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United Angels (PVM/Social/MVP Guild) Mid to High End RGM> Champ SB, Bio, HW and Prof

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United Angels has a mission to spread the TRO love and keep the halo sparkling. It's meant to tighten values such as Friendship, Fun and more! ❤️💕 


Primary Runs: 

Game Master Challenge

Timed Wave Challenge


*We can also do Seals, Access/Xp quests, Endless Tower Runs regularly in the pipeline


Guild Values: 

  • Proactive/Positive
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Fun


Vision/Mission: To be hard CORE in spreading "playing ethics" ~ having Commitment, Ownership, Respect and Excellence 

(Credits to my previous company for inspiring this)


Join us, spread the love! 💖💜💖


Contact Details: 

In Game Name: heartyangel or Sweetsunshine 

Discord: Hearty#3679

Forum ~*Heartyangel*~




 9:00- 18:00 Server




Here are some snapshots/selfies of guildies and friends! 😇🍰🎉💖













Edited by *~Heartyangel~*
  • Fsh 1
  • Love 2

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19 minutes ago, Shin said:

Supporting pro guild with pro and amiable guild master! /awsm

Waaaaah it's not a pro guild, it's a growing guild lots of things to learn and experience, thanks for the support Shin! :wub:

7 minutes ago, Naght said:

who is the 2nd in command? im really interested :3

Lololol 😹

12 minutes ago, Tainaka Ritsu said:

still waiting for the development of our ship~ /fsh 

Hahaha! HBD Kaye! 🎉🎂💖

Also wanna greet -adriane- HBD from your guild with love! 💖 🎂staph hiding please 😹

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5 hours ago, Natalis said:

Own <3 That's cool! Can I join with one of my chars? Or can happen conflict of interest between guilds? /heh

Yes join please! This is just a mini  peace loving guild /awsm ✌🏻We build alliances, if conflict of interest happens in the future which is possible but small chance, then we will cross the bridge when we get there. /dice/go

Edited by *~Heartyangel~*

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    • By *~Heartyangel~*
      Please drop a message on discord my user name is Hearty#3679 or mail me on ign heartyangel, thanks much!  (discount please) ❤️
    • By braindead
      I noticed there's no forum thread about GMC Lance yet, and since wiki has not been updated for a while now I thought we could start a discussion regarding this new GMC. This might also prove useful for other players who are yet to try it for the first time and have no place to look up gears, monsters, etc. As of now I have only finished GMC Lance once (as HP), so I kindly ask you my fellow talonians to help me gather more information to assist future challengers. Maybe eventually update wiki.

      My first impressions about the challenge were: MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OWR POOR SOULS. As I've said, I played HP, and as a HP player I often have to clean up the mess other classes make when they don't do their job properly. I understand it wasn't entirely their fault cause, well, I believe only one player in our party had tried Lance before. I hope this discussion may prevent other messy runs such as this one.

      Our party setup was:
      3 HP
      3 HW
      3 Sniper
      The map is bybilan 05 I believe.
      The monsters I can remember:
      f1: piranha, gazeti, hydra, phen, uber kukre, merman, strouf, swordfish, deviace, hydra,
      f2: sedora, uber mermaid, king dramoh, marina, sropho, penomena, sinx, incarnation (ghost), water elemental, rhynca, pouring 
      f3: sniper, high wizard, banshee, lady solace, sedora, water elemental, uber mermaid, rhynca
      ///MVP: GEC, STALKER GERTRUDE, GYPSY TRINITY, [some low tier mvp]
      GM FLOOR: Lance + pouring [can't remember the rest the boss floor was super messy]
      This list is incomplete because at most times I was busy teleing around after champ died, rescuing snipers from HW AoE, and mostly just trying not to get myself killed. It is worth mentioning that the ugly looking fish boss had some nasty aoe skills, and that the uber mermaid was THE PAIN with her 500k HP. Bio04 mvps were harder than the gm itself, we barely made it to GM floor. When we did get there, half our gears were broken, some players had been full stripped, which resulted in a very messy fight. Honestly, I can't believe we actually did it.

      If there's one thing I can say to help future challengers is: WIND ARMOR, MARC ARMOR, GTB SHIELD!!! Also, even though we went with 3hw, I do believe that a professor would be very helpful.
      I'll also add these videos, uploaded by @Little Girl Blues (thanks for letting me know).
      Please help me make this discussion useful! Tell us your tips to future Lance challengers!
      EDIT: added more monster names, thanks to @yujinori
    • By recklessdrama
      Artemis bow[TTT]
      SQI Valkyrie Helm [ Gyphon card ]
      +7 Krasnaya [SG3x]
      Icepick [0] F7/AGI2
      +5 Cranial Orleans Server
      Red glasses [int][DI]
      Aeger Cloack[1]
      +9 Black feather Beret
      +7 Diablos boots[1]
      +7 MP[+3vit][Peco2x card] 
      +7Palace guard cap [ gemini-s58 card]