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32 minutes ago, Sven Soft said:

Omg Arya got so many amazing artworks for her now! Wonderful job!

Thank you so much, Sven! I really enjoy drawing RO characters (mostly because I get to see so much variety), so it was fun! /lv

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Finished 2 commissions for @Arya! Full sizes have been given through PM~


Uni semester is starting again, so I might be a little busy with my writing, but I'm definitely going to finish every one in my wait list! Pardon my slowness~

Not sure if dats a grill or a guy. My guess will be Astolfo./desp

Edited by M a s h i` Desu

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13 hours ago, M a s h i` Desu said:

Not sure if dats a grill or a guy. My guess will be Astolfo./desp

LOOL that was the idea behind it and it means I have ultimately succeeded /gg

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1 hour ago, Amissapanda said:

Amazing work as always, Fumi! Seeing your art never fails to make me happy~ /lv

I could say the same about you so please post more naked Yune-- I mean sexy-- yes that's exactly what I meant cough
Your support gives me life, Manda T__T Inhalesss /eneand floats to paradise~
I honestly really need to buy equipment because I'm a weak beansprout, but sweats hard at the love cheek and black walking cat costume... (who needs gear anymore right??)

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On 9/18/2017 at 11:31 PM, SeasaltCaramel said:

Omfg you are KILLING it with all of these commissions right now. /awsm Great job as always!!

Thank you so much ;__;!! It's an honor always~ <33

Also I must apologize for not keeping myself updated with my commissions. A family member was suddenly hospitalized, so I've been very upset and emotional and neglected everything. That being said, it didn't feel right for not letting everyone on the waitlist know of my whereabouts, so I'm adding this out there. I'm really sorry for the wait, but I will be back to complete the list once I've gathered myself together. Thank you so much for waiting for so long and being extremely patient with me, it really means a lot.

If you would like to update me on your commission status or just anything at all, my inbox is always open. <3

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Am sorry to hear that, my prayers are with you and your family. Please take all the time you need /lv

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    • By hligg

      Uhh... hiya. I'm kinda new to the server and well, I've been a little unproductive since I started so I thought maybe I'd do some drawings for you guys? That... that sounds about right, yeah.
      So err... I offer (prices have been updated after some advice):
      5 million zeny for a full body sketch.
      3m zeny for a half body.
      1m zeny for a bust.
      +1m per additional character, +500k for rough colour.
      I won't start on the sketch until we've agreed on the quote. :'o
      Some samples, I guess:

      You can find more of my work here or... here.
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      I... guess that's it. I'm a little shy about these kinda things, but setting this up's a step forward maybe. I hope you guys like.
      Oh, and you can reach me in game through Hligg or -Hligg. More on the latter lately... I've been leveling the alchemist biochemist.
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      Welcome to Kino's Litte Art Shop~
      Current Status:
      Open / Closed
      Hello~ I am pretty new to TalonRO though I've been around for awhile. Busy with school and stuff really kills me from playing and getting good gears, so with persuasion from friends in my old guild, I decided to take up the challenge and try this out. I realized that not many offer cartoon-ish??? kind of style so I thought I'll offer my kind of style up to see whether there's market here. Also, gives me a good opportunity to put up some stuffs for my portfolio for school Huehuehue.
      So what can I offer you? I'm glad you ask~


      1. Chibi Emoticon 6M / 6 TC
      2. Head shot icon 15M/ 16TC (with action extra 1M/1TC)
      3. Waist shot 30M /30 TC (complicated details a little extra)
      WAIT! There's more because I realized everyone offer's digital art. I would like to see if Traditional Medium art is worth anything so here you go~

      1. Watercolour (Bust Shot and Waist Shot available)
      2. Gouache (Headshots only)
      If you want to commission me for traditional medium, please join my commission discord server to know the prices. I can't offer zeny prices because the originals will be shipped to you if you want the original art piece! Since they say can't use real money here, so please do check out my discord server!
      If you're interested in commissioning me, please do fill out the following~ If possible please do send the fill-up form to my discord channel under Commission Form Submission if not comment below if you don't have discord.
      Process of Commission
      - I will only start when full payment is made to Kandelya 
      - I will give you the draft and allow you to make a maximum of 2 revisions.
      - To keep up to date and to check out the progress please join my Commission Discord Server! 
      as I want to prevent people from stealing and taking works. I will not upload high resolution works here.
      1. Kanom [Chibi Emoticon/ 10%/ Fully Paid ]
      2.  Iela [Chibi Emoticon/ 0% / Not yet]
      3. Sound [ Waist Shot x2/ 0% / Fully Paid ]
      4. Jieeya [Chibi Emoticon /0 %/ Fully paid]
      5. Yuren [ Waist shot / 0% / Yet Paid ]
      Waiting List
      1. Kanom [ Waist shot (Anime style) ]

      THANK YOU ~
      Interested in supporting my works? Visit me at
      Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter | Ko-fi