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Nenkaras (Non-WoE) Proudly corrupting minds since 2011!

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    • By Sleepy o/
      CH is bek. We undied. Time to do stuff again! You can see from our Guild Journal below the type of stuff we do. Mostly derpy shet and out of meta stuff. I like challenging myself, doing things the hard way, that's how the stuff in the journal came about. So I'm reopening this guild mostly to do more of the derpy stuff that we weren't able to. Including finally finishing Vanilla ET, we only ever got to the valk floor after Beel, then ran out of time.
      Guild Summary:
      Feel free to join our discord channel. You will only have access to #general chat and can't see anything. You have to speak there and say if you wanna join. Then we'll interview you for fun :3. It's something we like to do in CH. Everyone hops on to interview you, get to know you, and it'll be the first bonding between you and the guild. You know when you join other guilds, you're just invited then you're forgotten forever. Maybe you talk to the leader, but you know ABSOLUTELY NOBODY ELSE in the guild. I never liked that. So yeah.
      Click Here: CH Discord
      Please only join if you play on our time slot. Around 17:00 - 21:00 server time. Probably all day on weekends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Guild Journal:
      Chronological Order
    • By Goyu
      Welcome to Amatsu Desserts!
      We are a Social/PvM guild whose sole focus is having fun!  
      We achieve this by teasing each other regularly, socialising, and going on dungeon runs!
      We’re seriously only here to have fun!
      And we always use the Discord Voice Chat during our runs cause that’s more fun!

      How to apply:
      1. Join us on Discord, Click the Discord Logo

      2. Ping any Cake or Pudding.

      3. Tell them your favourite dessert. And voila! You are now a dessert!

      Guild Established:
      Aug 25 2018
      Most active hours:
      1100-1800 Server Time

      Endless Tower
      Guild Master Challenge
      Timed Wave Challenge
      Leveling Parties
      Leeching Hour

      We schedule our events one week ahead of time so our members know which one they could join,
      it is posted in our discord server in the channel #weekly-schedule, similar to this post below