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GM Spica

Summer Art Contest: Postcards from TalonRO

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7 hours ago, Graytea said:

Should I draw sexy male GMs or the ladies this time? /heh
I shall think about it in the meantime...

PS: Does it have to be in Landscape mode or could it be in Portrait as well? Thanks!

Entries must follow the format, that's 450px wide by 300px tall so it has to be in landscape mode indeed.

On the plus side, the frame is quite small anyway so I'm sure you'll be able to fill it out! :) 

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IGN: Mini Cherrios

Entry #1 - no peeking ;)


Entry #2 - Squid friend not food




Edited by Cherrios
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    • By GM Saen

      Hello, Talonians!
      To celebrate this summer we have a special art contest for you. Your task? To create postcards which represent our server as well as the summer season in some way! Perhaps you'll snap a picture of  a TamTam sandcastle you built on your local beach? Paint a scenic landscape of a Jawaii sunset? Draw an illustration of how you and your guildmates would enjoy the summer holiday in Rune-Midgard? Any visual medium is accepted, so let your creativity shine!
      The winners will get to see their work published from August 1st. 
      We look forward to your entries, and hope you're having a fantastic summer!

      Submission Deadline
      Monday, 25th of July 2016
      Midnight Server Time

      Submission Guidelines
      Entries must be 450px wide by 300px tall.  Entries must be original artwork, and cannot be copied from someone else's work. Entries must fit the Summer and TalonRO themes.  You must include your In-Game Name in the post, along with your submission. You are allowed to submit multiple entries for this competition. You must post your entries in this thread. If posting additional entries before the deadline, please edit your first submission post.

      ✔Correct dimensions ✔TalonRO themed ✔Summer themed
      ✘No original artwork ✘Comic Sans (Jk. Sort of. Try us.)

      ✔Correct dimensions ✔TalonRO themed ✔Summer themed
      ✘Back of the postcard - no art - we want the front! ✘Bullying GM Howl

      ✔Correct dimensions ✔TalonRO themed ✔Summer themed
      ✔Original artwork ✔Burying GM Howl


      All winning submissions will receive 10 Talon Coins as a reward.

      If you submit multiple entries, you also will receive an additional prize of 5 Talon Coins for each subsequent entry selected!

      In addition, all qualifying entries will receive a special treat as a thank you for participation.