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Kurai Shónin

Chibi Discord Commission Zone

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    • By niniane
      We are open for commissions! Since we are just starting ing and we're new here (in forum) it'll just be cheap.
      We can do traditional (sketches and linearts, you can have someone else color it XD) and digital. 
      Pencil Sketches - 3M / 3TC
      Rain's Half Body Chibis - 5TC
      Inked Linearts half body - 7M / 7TC
      Chibi Lineart - 5M / 5TC
      Colored Chibi - 7M / 7TC
      Full Color half body - 10M / 10TC
      Just message us or send me a mail, IGN: Niniane
      PS. You can commission us other stuff too. /grins Just PM us and let us know what you want.
      Here are some of the artworks we've done since 2009 up to 2017. I hope you like them.

      Finished Commish:
      Jieeya | My Wife for Hire | Jieeya | Novalolly | Jezzi

      Rain's Chibis:

    • By Kurai Shónin
      Complete Portfolio: http://dark-merchant.deviantart.com/ Game Avatar Names Include Kurai Shonin, [Kurai] and [~Kurai~] if you wish to PM me on the game!
      Slots open
      Digital Sketch: 7 mil

      Digital Refined Sketch with tones/prominent colours 12mil

      Digital Colour:
      Cell Shade: 25m

      My style chibi 34m*mostly cell shade but with airbrush*

      waist up 45mil

      Thigh up (best value) 85m (basic background included)

      + awesome Background/effects (+40m)

      Full body: 50m chibi, 90m adult. basic background included.


      *cost is Per Character. Sketches typically completed within 1 week, colour within 2-3 weeks unless for special occasion (wedding, birthday, anniversary/etc.)
      *armour surcharge may apply. Fluff/fur/scale charge may apply if order is in colour
    • By cynischism
      my current shop instead. this is old