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Those icons are coming along adorably. I love how you've adapted your colouring style for them! *drools in the corner*

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On 25/09/2017 at 8:39 PM, cynischism said:

aaand zelda's comm is done !


She looks so princess like and absolutely amazing ;o;

Love it /kis

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okok gonna do Orchestra's comm then close this shop for a while so I can do RLC and work on the login/loading screen contest ; u;

we got more than enough for an eleanor wig, so thanks again everyone for commissioning /awsm

might just turn this into a place where i post my art as opposed to a shop p:

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      I played on tRO a long time ago and just recently started playing again!
      I don't really know anyone so I figured I would say hi by posting some of my RO related drawings.

      If you would like to see some of my non RO related drawings you can find some on my Instagram 
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