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    • By GM Howl
      We're pleased to announce the return of our special Discord-based GM Team AMA - where you'll get to ask members of the GM staff your questions about TalonRO! AMA, which is short for "Ask Me Anything" is a popular format of rapid-fire questions and answers in real time, and we're taking your questions this Sunday, July 2 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm Server Time in Discord (to convert into your local timezone, click here)!
      During this special session, members from our GM team will be on hand to answer any and all of your questions in rapid format. Have you been curious about a special piece of TalonRO role? Are you looking for more information on the Ginnunggap? Have you ever wondered what it looks like to run an event behind the scenes? We're looking forward to your great questions about TalonRO and the game we all love! Please remember to keep your questions centered around TalonRO, and we'll do our very best to answer them!
      We hope that you'll be able to join us for this special AMA hour. To participate, simply visit our TalonRO Discord AMA channel, or click on the box below to be taken directly to our chat! We'll see you then - and, as always, happy gaming!

      And in case you missed it, we're pleased to unveil our special Twitch Streaming Center! Watch some of your favorite Talonians stream their live gameplay through Midgard - when they're streaming, you'll see a notification appear on the forums that a Twitch stream is available. Simply click on the person streaming to be taken directly through to Twitch - where you can watch their experiences and adventures in real time!
      Interested in becoming a TalonRO Twitch streamer? Consider signing up and we'll register your Twitch URL along with your Discord name so Talonians all over will know when you're broadcasting your adventures to the world! Sign up through our forum thread and we'll get you into the widget for when you're ready to stream live!
      We hope that you'll enjoy these features - and we're looking forward to seeing you at our GM AMA this Sunday! Thanks as always, and happy gaming!
    • By fatale
      Is this live stream of TalonRO indeed a live stream from TalonRO?