party on! The skill set of the lower level mercenaries have been slightly adjusted, and prices for these mercenaries have been reduced slightly as well (with even greater price reductions for Timed Mode). Various new monsters and MVPs have been added to the spawn lists with in the Wave Challenge to freshen up the content within this minigame. The Unlimited Challenge Mode, while functionally unlimited, now contains a hard limit of 12 hours due to its compatibility with being instanced. However, this time frame does not impost a timed ceiling, as it well exceeds the length of time for virtually any party play. The 1-hour limit per floor has been removed. Your party can participate as long as desired per floor, so long as the final time limit has not elapsed. Although we have thoroughly tested this instance, bugs might be present. If you find any, please report them to us as soon as possible! Changes to the Bonus Bundle have also been implemented: Kafra Agents will now be available to grant the "storeall" feature for a fee of 1,000 zeny. This option will place all of your items in your inventory into storage for you in a single transaction. This option will only available through the Bonus Bundle options when enabled. The Bonus Bundle has also been moved back to the Reward Guru. The cost for the Bonus Bundle via the Reward Guru will be 50 Copper Coins. This reflects its previous price prior to being moved out of the Reward Guru. Slightly increased the size of the no-vending zone in Comodo. Slightly increased the Hazy Forest cooldown from 2.5 hours to 4 hours. Aegir Armor now drops from Kraken and Aegir Cloak now drops from Red Eruma rather than the other way around. The location of the Stylist and Dressing Coach has moved! This is to better separate the entry point for new players, while keeping a dedicated space open for stylist and dressing options. The new location of the Stylist and Dressing Coach can be found in Prontera near 165,168 - at the building located near the Vending Officer NPC in Prontera. As a result, the chatbox-allowed zone in Prontera has been moved down a bit.

      Our latest bug fixes are also part of our ongoing effort to ensure that TalonRO runs smoothly, and that your experience is running at full capacity! TalonRO always takes the opportunity with our monthly updates to address any lingering issues through player-based bug reports or those brought to our attention - all with the hope of making your gaming time great. Read below for this month's latest bug fixes:
      Bug Fixes
      The Taekwon Mission skill should now (really) be fixed! This skill will now only select monsters from within the Dead Branch database. Previously, this skill would pull potential monsters from the entire database range, which occasionally would include unavailable / event / unimplemented monsters as part of a TK mission. The Novice Shield (item # 2113) now properly reduces damage from Holy and Shadow elements. Fixed Leak Card (item # 4520) also causing Confusion on enemies when using non-Magic skills. Fixed !killannounce showing Lost Dragon kills. Fixed questlog entries for Peace for Arunafeltz quest.  

      This month's Tam Tam's Gift region takes us into a classic dungeon worth re-exploring: Umbala Fields and Dungeon! Embark on a special rumble in the jungle and fight against this month's Champion Monsters and earn yourself valuable coins, additional experience, and much more!
      Tam Tam's Gift Region
      May's region includes the Umbala Field maps and Umbala Dungeon map. This month's Champion Monsters are as follows: Wootan Fighter Dustiness Beetle King Stone Shooter Wootan Shooter
      Finally, no monthly patch would be complete without our latest monthly costume box! With our new graphic below, you'll be able to see which costumes are part of our classic series, all the way up to which in the monthly box are truly so rare that they might as well be legendary! The Rainbow Star Costume returns to our monthly costume box, and includes the wildly exotic Nidhogg Wig to make your mane look fabulous! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! May's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard!
      May 2017 Monthly Costume Box
      This month's costume items include the following Rainbow Star Costume Nidhogg Wig Costume Heavenly Dark Flame Costume Protection Crown Costume Drooping Ahat Costume Monochrome Gothic Bonnet Costume Sitting Pope Costume Barrel Helm Costume Tiger Face Costume Ashura Fairy Hat Costume Sailor Hat Costume Deviruchi Hat Costume
      We hope that you enjoy this month's latest updates - and, as always, happy gaming from all of us on TalonRO!
      It is our great pleasure and privilege to proudly feature artwork from the TalonRO community as part of our monthly patch update series!
      Artwork featured in this month's update includes work from PhantomPuppeteer, Yoshimi, Elza, Antei Kun, Marly, and GM Spica!