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GM Seiren

Features | Guild Recruitment Expansion

Extra update!

You may now add up to two (2) Co-Leaders to your guild page. Co-Leaders can edit all the guild page settings the same way the Guild Leader is able to as well as approve / reject invitation requests. This is, of course, not required.

Enjoy! :)

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      Hey guys,
      I thought the community could benefit from one place listing tRO's active guilds, especially since not all of them have recruitment threads here. I will divide this listing into four categories based on the guilds' primary objectives (WoE, PvM, Social, Services), but I'll also include the symbols below next to their entries to indicate secondary activities. I'll try to keep it as up to date as possible. 
      I hope this can become a useful resource for both recruitment purposes as well as those looking for a new home, but we can always scrap it if there's no interest. No hard feelings. 8) 
      Edit: Thanks for pinning, whoever did~

      Join the Directory!
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