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Something is coming!

GM Seiren

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Preparations for this incoming GM surprise:

Step 1:

Log off all your vendors and migrate them to a safe are immediately...

(Prontera isnt safe)

(Cities arent safe)

*The only safe place is: abbey 3rd floor... King's room. we are safe there

Step 2:

keep away from open fields. Hide behind houses, buildings, props, etc.

Have patience, form parties... be prepared.

Step 3:

Make sure you have a good line up in party: Priest, Asura, AD Bio, Pally, WS, and noob.

Step 4:

Make sure you have all your gears with you and bring the following supplies:

HP/SP Pots

Resu Leaf

+stats food


Step 5:

make sure you have your WS repairing your weapons in case of breaking...

Keep them alive specially your pally and HP

Step 6:

Cry and battle with your full spirit!

Good luck

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