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TalonRO is now hiring - and we're looking for you! We're looking to expand the GM team to include a variety of positions on the staff, including those who are not only interested in holding events regularly, but also people who have decent RO knowledge, want to help other players or possess a high degree of technical knowledge with coding skills. Specialties include the following open staff positions:

  • Event
    • The Event GM role is for those who are interested in regularly holding events in-game and on TalonRO's forums. Special attention is paid to hosting regular, consistent events of a high quality for players to enjoy in addition to TalonRO's regular gameplay. Staff in this area are encouraged to work collaboratively with other members of staff to deliver high-quality events which are well-planned, enjoyable, and hosted with broad availability for the community.
  • Support & Player Relations
    • The Support GM role provides a high degree of player based support, including regularly monitoring forum threads, General Reports and General Support questions, providing a high degree of in-game expertise and assistance to players requesting help through our various in-game chat channels and Discord. GMs are expected to have a high degree of consistent presence throughout the game at all times as much as possible and be highly visible to communicate and direct players to sources of information with professional assistance.
  • Development
    • The Development position works closely with development High GMs to formulate important needs and technical responses to in-game and exterior frames, including Discord, mobile environments, etc. Applicants will be expected to know how or be willing to learn how to successfully write and code scripts and quests for the server. A high degree of technical knowledge and timely execution with a self-driven work ethic is required for these positions.
    • Prospective staff applying for development positions are asked to also submit a competency-based sample of their proficiency with coding. Preferred samples include eAthena-based work, but demonstrated experience in other coding languages alongside a willingness to learn eA will be considered as well.
  • PvP & WoE
    • PvP and WoE GMs specialize in these areas of specific gameplay and can lend considerable knowledge and expertise of both PvP and WoE to improve and enhance these modes of play on TalonRO. Expert-level knowledge of these gameplay modes and their meta are required, as is a high degree of imagination and flexibility to explore innovative solutions with PvP and WoE within TalonRO.

We welcome all players who have played on TalonRO for three months or more to apply - even if you have applied for a position in the past. All applicants are expected to have mastery-level knowledge of Ragnarok Online and to provide a high level of quality support and assistance in a staff position. All potential staff members are also expected to moderate the forum by answering questions or bringing things to the attention of a High GM, with all positions reporting to a High GM. Candidates must also demonstrate solid English language skills regardless of the area in which they are applying.

We invite all interested players to submit an application for an open position. All applications must be meet the following criteria to be considered as eligible:

  1. All forms and questions must be answered in full. One-liners, copy / pasted passages from Wikipedia, and other incomplete answers will not attract our attention.
  2. All fake applications will result in a ban from TalonRO. We kindly ask that you respect everyone's time!
  3. Players must have actively been playing on TalonRO for a period of three months or more time. Players who have applied for a GM position in the past are welcome to apply once more, as are players who are considering the GM position for the first time.

Following these simple rules will help make your application stand out. Once a complete application has been submitted, a member of the High GM team will contact you if you are selected for an interview. If you've been wanting to be part of the dedicated staff which serve the amazing TalonRO community, now is your time!

Click here to fill out an application to become a part of the TalonRO staff!

Many thanks for your interest in helping TalonRO - and best of luck to all applicants!

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Greetings, Talonians! If you are still considering applying for a position with the TalonRO Gamemaster staff you're not too late - but time is running out! Our summer/autumn application round is coming to a close - and with many qualified applicants and interested players already in the mix, we're indeed still adding to our ranks to serve the TalonRO community! However, with such a strong applicant pool already in progress, new applications will be closed for submission on Sunday, September 17th

If you are considering submitting your application for one of the above GM positions, there is still time! Consider putting forward your best application for consideration using the information and links above. We sincerely appreciate all of the wonderful applications already submitted, and look forward to expanding the staff to include a wide array of diverse talents, backgrounds, and skills to best serve you - the wonderful TalonRO community!

Thanks as always for your interest - and happy gaming! /no1 

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    • By Wyv
      Hello everyone,
      This will work as an introduction/lf guild topic and I'll try to be as pragmatic as possible :D.
      "We" are a group of 8 players, most of us veteran in Ragnarok (10 years), after a long break we decided to join a Ragnarok server and we ended up here. We are all from Portugal and on 25-29 age range, all with full time jobs so you can consider us as casual players =).
      We started few weeks ago and we got the "must have" gear mostly covered.
      We are looking for PvM/Vanilla WoE/BGs/Non-Trans WoE Guilds. Contact in-game: Wyvex
      Our classes:
      High Priest High Priest Paladin High WIzard Sniper Lord Knight Gypsy Clown -----
      Regarding the Non-Trans WoE subject, we are focusing on main char gears for now, soon I'll update here the classes we are making for those scenarios, so basicaly this is a dual recruit post, since we will also want a guild to play non trans WoE.
      Note: Due to our location, the WoE schedules on this server are really hard to attend for us (at Wednesday is impossible), so we can only attend to Saturday WoEs.
    • By GM Seiren
      The Guild Directory has just received an exciting new feature - guild recruitment! Guilds are an essential cornerstone of Midgard - whether you're getting together under the common cause to claim your own castle in War of Emperium (WoE), banding a group together to take on entry-level or end-game challenges, or forming a group of close friends to stay social, the guild experience is an essential part of the community.
      Today we're pleased to expand the wonderful feature of the Guild Directory with a feature that is sure to delight guild leaders and prospective members alike. Introducing guild recruitment: now you can apply, review, accept, and finalize the guild recruitment process by leveraging the new Guild Directory! This exciting update will make guild management easy, centralized, and accessible even if you or your delegates aren't in-game at the moment. Read on below for all of the features on this fantastic expansion.
      Lastly - a quick update to our Item Wishlist feature: we've now added an option to toggle notification emails on or off, depending on your preference!

      The addition of the guild recruitment sections of the Guild Directory allow players to apply to guilds which are openly recruiting, and for guild leaders to manage their applications. As a player, you'll enjoy the convenience of being able to apply to an open guild with your character. Simply apply with the character that you would like to be eligible, review the guild's criteria if applicable for fit, type of gameplay, etc., then complete an application - all from within the guild recruitment section! Simply visit any guild's page in the directory, and click on the "Apply Now" button if they are openly recruiting!
      This is where the guild leader takes over! For guild leaders, a new special section exists to manage your pending applications from prospective applicants. Review their materials for your guild and consider the application. If you feel as though this would be a good member for your guild, feel welcome to approve their application - all right from the Guild Management section! This would just be like inviting someone to your guild in-game - but you can do this from the convenience of the Directory.
      Lastly for players, once the guild leader has approved your application, speak with any Kafra Agent to accept the position! You'll be able to visit any Kafra across Midgard and speak with them about your guild application. From there, the Agent will allow you to accept the approved invite - so you won't need to try and find that guild leader or their delegates online, allowing you to join in the fun and community of your new guild right away!
      Guild Applications & Approvals
      You may now add up to two (2) Co-Leaders to your guild page. Co-Leaders can edit all the guild page settings the same way the Guild Leader is able to. This is, of course, not required.
      The guild recruitment feature of the Guild Directory is now active! Prospective applicants / players to a guild can now enjoy the following, all right from the directory: Click on any guild which is openly recruiting to be taken to their guild page. Click on the "Apply Now" button under the recruiting heading to be taken to an application form. Fill out the application form for the guild which you're hoping to join and be sure to make your application fun, authentic, and personable! If approved by the guild leader, you can accept the invitation by speaking with any Kafra Agent in Midgard. Join your new guild immediately and be part of their great community! Guild leaders now have access to expanded application management and approval functions. Review all new pending applications in the management section of the Guild Directory. Approve or decline applications based on the information available and their application form. Once you approve a new member, they will be able to join right away by speaking with any Kafra Agent! Guild leaders can now drag and drop images into the editor when filling out their guild's description! This new support in the text editor will allow you to drop your photos into the editor directly, where they will be automatically uploaded to Imgur. You can even crop your photos directly now as well!
      Item Wishlist
      Notification emails may now be turned on or off in the Item Wishlist, depending on the item you are entering. Simply visit the Item Wishlist and toggle "On" or "Off" when entering an item into your personal wishlist. This will allow you greater control over which items for you would like to receive a notification email, and those which you would not.  
      We hope that you enjoy this new feature and expanded offerings to make guild application and management seamless and easy! This new feature will allow you to spend less time on management, and more time playing the game you love with your new friends. Thanks as always for your support - and happy gaming!
      It is our great pleasure and privilege to proudly feature artwork from the TalonRO community as part of our Official News posts!
      Artwork featured in this news post includes work from Arcelle and GM Spica!
    • By Erma
      Hey guys,
      I thought the community could benefit from one place listing tRO's active guilds, especially since not all of them have recruitment threads here. I will divide this listing into four categories based on the guilds' primary objectives (WoE, PvM, Social, Services), but I'll also include the symbols below next to their entries to indicate secondary activities. I'll try to keep it as up to date as possible. 
      I hope this can become a useful resource for both recruitment purposes as well as those looking for a new home, but we can always scrap it if there's no interest. No hard feelings. 8) 
      Edit: Thanks for pinning, whoever did~

      Join the Directory!
      Please post here or mail me the following:
      Guild Name Link (recruitment thread and/or website, or your tRO forum profile if you have neither) Your PRIMARY and secondary activities, if any (primary will decide which category you will be listed under) If you lead a WoE guild: please list which WoE (vanilla, unres, NT, FE, SE?) If you lead a guild that provides commercial services such as leeching or Seals, specify which also

      TalonRO Guild Directory

      ⚔ WoE
      Crimson X NT thread
      Enigma V-SE thread | web
      Ghostz V-FE V-SE ☺︎➴ thread | web
      Lost Legion V-SE ➴ thread | web
      ➴ PvM
      Crimson Guild thread
      Nephilim ☺︎ thread | web
      Nomine Domini☺︎ contact
      On-Line☺︎thread | discord
      Radioactive☺︎  web | fb
      Will of the D thread | web
      Ad Infinitum ➴  thread
      Aeon➴ thread | web
      Firefly Parade ➴ thread
      Nenkaras ➴  thread | web
      ƶ Services
      Sax and Violins thread