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Kurai Shónin


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On 11/17/2017 at 3:36 PM, Naght said:

still open? /fsh

yes :D

On 10/27/2017 at 1:59 PM, Lunafreya~ said:

slot pls. :D


didn't get a notification D: did you still want one?

On 10/27/2017 at 12:19 PM, Alteisen said:

do you have a slot open? if so i would like to grab a slot :3

omg didn't get a notification D: did you still want one?

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7 hours ago, Cocoamilky said:

These are too cute *cries* do you have an instagram/DA/site where you post your art?

my deviantart is kuraidraws.deviantart.com and dark-merchant.tumblr.com

10 hours ago, khrei said:

@Kurai Shónin slot pls :D


14 hours ago, Naght said:

@Kurai Shónin

gib me slot *.*

/shy can you PM me your character references so I can provide a quote? /lv

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    • By Chloe Burbank
      Hi! I am opening slots for this month!
      This will be really cheap too~
      Crayon chibi style (5m each character)
      Sample works:

      I also make some digital/traditional art with a diff style.
      Non chibi: 10m/character (i mostly draw sad looking stuff btw haha)
      Chibi: 7m
      Background: +5m
      Additional monster/ pet: +7m
      Sample works: 

      Thanks! You can also PM me in game, IGN: Reginleifr
      You can also reach me through Discord: smol rain#9433
      I also have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/anaestheticart/
      THANK YOU!

    • By Kurai Shónin
      Message to sign up for the waiting list, plz include references and what you're interested in <3
      Complete Portfolio: http://dark-merchant.deviantart.com/ Game Avatar Names Include Kurai Shonin, [Kurai] and [~Kurai~] if you wish to PM me on the game!
      Slots open
      Digital Sketch: 7 mil

      Digital Refined Sketch with tones/prominent colours 12mil

      Digital Colour:
      Cell Shade: 25m

      My style chibi 34m*mostly cell shade but with airbrush*

      waist up 45mil

      Thigh up (best value) 85m (basic background included)

      + awesome Background/effects (+40m)

      Full body: 50m chibi, 90m adult. basic background included.


      *cost is Per Character. Sketches typically completed within 1 week, colour within 2-3 weeks unless for special occasion (wedding, birthday, anniversary/etc.)
      *armour surcharge may apply. Fluff/fur/scale charge may apply if order is in colour