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    • By Peds.
      A Social/PVM guild that has been founded on June 6, 2016
      Most of us came from the guild "Royal Blood" with alot of stories to tell 
      We are a small guild with a mix of all types of players. Each one of us likes to do slightly different things, but we're getting along pretty well. We like to farm together and help each other out.
      We accept any player regardless of nationality as long as they are looking to join with a common goal of self improvement while building a team around themselves.

      Rachel, Capital of Arunafelz, the Study Nation
      Guild Leader: Champ Peds
      Co-Leader: Lore Mistress (Daze)
      Officers: Motto Stella, magiolis, Polar Dan, Zyon
      Past Officers that should be credited
      (without them Leftovers wouldn't be this big which I would call them as Retired Bitten Nuggets) :
      Bat, Ranz, Jia, Ahji, Arken, Ver
       Grim, Joa, Hanechi, Mer, Zack,
      Mal, Cee, Squish, Aika, Milk,
      Aella, Fritzeen, Goyu, Lighteden,
      Thanks Guys 
      What we do:

      Guild Events

      and so much more to come!
      The Guild is most active during 13:00 - 23:00 servertime but we are trying to recruit people from other timezones as well 
      1. Be active and socialize.
      2. Respect everyone.
      3. Be open-minded. We don't want people who can easily be offended or can't accept a little criticism.
      4. Join guild raids. Geared or not, we don't mind, it's the experience we're after.
      5. No begging, please.
      6. Always follow the Tro rules, Remember, you are carrying our guild banner.
      7. Speak English (esp in guild chat). We are international guild.
      8. HAVE FUN and avoid dramas (but we can't, can we?)
      9. [most important rule, but you have to join us to know what it is]  
      We're accepting newbies and veteran players alike. If ever you are a veteran player and can't find your old friends, or if you are a newbie looking for someone to show you around, then this guild is for you 
      If you'd like to join please just pm me, or sign up here, or any names up there and I'm sure they'd be happy to send an invite. 
    • By Keidan
      "Think this can be you? Catch us in Izlude. Become a legend."

      Poseidon is a high-tier Unrestricted WoE guild established in the competitive TalonRO scene. Our core members consist of RO veterans who have been playing for a very long time. We breathe mechanics and METAs are our foundation. As a competitive guild at the core, we love players who are willing to improve and learn. This means that we uphold very high standards for our members.
      Due to high demand of applications, invitations have become referral only.
      See you on the battlefield!
      The seas have calmed. The legends have been written. Stories have been told.
      We appreciate everyone for riding the waves with us.
      Recruitment is currently: CLOSED (INVITE ONLY)
      Thank you for the incredible amount of interest. Our frontlines are currently filled.
       Discord is mandatory for all prospective applicants who want to rock it with us.
      (Yeah, also pretty crucial for these random secret Discord music and karaoke party nights, as well...) 
      Official Application: Click Here

    • By Gawk
      WoE guild focused in Vanilla WoE Trans on sundays from 04:00 to 05:00 server time. New or veterans WoE players are welcome!
      Guild leader: @Gawk
      Save point: Brasilis
      Discord server: https://discord.gg/n6P2Jkf
      join us