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    • By Goyu
      Welcome to Amatsu Desserts!
      We are a Social/PvM guild whose sole focus is having fun!  
      We achieve this by teasing each other regularly, socialising, and going on dungeon runs!
      We’re seriously only here to have fun!
      And we always use the Discord Voice Chat during our runs cause that’s more fun!

      How to apply:
      1. Join us on Discord, Click the Discord Logo

      2. Ping any Cake

      3. Tell them your favourite dessert. And voila! You are now a dessert!

      Guild Established:
      Aug 25 2018
      Most active hours:
      1100-1800 Server Time
      Endless Tower
      Guild Master Challenge
      Timed Wave Challenge
      Leveling Parties
      Leeching Hour
      “Trust us, it is more fun with voice chat.”
      - Goyu, 2018


    • By Shallia
      Welcome in the Poring Guild!
      Are you looking for blood and guts of other people?
      Maybe you want to slaughter  some humans  instead of bullying scripted monsters?
      It's all at the reach of your hand, join us!
      Poring, Poporing, Popopopopopopoporing~!
      Poring is a WoE-oriented guild that has one goal - conquer the world!
      We want to enjoy together while murdering other guilds ❤️ 
      By the time we want to expand into unres section, but for now we are having fun by fighting with other guilds,
      just as a way to kill boredoom and have fun together!
                                     Can a lunatic become poring too?
                                   Of course!
                                          Thanks to our lovely evil druid become one of porings as well!    
                                   He only needs to chant a spell and poof,
                                      You are a mutant poring!
                               Haha! Everyone is welcome, no matter if you are newbie who just started recently                     
                    or a pro with X years of experience in decapitating human beings!               
                      Feel free to play any class and just enjoy massacre!                  
             Pori? Is this hook for a swordfish?     
      Total lack of hooks detected!
      We are always open for players who want to join WoE scene! No hooks at all!
      If you need help in any problem, just ask and we will gladly help you!

          Carat said that there is more fun!                                   
         Carat didn't lie!
                 Although it mostly depends on our availability, we attempt to various instances. 
      We go ET, vanilla ET, sealed shrine and other places!
                We also help people who want to do some quests or just level up together!

                             Clock-sama! When is tea time? 
      Vanilla Trans WoE                 
                 Wednesday: 17:00 server time
                                                Sunday: 4:00 server time  
                         Vanilla Trans WoE (GMT+8)                  
                     Wednesday: 23:00                 
                     Sunday: 10:00                 
      Alice-oneechan! I would like to contact with Poring!
      There are various ways to contact with our guild!                               
                                                  1. Just mail me and we will find suitable hour for both of us to meet in game
                                             2. Pay a visit in morroc and hug our living statue of Rachel (or any other guildmember)
                                      3. Contact us via discord!
      Grandpa Kraken! Tell us a story from the past!                            

      Kafra's hot line IDs!
      Guild leader - Gorri#2454
        Wicked Witch - Alcarin#2231
       Recruiters: S(t)aff - Saff#9120
      ... - ...#4206
      Void - VoId Ic3#9748
      Pez - Johnmalupit#5137

                               Let the slaughter begin. 
      P.S please don't read this page at tablets and phones if you treasure your aesthetics sense xD