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B< Tarou Card / Ring [0]

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    • By Dhonai
      I was reading some stuff online about the paladin's skill Shield Chain (SC) to fully understand how it works. One of the firsts links i've found was this one: 
      People said on that topic that the Incantation Samurai Card wasn't supost to work with SC because its script was "bonus bAtk,65" and SC only considers bBaseAtk. But when i looked at the Incantation Samurai Card script myself i found the text:
      Item script: [bonus bBaseAtk,65;], [], []  
      So... does the Incantation Samurai Card really gives Base atk? how do i know that for sure? What cards really gives bBaseAtk? 
      I was looking to buy the bloody knight card for my Shield Chain build but now i dont even know if thats going to work...
    • By *~Heartyangel~*
      Please drop a message on discord my user name is Hearty#3679 or mail me on ign heartyangel, thanks much!  (discount please) ❤️
    • By jasonkyo
      Selling of this Items can still bid price.


      Thief Clothes [1] [+3% ASPD] - 5m
      +4 Ninja Suit -5m
      Shinobi Sash - 100k

      Demon Pungus Card - 4m
      Sleeper Card - 100k
      High Orc Card - 120k

      If I'm online and you are too.
      PM: Boy Golden