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Hello. Old returning player here from aRO days. Pre/post split era. Was looking at guild section and notice a familiar guild from the old days. Any old players still left here? frostblades here who used to main prof back in the day. Saw an old aRO player by chance in game.. hi Silent xD and was told that some of the old aRO players still active.. lugsy's name was dropped, still playing stalker bro? and Adrian who if memory serves me right used to play HW. SO here I am wondering if there are still other old familiar players out there. xD

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Hi legion. Good to know Mote still alive and kickin'. Man time flies, eh? Over ten years now.. geezus we old as fck. Just remembering some players from the old days sure brings tons of nostalgia. Ya'll embodiment of Mote for life for sure! Been playing from time to time and what I've noticed is there's no longer a PvP and WoE scene in this game. The server is now reduced to mostly costumes and PvM. =/

Edit: It's sad lots of players are missing out on the adrenaline rush kind of feel from epic PvP and WoE. Those good ol' days sure was a blast. haha.

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Hey Kenji. Frost here. Weren't you Pally back then bro? Using my brother's account cuz apparently, I cant recover my original account now. Just got updated on what happened to this guild. So yá'll League of Win now and using GlowStick Tribunal logo too lol. I was like.. damn this logo looks too familiar. I was spot on. So far seen only two familiar logos from our day. GT and Reso. I'm dropping by Sunday or w/e when you guys are only apparently active for WoE. Gonna catch up with ya'll.  

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On 1/1/2018 at 12:10 AM, SoBe said:

Hi MotE, anyone remember me? I am a MotE on aRO long ago xD

I don't remember you /gg man I miss the good ol days. It's not the same, 2006-2009ish were the golden days of our server

Is that kyle/pwn? sup bro!

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