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United Angels **(PVM/Social/Instances/MVP Guild)** Mid to High End RGM> Champ, Pally, HW, Bio and Prof

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United Angels has a mission to spread the TRO love and keep the halo sparkling. It's meant to tighten values such as Friendship, Fun and more! ❤️💕 


🎉 Primary Runs: 

🍰 Game Master Challenge

🍰 Timed Wave Challenge

🍰 Endless Tower 




Guild Values: 

  • Proactive/Positive
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Fun


Vision/Mission: To be hard CORE in spreading "playing ethics" ~ having Commitment, Ownership, Respect and Excellence 

(Credits to my previous company for inspiring this)


Join us, spread the love! 💖💜💖


Contact Details: 

In Game Name: heartyangel or Sweetsunshine 

Discord: Hearty#3679

Forum *~Heartyangel~*



Guild Playtime:

 9:00-18:00 Server [Due to IRL concerns playtime can be anytime]




Here are some snapshots/selfies of guildies and friends! 😇🍰🎉💖













Edited by *~Heartyangel~*
Recruit updates
  • Fsh 1
  • Love 3

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19 minutes ago, Shin said:

Supporting pro guild with pro and amiable guild master! /awsm

Waaaaah it's not a pro guild, it's a growing guild lots of things to learn and experience, thanks for the support Shin! :wub:

7 minutes ago, Naght said:

who is the 2nd in command? im really interested :3

Lololol 😹

12 minutes ago, Tainaka Ritsu said:

still waiting for the development of our ship~ /fsh 

Hahaha! HBD Kaye! 🎉🎂💖

Also wanna greet -adriane- HBD from your guild with love! 💖 🎂staph hiding please 😹

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5 hours ago, Natalis said:

Own <3 That's cool! Can I join with one of my chars? Or can happen conflict of interest between guilds? /heh

Yes join please! This is just a mini  peace loving guild /awsm ✌🏻We build alliances, if conflict of interest happens in the future which is possible but small chance, then we will cross the bridge when we get there. /dice/go

Edited by *~Heartyangel~*

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Hello again to another Funday Friday! /bo

30-Minute GMC Sushi 🍣 

Full Party (photo does not include buzzer beaters and those changing costume lol) /heh

Endless Tower Adventure 🏰 

So fast again like Timed Wave Challenge /go



 Thanks angels for joining till next time! 💞💐😘




Late Post @ GMC Muii:

Q: What do HPs do in GMC? 

A: See Screenshot /fsh

PS: I love you Del pretty! ❤️ Thanks for our runs! 💋


Edited by *~Heartyangel~*

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