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1 shot kill incubus

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with this equipmend i can 1 shot kill incubus but i cant use Bathory card which is a pain .


now is there anyway to kill incubus with 1 spiral pierce without aspersio (because it last only 3 minutes..which is not possible for 1 hour farming for me ) and without Gloom Under Night card .

if any1 knows it please tell.

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I played around with calculator and was able to get 1 shot incubus/succubus without aspersio or gloom. Consider additions below:

- 2 x megs

- Lady tanee sleipnir

- Blessing

- +10 Str food

- SQI bonus +10 str

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32 minutes ago, SwiftSin said:

- 2 x megs

- +10 Str food

pump up str by 2x megs and +10str food for use with spiral? 70 STR for some 450M just to add some 1K dmg? Spiral does not use str as main source of dmg.. I would not waste so much money on such a little gain (of course, unless you already have these)

I would rather switch or "lure" by pierce or something, that would deal the missing dmg.. or search for that aspersio scrolls.. (holy marching hat has low chance, so dont bother with this one)

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i would go for 2shots with high dps and less aftercast delay with high survivability. But if you are focus on 1hit go for it but you need to spend some zenny for foods and other stuff. Aspersio scroll can obtain through daily spin aswell iirc. 

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On 10/22/2017 at 12:52 AM, BlueWhale said:

mkay @~Lozaki~ i gotta try this sniper crit build SS ..thanks


the way i do geffenia, is 1 shot female or the male, and then if a ring drops, pick up quick and flywing away.

i keep gloom Sniping suit on, dont plan on killing the angels/ devouchis, unless they are in your way of killing the incubus /sucsbus.

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    • By phantome
      Since I sometimes get questions while farming Geff or when interacting with other players, I thought I'd just share my build, equipment and some information. Super novices are my favorite farming class as they are self-reliant. Also, it's my farming class of choice since I'm lazy and abhor having to multi-client for buff. Not having to put loots to storage and using a merchant to then sell them is a huge time saver for me. I made my super novice a baby just to add an extra layer to my gaming (lower HP, 80 base stat cap, etc.). I use this character to farm practically anywhere and hunt certain MVPs with it sometimes.
      Usual Geffenia Farming result:
      185 Mastela 79 Blue Potions Rest are accessories but I never count on average how many I obtain Supplies used: Holy Water, Fly Wings, Awakening Potion and Butterfly wing. I normally don't buy or use any consumable while in Geff. I usually stay in Geffenia until the weight limit is reached or until the Awakening potion timer runs out for a max of 25 minutes per run. Here are some screenshots with my Suno in action and how much I gain after a 25 minutes run:

      My baby SuNo:

      Because my character is a baby class, its HP is only around 8.5k I get 100 crit by doing the Super Novice fury chant BoA bonuses: 100ATK, 20% Resistances, Aspersio and Aura Blade The high DEX is to add some ASPD to reach the 190 cap and Damage. It's also the number where I am comfortable with the Steal rate. I get 100 VIT to prevent several negative status effects Gear:
      Valkyrie Helm[BK] Scouter[Gryph] Pussy Cat Bell Novice Breastplate[Bathory] and Novice Breastplate [Gloom] BoA [DBSn] Advanced Angelic Guard[Hodremlin] Novice Manteau[Deviling] Advanced Angelic Reincarnation[GEC] Celeb Ring Bris[Ifrit] I'm still saving up for a few gear upgrade such as another Bris[Sting] or Megs and another BoA to better hunt MVP with. The reason I also use the Advanced gears is for the additional +2 stats.
      Some tactics used:
      When I find myself getting mobbed and am getting hit locked, I often just teleport and leave the loot behind. It's a loss but I prefer not having to die (lose the +10 stats) and to just keep on farming. Hopefully, once I obtain an Eddga shoes, it will help with this issue. I use Steal on every Succubus/Incubus but whenever a mob is building up, I try to kill the group and getting at least some loots prior to teleporting out. I do not avoid Abyss Knights like some classes I see in Geff. I use Steal on them before killing. They are a good source of Elunium. A card from them here and there ain't so bad as well. I don't waste time with Dark Priests but I sometimes use them as target when taking on a large mob. Their huge HP pool helps in locking on a target while the Sniper card in my BoA helps to keep me up. Hopefully, this helps answer some questions whenever you're seeing some super novices in Geff, baby or otherwise.
    • By Yumiko Yukio
      Assassin Cross Guide in Geffenia V 3.0
      UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
      Triple Client (i'ts easy don't panic  ) Bonus Bundle Stalker w/ Level 5 Compulsion Discount ( because every 1z counts )   Married Soul Linker ( Kaahi, Kaizel ) Merchant w/ Level 10 Overcharge Priest with just Level 10 Blessing  
      Use Stalker to purchase your consumables:
      Grapes: 150z
      Empty Bottle: 4z
      (Grape Juice making totals 157z)
      Fly wing: 45z
      Butterfly Wing: 225z
      Target per 6 minutes Kaahi:
      30+ Mastela Fruits
      15+ Rings
      30+ White Herbs
      30+ Blue Potion
      Gameplay 1: This is how I play inside Geffenia
      Park your Soul Linker and a low level Priest at Geffen City 
      Throw the Lament to the fountain until it opens the warp; Kaizel > Kaahi > Bless then rapidly press enter your SinX to enter geffenia
      Fly wing - Steal - if 1 Succubus/Incubus - Soul Breaker- Look around map w/out walking, DON'T BACKSLIDE - Fly wing
      Fly wing - Steal - if 2 or 3 Succubus/Incubus Steal - if mobbed, steal atleast 1 or 2 - Meteor Assault 3x - Look around~~ Fly wing
      If Kaahi runs out, still try to tele and hunt incubi/succubi ( best is to steal if you can or if not possible, spam Meteor Assault ) until you die and re-spawn because of Kaizel then warp back to town.
      PS: With 4minutes Blessing, you are 150 DEX and it is almost you are Instant Steal, this boosted my income today!  
      ~ Faster Steal
      ~ Faster Skill; Soul Breaker and Meteor Assault are Instant Casts
      Merchant Over Charge to NPC (white herbs to buying shops at geffen @ 600z each)
      Gameplay 2: This is how I play inside Geffenia
      ALT 1 = !return (instant tele back home Geffen City)
      ALT 2 = !identifyall (to identify all loots before storing them to kafra)
      Throw Lament to fountain, hit enter until the last chat box before you are getting warp
      Buffs ,bless-agi, Kaahi Kaizel
      now Hit enter on your assassin.
      if you land on any map that is NOT, i repeat NOT gefenia02 (most popular map with bridge and safe spot), use ALT 1 to fly back home enter the portal until u reach the correct map.
      Why you'll do this? instead of walking or using fly wing, for me, this is a lot faster, although some of you might say
      " meh you can still encounter buses along the way so it is even " 
      well, i guess it is personal preference then hahaha   anyway, both game play will work so it is for you to try it out  
      30 Mastela Fruits x 5270z = 158,100z
      15 Rings x 17000 (Let's say average is 17,000z only because we can't tell if it's diamond, gold or silver; so this will be higher if you are lucky to get many diamond rings) = 255,000z
      30 White Herbs x 600 (don't sell lower than 600z, there are brewers opening a shop there at geffen buying 600z each, so save your white herbs if there is no one buying @ 600z ) = 18,000z
      30 Blue Potion x 3,100 = 93,000z
      Total : 524,100 per 6mins Kaahi run
      1 hour = 60 minutes
      60/6 = 10
      524,100 x 10 =
      Gross Income :  5,241,000z

      Per Kaahi run you will be needing
      100 Fly wing x 45 = 4,500z
      200 Grape Juices x 157z = 31,400z
      1 Butterfly Wing x 225z = 225z type or put in Macro ( ALT 1 in my case ) !return (it is free butterfly wing or tele to come back home) FREE!!!
      960z Doctor's Heal HP and SP x 10 = 9600  Having Bonus Bundle , Doctor heals your HP and SP for FREE!!!
      Total: 35,900z
      35,900 x 10 runs (for 1 hour total estimation) = 359,000z
      NET INCOME: 5,241,000z - 359,000z
      NET INCOME = 4,882,000 zeny
      Further details and explanations:
      These Calculations were updated and based on my experience as SinX in geffenia with the addition of  Blessing. Updated today March 22, 2017
      Net income may be higher, I just use the MOST amount of comsumables you will use inside the geffenia per 6 mins kaahi run. ( but i only use 80 fly wings per 6 min kaahi run )
      Computations for Gross Income may be higher too if you are so lucky that for every tele you make you will land in 2 to 3 or more incubi/succubi ( and if you got ring[1]  and Diamond Ring ) 
      And yes I calculate my Income by using this 6mins Kaahi x 10 to make a total of 60mins/1 hr run inside geffenia. Time used in transferring items to Kafra are not considered in this post.
      For Reference, these are my Equipments on my Level 96/64 Sinx  and with the Addition of Blessing from a Priest
      +4 Lord Kaho's Horn STR+ 1 Mid [Marduk Card] Immune to Silence Chewing Gum +4 Formal Suit DEX+ 3 +4 Excalibur Fighting Spirit 6 and 5 [ATK 26 and HIT 10] +4 Ice pick Fighting Spirit 5 Double [ATK 24 and HIT 10] +4 Proxy Skin Fragment [Deviling Card] +4 Sleipnir [Eddga Card] 2x Celebration Ring Stats:
      STR: 99+49
      DEX: 99+51 ( So your MA and SBK are ICs )
      ATK: 659+56
      HIT: 266
      FLEE: 165
      LUK: 2+27
      ASPD: 139
      DEF: 34+13
      Subtract 10 points to the BOLD numbers after 4minutes when Blessing will run out.
      I'm still not 99 and I still have some bonus stats when I reach max level.
      I hope you find this post interesting and gave you an information on how sinxs work inside geffenia. If you have any suggestions or new ideas, please feel free to comment down below
      PS: Yeah I use Eddga card instead of GEC card, why? Because it is easier to pick up loots; and even if you have GEC card you will still spam your Grape Juice  DAAAAAAAAAANG IT MINI DEMONS!!! 
      And if you find GEC more useful, use it or just use which card on shoes you are comfortable with. (Gameplay if GEC Shoes is to backslide in/out to the loots if you are being overmobbed)
      As for Stats if you want to have INT for SBK, lower your STR or maybe  try 70+ to 80+ as long as STR is divisible by 10 and the excess points, put it in INT. ( they say you can 1 hit SBK incu/succu even without BK, maybe it is because of putting INT. Either way, both methods, set ups will work  )
      Assassin Cross Guide in Geffenia V3.0
      UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
    • By -Emperor Spriggan-
      Main Target Instant cast without buff
      Requirement Characters::
      Married Couple
      2.Soul Linker
      Park you soul linker inside 2F geffenia map for continuous buff
      Things to Bring
      500 GJ 35 green potion  300+ flywing >>>>(Main Secret on farm rate) don't walk or backslide... it only get you few succubus and incubus unlike teleporting a new sreen mobs awaits you on 1 sec!!!!! 2pcs Awakening Potion  
      Main Equipment:
      Lord Kaho Stormy Knight STR MID (STR IMPORTANT MID NOT AGI) on 80+ str base adding 1 stat may equal to 2-3 Agi Pirate Dagger dex+ 3 Dragon Vest Dex+ 4 Excalibur dex 4~6 ICE pick Deviling Dragon Manteu Gec Sleipnir/Shoes Bris Sting/Celebs Bris Sting/Celebs  
      Switching Gears: Jaguar Hat = STR+4 in 300 Seconds( This is a huge help on adjusting Build)
      Pet Thanatos Dolor Pet (Str +1 dex +1 Int +1 and Flee +5 )
      Dex type sinx (instant Cast) or Flee type (Slow Cast)?????????????????
      The Flee Type Sinx
      Only Advantage Is High flee which is not that really usefulll at geffenia cause your flee is divide per monster even you have a wooping 300+ flee 2-3 Diabolus will hit you why???? cause they got two deviruchi Eeach which Decrease your flee rate
      You have time on Stealing on mobs cause of low dex... Took time on stealing affect farm rate
      The DEX type Sinx
      Steal attempt mostly took only 1 to two try  Make you Instant Cast your SBk cannot be interupted MAke your Meteor Assault Instant Cast Almost Like no delay Mobs Will die easily so flee don't matter that much Increase the chance off getting ring and mastela fruit than white herb on incubus http://rode.doddlercon.com/db/steal/stealcalc.php?monster=1374&dex=157&steal=10&calc=calc Sudden blind status wont miss your SBK Note: A decent flee of 230-240 is require even on Dex For Violy to miss on You
       Steal: Attempts to "steal" an item from the targeted monster. Only items dropped by the monster can be stolen. A successful Steal attempt will not affect what is dropped when the monster dies.
      After success, it is not possible to Steal again from the same monster. Boss, Frozen and Stone Cursed monsters cannot be robed.
      The formula for stealing is: DropRatio*(DEX - MonsterDEX + 10 + 3*SkillLV + )/100 where DropRatio is the percent chance of a particular item being dropped.
      If the result of the steal check is lower t
      My FARM RATE WAS 40-70 mastela per kaahi crowded or not!
      (4.5-5.5m per hour rate)
      Formula for Fast Farming Steal time attempt + time kill + finding Mobs
      (If you don't steal fast your not a fast killer!!! Then your not a fast farmer!!!!)
      Tips: on how tou adjust soul breaker damage 80+str + divisible by 10 bonus (example 84+6) then adjust your int till you 1 hit sucubuss.. sucubus is more hard to 1 hit than incubus
      Try to buy premium on Reward Guru for 50coper coin you get !return (instant butterfly wing) and identifyall (this help you to find slotted Ring)
      For Two Weeks
      GOT QUESTIONS???? Feel free to ask or pm me ingame