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TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

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LiLee404    1

Are we allowed to take on more than one GM challenge?


3 hours ago, GM Zelda said:

@LiLee404, up to three!

Thank you ..this is what happens when you multitask, lol. Reserving this spot for my entry :3

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GM Zelda    213
On 08/08/2017 at 2:42 PM, GM Zelda said:

How about taking your cooking one step further to meet our amazing Grand Chef Challenges? You can include up to three of our Challenges in your whole meal!

@LiLee404, up to three!

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bchan03    18

Spicy Hill Wind Quarter 


Level required to start: 60

Items requirements:

1 Whole Hill Wind Meat (chicken)

1 Tbsp. of Chili Garlic Sauce

1 Large Potato

1 Plastic Wrapper

Gathering the Ingredients and Cooking the meal

Step 1: Go to the vendor in Izlude Town: 89, 146 and buy the needed items


Step 2: Go to Morroc Town: 253, 158, Talk to the young man and he will tell you about this food that gives ASPD + 20 and MDEF + 10 for 2 minutes. He will point you towards geffen.


Step 3: Once you talk to the young man head over to geffen, look for the mage guild and talk to the NPC standing by the machine, he will ask you to show him the items required, show it to him. once he sees the items he will point you to the machine.


Step 4: a. talk to the machine and put the whole hill wind meat inside, you have to pay 1000z, when done you will recieve a hill wind quarter leg.


              b. once you have the thigh, talk to the machine again, this time put the thigh, chilli garlic sauce, and plastic wrapper and mix. you should get a "marinated meat"


              c. place the marinated meat inside the machine and choose the option "cook" the machine will cook the meat for around 10-15 minutes. viola you have a spicy hill wind  quarter.

Step 5: Place the potato inside the machine and choose the option "mash", you now have a savory side dish.

Step 6: Place the "Spicy Hill wind quarter" and "mashed potato" inside the machine once again and choose the option "PLATE" this will plate your dish alongside a cup of rice and a mix of mixed veggies.



Challenge: avid gamer, hawt, taters /awsm

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