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B< Tarou Card / Ring [0]

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    • By *~Heartyangel~*
      Open for Negotiations, you can trade any of the items mentioned or add zenny, pm me here, at discord Hearty#3679 or ign heartyangel. Thanks! 
    • By jasonkyo
      Selling of this Items can still bid price.


      Thief Clothes [1] [+3% ASPD] - 5m
      +4 Ninja Suit -5m
      Shinobi Sash - 100k

      Demon Pungus Card - 4m
      Sleeper Card - 100k
      High Orc Card - 120k

      If I'm online and you are too.
      PM: Boy Golden
    • By Sisius
      Didn't see this kind of topic while I searched and didn't get any responses from main / market channel while playing the game. So I guess this would be good and useful topic to open, at least to newbies- and if there already is a similar one just move this message there.
      So I would just like to ask how much Alligator card is worth currently. I would like to sell it as cheap as possible but just curious how much zen could I make with it. Thx.