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GM Mimi

Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

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3 hours ago, rags said:

Hey, worked hard on this one - go easy on me I'm new. Hope you guys like it, can check out my deviant art at https://bobbledob.deviantart.com/
Donations are appreciated but not required. Commissions are unfortunately closed at this moment but I will make a post when they are available.

IGN: Papa Dagawa



Nvm my last hype.... this is by far the best.

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2 minutes ago, Kurai Shónin said:



Two days of working on *THIS*


And she's decided out of all of them she likes THIS one the best


And was accidentally supportive cause she didn't know I had done both, LOL THX MUM /lv

You're a beast, dude... O_O

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8 minutes ago, crayna said:

Any chance to extend deadline a couple more days?

Sorry, Halloween is around the corner so no can do.

On that note, the event is now closed. We'll announce the winners soon! :)

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    • By GM Elixia


      We are are in dire need of your help!
      An evil force has bewitched TalonRO and have petrified all our craftsmen and craftswomen!
      In an effort to strengthen the protection of the realm, we now need your mystical skills to take over as the new armorers of TalonRO until the High GMs have concocted a cure for petrification.   
      When you envision the perfect headgear do you see a hulking fortress of metal and chain? Or maybe something with intricate carvings? Perhaps a powerful headgear disguised as something cute and inconspicuous?
      What kind would it be? Share your ideas and draw it!
       Prepare your mystical materials and craft the best headgear TalonRO has ever seen!

      Submission Deadline
      Friday, 30th of March 2018
      Midnight Server Time

      ▶ WHAT DO I SUBMIT? ◀︎

      Entries may be drawn either traditionally (by hand) or digitally. Entries must be presented in colour. Entries must be original. NO copying from existing RO headgear. NO copying from other games. NO plagiarism. Entries deemed copied shall be disqualified or removed from the contest. Entries may be shown in either Front View or 3/4 Angle View. (Choose the angle that best shows the details of your design!) Entries may be submitted with more than (1) One View/Angle. Entries must have a *Name* and  *Description*. (Bonus points if you add a story about it! Showcasing STATS is optional). Entries must show clear details, it must be presented so that your design is seen clearly! No blurry scans or pixelated posts.  Entries must be placed into this Headgear Frame Template (the .PSD file allows you to edit the text for the "Name" and "Description/Stats"). DO NOT change the font used (Courier New, 8pt size).
      Use this LINK to download the Adobe Photoshop .PSD file and the Transparent .PNG file Entries must be PG. NO NSFW details please. Here's a submission example! 
      (This is in a pixel art style, entries may be drawn by hand or digitally in a different style )

      ▶ HOW DO I SUBMIT? ◀︎

      Post your entries by replying to this thread.  Include your In-Game Name in the post, along with your submission. You are allowed to submit multiple entries for this competition. If posting additional entries before the deadline, please edit your first submission post instead.
      ▶ HOW DO I WIN? ◀︎

      Entries will be judged and chosen according to the following criteria;
      50%        Headgear Design / Visual Aesthetics 40%        Headgear Description / Detail / Story 10%        Headgear Name / Cleverness
      ▶ WHAT DO I WIN? ◀︎

      We are so glad you asked! 

      FIRST PRIZE (1 winner will get;)
              1     Exclusive Pet "Moonlight"     1     MARCH Costume Box   15   Talon Coins   500 Eden Merit Badges
      SECOND PRIZE (1 winner will get;)
        1     MARCH Costume Box   10   Talon Coins   250 Eden Merit Badges
      THIRD PRIZE (1 winner will get;)
        1     MARCH Costume Box   5     Talon Coins   100 Eden Merit Badges

      Want more challenge? Or more  TC to line your pockets with? 
      Take the "GM PRIZE TO THE SKIES" challenge and include up to three of these in your entry.  

      If you're chosen as one of the 3 winners, only then will these TC prizes will be added to your main prize.
      Non-winners will not be eligible for the extra TC's.
      Just for clarification, be sure to tell us which challenges you've included in your forum post.

      The GM Elixia Challenge:          +3 Pixel Player Pusher : Present your headgear in a sprite / pixel art style. The GM Rainbow Challenge:   +3 Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them : Use your imagination to create an original and new magical beast, then base your headgear on that new beast and provide its backstory in its description. The GM Radius Challenge:       +3 Undivided Tri-Forte : Create a three-piece headgear set consisting upper, middle and lower headgear! The GM Phoenix Challenge:    +2 Mythical Hat : Create a headgear that's based on Norse Mythology, or another real world mythology of your choosing. The GM Lance Challenge:         +1 Fuzzy Hare : Create a headgear that oozes bunny appeal! The GM Kuma Challenge:         +1 Bear-y Hungry : Create a headgear that features food! The GM Spica Challenge:          +1 Pink Madness : Create a headgear that has pink in it! The GM Mimi Challenge:          +1 Vision Impairment Is A Chance For Fashion : Create a headgear that covers the eyes! The GM Copal Challenge:         +1 Disguise Yourself : Create a headgear that covers your face. The GM Zelda Challenge:         +1 Magical Girl : Create a headgear inspired by your favourite Magical Girl! The GM Haru Challenge:          +1 Flower Forever : Create a headgear inspired by spring and stylise it with flowers! The GM Luna Challenge:          +1 Starfire : Create a headgear inspired by the moon & stars! The GM Mikzie Challenge:       +1 Mermaid Melody : Create a headgear inspired by the ocean! The GM Venus Challenge:        +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc)  
      Remember! You are allowed to submit multiple entries for this competition! 
      Winning entries — might — eventually be implemented in-game!

      We look forward to your entries, and hope you're having a fantastic time here in TalonRO!
    • By fumiddition

      i hope you like puns :>
      my art tumblr (and mostly RO art) is @ fumiddition
      Howdy, TalonRO! My name is Fumi and my main IGN is Ardinda (feel free to use either or be as creative as you want). I used to play, draw and rp RO about a handful of years ago, but recently I've been Asura Strike'd right in the feels again and decided to creep back into it for good ol' nostalgia's sake and take my sweet time with it here. That being said, it's only been a few days since I've first logged in (I've shamefully forgotten almost every command and underestimated some monsters ultimately leading to my countless deaths), but I hope to meet more of you cool leaf cats in-game and look forward to be able to use this little art corner to share some drawings of my adventures here on this server whenever I can.

      This is Ardinda! She just turned Super Novice thanks to an awesome guildie's help (shoutout to IGN Holiday Roll!) and I just finished this today. 

      On to my shop section! Since I'm very addicted to the beautiful costumes on this server and want to own some of them, I'd like to take this opportunity to offer:
      Single half body character, cel-shaded commissions for 30 mil zeny / 30 Talon Coins each - I will work one at a time, but I'll provide a waitlist if necessary!
      These are samples of commissions I've done, so you can expect the final result to be more or less like these:

      If you're interested, do Sharp Shoot me a reply down below and I'll get back to you with the details I need!
      Working Slots / Waiting List / Current Progress %
      Slot #01: Iela x 4 (10% - paid)
      Slot #02: Natalis x 3 (0% - 2/3 paid)
      Slot #03: Vivikuri x 4 (40% - paid)
      Slot #04: Sephyyy x 2 (0%)
      Slot #05: LieO (awaiting references)
      Next Slots: (anon), runningmudo, GM Havoc (awaiting reply)

      Waitlist #01: Marly
      Waitlist #02: GM Elixia
      Waitlist #03: Orchestra
      Waitlist #04: Yuren
      Waitlist #05: GM Venus
      Waitlist #06: Naght
      Waitlist #07: (anon)

      Thank you so much for your time and looking - I hope to update this thread casually with more RO art~
    • By marvi
      Happy Valentines Day everyone! and Advance Happy Chinese New Year too~
      I know lately I've been off with Posting my artworks, it's been a year or so (i lost count ^^) since i drew something that I'm "happy" with. As a result, I've been putting off opening commission works. 
      In a more positive note. I've worked on my art style, hope you like it. <3  ( I know she looks like someone but seriously it was not intentional, i only noticed it later lol)
      I'll only share this  here but during my hiatus i was working on a project, an illustration book, we are planning on finishing it this year and its in near completion. We poured our souls (if we have one) in this project, so hopefully you can support us in the near future.
      I've been wanting to come back to Talon but life is just life... I dont think i can play that much cause i really want to finish this project im working on, but i'll be posting some more art here too because i still have works i left unfinished here... because of the whole unhappy with my artstyle stuff... 
      To my dearest friends who kept supporting me even though I haven't produced that much art lately, Thank you and I'm truly grateful for your support. <3
      If you are interested in some more art of mine feel free to visit me.
      Instagram --------- DevianArt-------- Tumblr 
      Marvi   (Q_Q )