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Battlegrounds | Closed Beta & Updates

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    • By GM Howl
      Our Battlegrounds Closed Beta Testing is still available for signups! Although the TalonRO team has been working hard at refreshing the Battlegrounds offering, we still need your help in order to obtain an accurate number of players to test all available modes. Read on below for our latest updates and to enlist in helping to test bring Battlegrounds to the entire TalonRO community!

      Although testing continues on the Battlegrounds refresh, we would like to inform the community that the live BG event unveiling has been postponed until all available testing can be completed. In the spirit of transparency, this postponement is due to the fact that the modifications to Battlegrounds are complex, and cannot presently be implemented in a way which does not cause errors to the server environment. Moreover, several features are still pending implementation, making the refresh as of yet incomplete.
      It is our goal to thoroughly test and approve all features before they enter the world of Midgard - and so the work continues to get it right! We appreciate your patience as our team continues to work hard on these updates. At the end of the day, we're all people too - and sometimes we don't get it correct on the first go-around or are able to spend all the time that we'd like on fixing features - but we'll do our best to continue onward and bring the best offerings we can when we're confident that they're ready for our amazing community.
      This is where we need your help! BG testing still requires a large number of Battlegrounds beta testers in order to properly validate all modes of BG gameplay. Our live Closed Beta Test is still scheduled - which we anticipate to be able to take place sometime with in the next two weeks. If you feel confident that you can help, we'd love to have your participation!
      As always, we'll keep you updated on our latest improvements and progress - and thank you for understanding as we work to get this right!
      Battlegrounds Refresh
      Our Battlegrounds Refresh closed beta testing is still available for signups. Requirements: please be an experienced Battlegrounds participant - meaning that you are familiar with how Battlegrounds works / operates, how to form teams, modes of gameplay, etc. Please also have PvP and/or Battlegrounds equipment at the ready on your character to ensure proper participation. To sign up: please visit our TalonRO Battlegrounds Closed Beta page and follow the instructions by indicating your interest in the beta process. Instructions and time of the test will be included in an email if you are selected for the beta test, which we expect to be scheduled within two weeks. As a result of the closed beta test and continued needs for testing, our live Battlegrounds Refresh event will be postponed. We hope to be able to provide more information once we have performed a beta test with fidelity on the Battlegrounds experience! Thank you for your understanding, interest, and participation - and as always, happy gaming!