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GM Seiren    1139

Extra update!

You may now add up to two (2) Co-Leaders to your guild page. Co-Leaders can edit all the guild page settings the same way the Guild Leader is able to as well as approve / reject invitation requests. This is, of course, not required.

Enjoy! :)

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    • By Azgrim
      В последнее время Дискорд всё более активно используется в геймерских кругах, набирая популярность из-за своего удобства и функционала, совмещая голосовой чат с текстовыми возможностями уровня форума, работая через приложения на всех платформах и даже просто в браузере.
      Объединёнными силами гильдий Red Alert, Saint-P, ALASKA и Kets был сделан общегильдовый канал для всех русскоговорящих игроков, в котором вы можете пообщаться на различные темы, найти совет или руководство по интересующим вас вопросам, будь то гайды по профессиям, прохождение квестов, поиск гильдии, пати или отдельных игроков.
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      Hello everyone,
      This will work as an introduction/lf guild topic and I'll try to be as pragmatic as possible :D.
      "We" are a group of 8 players, most of us veteran in Ragnarok (10 years), after a long break we decided to join a Ragnarok server and we ended up here. We are all from Portugal and on 25-29 age range, all with full time jobs so you can consider us as casual players =).
      We started few weeks ago and we got the "must have" gear mostly covered.
      We are looking for PvM/Vanilla WoE/BGs/Non-Trans WoE Guilds. Contact in-game: Wyvex
      Our classes:
      High Priest High Priest Paladin High WIzard Sniper Lord Knight Gypsy Clown -----
      Regarding the Non-Trans WoE subject, we are focusing on main char gears for now, soon I'll update here the classes we are making for those scenarios, so basicaly this is a dual recruit post, since we will also want a guild to play non trans WoE.
      Note: Due to our location, the WoE schedules on this server are really hard to attend for us (at Wednesday is impossible), so we can only attend to Saturday WoEs.
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      Hey guys,
      I thought the community could benefit from one place listing tRO's active guilds, especially since not all of them have recruitment threads here. I will divide this listing into four categories based on the guilds' primary objectives (WoE, PvM, Social, Services), but I'll also include the symbols below next to their entries to indicate secondary activities. I'll try to keep it as up to date as possible. 
      I hope this can become a useful resource for both recruitment purposes as well as those looking for a new home, but we can always scrap it if there's no interest. No hard feelings. 8) 
      Edit: Thanks for pinning, whoever did~

      Join the Directory!
      Please post here or mail me the following:
      Guild Name Link (recruitment thread and/or website, or your tRO forum profile if you have neither) Your PRIMARY and secondary activities, if any (primary will decide which category you will be listed under) If you lead a WoE guild: please list which WoE (vanilla, unres, NT, FE, SE?) If you lead a guild that provides commercial services such as leeching or Seals, specify which also

      TalonRO Guild Directory

      ⚔ WoE
      Crimson X NT thread
      Enigma V-SE thread | web
      Ghostz V-FE V-SE ☺︎➴ thread | web
      Lost Legion V-SE ➴ thread | web
      ➴ PvM
      Crimson Guild thread
      Nephilim ☺︎ thread | web
      Nomine Domini☺︎ contact
      On-Line☺︎thread | discord
      Radioactive☺︎  web | fb
      Will of the D thread | web
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      Aeon➴ thread | web
      Firefly Parade ➴ thread
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      Sax and Violins thread