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[INVITE ONLY] Poseidon (Unrestricted WoE:SE/WoE:FE) - We're just here to have some fun!

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12 hours ago, Dante564 said:

I know it won't be possible BUT, is it possible that a priest level 97 (Tharim) and a Rogue (Ventrous) which are my charachters can join your guild?

If not I understand, because I can't WoE yet.

Not being able to WoE yet, doesn't disqualify you from joining a WoE guild at all. I applaud you for even asking despite the position you're in. /ok

Give me a forum PM so we can help get you settled in, we're always willing to help new people onto the battlefield. 

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WoE is dead in Talon. Poseidon's initial enemy, Summer Solstice, have disbanded and current enemy,  MOTE, is only limiting member at 20 (...like wtf are they even). I'm surprised Poseidon is even entertaining them.  There are still many woe players out there waiting for something to come up but its just........#timetoleave

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On 7/30/2017 at 3:41 PM, Keidan said:

Simply just here to have some fun, my friend. /ok 

We like entertain ourselves, since the game can't anymore.

I'll just.... go back to my bed.....

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    • By Razzz
      Hey you!  Yeah, YOU!  C'mere a second....

      We're recruiting YOU to join our cause!  

      ~ Member slots as of 10/19/2017  : 30 out of 46 ~

      What IS our cause?
      We mostly just hang out and chat while also assisting each other as best we can.
      More specifically, at this time we're just leveling up, grabbing gear, and socializing the absolute heck outta each other!
      Oh, and we're utterly weird and total dorks.
      I mean that in a good way.
      Pssst....We're already running Abbey, Odin, Thor, and ET (admittedly very casually at this time)

      Home Town:


      Time Zone:
      Server Time
      *We have people from all around the world, but schedule events by server time

      1.  Follow TalonRO rules, as expected

      2.  Don't be a jerk, be it harassing, ksing, spamming, begging, hate speech, or what have you!
      You represent us and we ain't letting you give us a bad name!

      *If one of our guildies gives you trouble feel free to message me about it!

      3.  Do not enter this guild with the idea of freebies!
      We will assist you, we will give our advice, but we are not a charity dang it!

      *As we get more crowded/active we plan to put in place a warning system of sorts.

      4.  We are temporarily allowing alts in the guild, one alt per member.
      Tell us which is your main and which is the alt for organization purposes as alts will be kicked for room if need be.

      However, at this time, we're not making it public and will instead give the address to members as they join.

      Who do you contact for recruitment or other inquiries about the guild?

      1.  Leave a message in this thread!
      2.  Pm me here on the forums!
      3.  Contact one of the following ingame!

      Guild Leaders: 
      Dazzling Dork
      Tolrine D
      Core Members:



      ^^^^ Aftermath of ET run 10/15/2017 and taken by Tolrine D
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      Wir sind die Himmelsdrachen – eine Gilde von deutschsprachigen Spielern für deutschsprachige Spieler, die gemeinsam etwas erreichen wollen!
      Auf der Suche nach Spiel, Spaß, Spannung und gutem Equip machen wir seit Juli den TalonRO-Server unsicher. Dabei suchen wir frei nach der Devise „Gemeinsam statt einsam“ immer wieder neues Frischfleisch - denn je mehr wir sind, umso besser wird die Erfahrung!

      Gildenlevel: 23
      Leader: Ace Chase - Co-Leader: waffelchen
      Gildenspot: Gonryun über dem Chef Assistant (links neben der Kafra)

      Ob jung oder alt, arm oder reich, Männlein oder Weiblein, Neuling oder Veteran – bei uns sind allerlei Spieler vertreten. Daher ist bei uns auch jeder willkommen, denn sowohl für alteingesessene RO-Suchtis als auch für blutige Anfänger finden sich immer wieder Möglichkeiten, sich zu Partys zusammen zu finden. Bei uns erwarten dich außerdem:
      eine faire Gildenleitung mit offenem Ohr
      ein eigener Discord-Server
      organisierte, regelmäßig stattfindende ET-Partys
      viele level- und farmlustige Mitspieler
      verrückte Persönlichkeiten
      lustige Spieleabende

      Wir suchen nette, gesellige Menschen, die unser Gildenleben bereichern. Dabei ist uns egal, wie lange du auf TalonRO schon spielst oder welches Level/Equip dein Charakter hat. Im Vordergrund stehen der Spaß und der Wunsch, gemeinsam vorwärts zu kommen!
      Damit du deine Zeit bei uns vollständig genießen kannst, solltest du allerdings Discord mitbringen und am besten auch ein Headset (Zuhören reicht aber aus), da sich ein nicht unwesentlicher Anteil des Gildenlebens dort abspielt.

      Dann melde dich über das Rekrutierungssystem auf der TalonRO Homepage oder über diesen Thread bei uns! Gerne sind wir auch ingame für dich da - schau einfach an unserem Gildenspot vorbei!
      Wir freuen uns auf dich!
      Die Himmelsdrachen
    • By Peds.
       Welcome to Leftovers! 

      A Social/PVM guild that has been founded on June 6, 2016
      Most of us came from the guild "Royal Blood" with alot of stories to tell 
      We are a small guild with a mix of all types of players. Each one of us likes to do slightly different things, but we're getting along pretty well. We like to farm together and help each other out.
      We accept any player regardless of nationality as long as they are looking to join with a common goal of self improvement while building a team around themselves.
      Guild Hangout:
      Amatsu, the Land of Destiny
      Guild Leader: Peach Seer
      Co-Leaders: Champ Peds, * Zyon ~
      Officers: Celestine Endecourt, Hanechi, Milk Chemist, Lore Mistress, Arkengarth, AhJiGux3, Quique, Fritzeen
       Leftovers Newsletter: 
      What we do:
      MvP Hunting
      Endless Tower Climb
      Dungeon Raids [Thanatos, Juperos Core farming]
      Leech Party
      Daily Hunting Board Quest
      Wave Challenge
      Game Master Challenge
      Guild Events
      Dead Branch and Bloody Branch Party
      Novice Games
      and so much more to come!
      The Guild is most active during 13:00 - 23:00 servertime but we are trying to recruit people from other timezones as well 
      1. Be active and socialize.
      2. Respect everyone.
      3. Be open-minded. We don't want people who can easily be offended or can't accept a little criticism.
      4. Join guild raids. Geared or not, we don't mind, it's the experience we're after.
      5. No begging, please.
      6. Always follow the Tro rules, Remember, you are carrying our guild banner.
      7. Speak English (esp in guild chat). We are international guild.
      8. HAVE FUN and avoid dramas (but we can't, can we?)
      9. [most important rule, but you have to join us to know what it is] 
      We're accepting newbies and veteran players alike. If ever you are a veteran player and can't find your old friends, or if you are a newbie looking for someone to show you around, then this guild is for you 
      If you'd like to join please just pm me, or sign up here, or any names up there and I'm sure they'd be happy to send an invite.